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  1. Roaring twenties for about 2 years. Only yesterday GM and Honda made very positive announcements, after that who can tell ? There is a shortage of good people driving wages up all over the world. There is a lot of money being held by a lot of people looking for a opportunity to spend, holidays, cars, clothes, watches, motorbikes in fact just about anything.
  2. Human nature it’s why recessions end, it’s fun spending money and having a good time
  3. Wow thanks I had a test drive in one it felt over engineered
  4. Good to see you back fella ! like the Tesla plan, The chevy Volt was also the Vauxhall Ampera wasn't it ? thought it didnt get the credit it deserved
  5. To be fair the councils are going to have to do something, weirdly the lack of charging points affects hybrids more than full EV’s since your not going to bother going somewhere to top it up for 30 miles range Surprised @markyhisnt all over this 😉
  6. Golf GTE plug in hybrid bought three years ago MK 7, £20k worth about £13k now five years old , £40 fill up record 2000 miles. MK 8 out now slightly better pure electric range say 35 as opposed to 27ish no noticeable degradation in battery yet. They say the one to have is the facelift 7.5 the mk 8 is a bit flimsy inside Pre owned VW’s have 2 year minimum warranty which you can add to pcp? This one was cash but if rate low you often get a better deal on the car with finance and pay off within 14 days cooling off, and you can do better things with the money Servicing cheap as chips even at dealer averaging £160 a year Porsche 911 (991) 3.8 2013 bought for £42k in March worth late 40’s now (last of the naturally aspirated 911’s) But I guess you are thinking more of a mainstream car
  7. Or being stopped by a policeman in the states for speeding. You can make anything fit the argument if you try hard enough
  8. I love that song and he is so much that man !! He is actually worse look at him sucking up to China
  9. Don't care it wasn't tax payers money why does it matter to you ? In fact you could view it as positive on the balance of payments figures.
  10. Spot on somethings don't change , I was 35 my daughter 2 and my son 6. Although only get as far as Potters Bar then moved to Hertford found it too far out so moved back to Cuffley.
  11. Thanks for a lovely in depth reply. I have to disagree though on the school fees bit. The money for a private school pays over the lifetime of your children many times over the perceived value of the real estate. Primary school can easily be state with some tutoring. Too many middle class parents confuse a good state school with a good private school education, it is so much more than qualifications. You don't see the results of which until their mid thirties. The stats don't lie 7% of all schools are private even smaller percentage are public schools, yet they overwhelmingly dominate the top of many professions including newer ones like creative media and IT. The self esteem, confidence and sheer chutzpah they infuse has to be seen daily to be believed. In an ever more competitive world you have seconds to make an impression, its less to do with contacts than people think. My wife and I never regretted a penny spent on them although many a time we laid in bed staring at the ceiling thinking WTF were we thinking ? Our choice was a decent house in South Herts which still has benefitted from obscene HPI and that education. By the way the family life style in an affluent home county is like the Truman show compared to a London borough like Haringey. Haringey has 3 pubic swimming pools, Herts 70+ and access to the private school ones. I use London was there all day Friday with my daughter but living next to the green belt and being so close to London is the best of both worlds imho, a detached house with your own drive is something you get used to very quickly.
  12. Not sure why you would want a flat in Muswell hill ? The lack of tube adds a serious amount of time to any journey into London I was born there and went back to live with my parents twice with kids, it really isn’t anything like it was, overcrowded and people seem angry and frankly the whole cohesiveness has gone. On the other hand East Finchley with the tube has massively improved as have many of the areas on the Northern line between there and High Barnet What about Winchmore Hill? Has the feel of Mussie thirty years ago was named as ten best places to live in this paper. The bars and restaurants have really come on and quick overground into London
  13. With you my friend always a genuine question. You are out of the swim a little aren't you ? I totally agree. Smaller communities are notoriously hard to settle into, if there are opportunities they aint coming your way. Depends where you are in life but a professional on the up 30- 50 not great imho. I remember seeing Mickey Flanagan and he was talking about Brighton, he said a wonderful place I get out of that train at the top of the town and take a breath and feel all the ambition drain out of me, many a true word spoken in jest.
  14. I can see that as big trend and why not ? balanced a little by us oldies looking at London and thinking I want life on my door step and I came from London I will go back in if prices drop.
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