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  1. The reason I thought Alistair Darling was good - in the short term we paid but in the medium term it was gunboat diplomacy we even invoked anti terrorism laws to get the money back - 'The final instalment paid to Britain totalled £374m, according to LBI. Prior to that payment, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme had reclaimed £3.82bn from the Landsbanki estate.' As I recall it took years - where are those negotiators now when we need them for Brexit ?
  2. I agree two incidents stick out for me - had an old Bentley Arnage and was visiting the Tate Gallery. Came out and a well dressed Belgian older gentlemen turns out a car nut - said you could never do that in Belgium someone would vandalise it or steal it - Hardly 3rd world country. On a visit to Florida we found an Americans wallet - somehow got hold of him through business card or such like and met him in a bar on the edge (universal so Margaretville if your asking!) He stated as if it was a known fact - I knew you were Brits an American would of just taken it - surprised me - very generous with buying us a few drinks to prove the point
  3. I didn't and the rest of the Icelandic banks - but hence why I think Alistair Darling was very under estimated in getting everyone's money back.
  4. As @Uncle_Kennysays you are threatened all the time recent threats: Change your software otherwise we won't take your numbers for company tax - nothing to do with actually paying the tax Take your children out of school and we will fine and ask to see your plane tickets I don't like your vehicle bought in good faith so from April if you use in London we will charge you more I will sneak in a probate fee so doesn't look like a tax but is thousands of pounds The majority of threats are fiscal obviously because all a government wants is your money but always backed up with violence if appropriate Bailiffs, Police or Army
  5. GregBowman

    And it's about time too...

    That’s not sad that’s about time ......😂😂
  6. GregBowman

    Boomer deaths = millennial joy

    I will take that thanks 😉👍
  7. GregBowman

    Boomer deaths = millennial joy

    Nailed it that's me - now I know why I am confused !
  8. My poor example I was thinking corporate film or creative agency projects - no tax breaks If I learn a skill for argument sake infrastructure networking - I then work in a UK business that wins a contact in Doha and the business is paid in Dirams which constitute its exports that’s the same as exporting a car or china plate isn’t it in terms of wealth producing ? in fact if you look at the recent JLR news there are probably 10-20 times that number of people working in high value service industries doing just that
  9. Sort of goes against all the sons of toil on here who say we are doomed because we don’t make things. Selling a £100 million film project to the Saudi’s or the Qatari’s and getting paid in dollars or the local currency is every bit an export as selling a 3 series to a Londoner - we are very good at the former We also have a very nice line in metal bashing when it comes to weapons something the Germans don’t Perhaps our highly developed service industries which generate billions in exports will be part of the solution not the problem
  10. GregBowman

    Smart meters - HPC hive mind

    Instant disconnection without the hassle of sending someone round. As plug in electric/hybrid cars take off - petrol duty declines so charging cars will attract a tax similar to petrol duty which can be determined by the draw and time No benefit whatsoever to you and I
  11. GregBowman

    Rightmove Dec 18 -1.5%

    Surely it’s not free money unless you downsize ?
  12. GregBowman

    Restaurant chains suffering?

    Compared to zone 1-3 in London ? Have you tried to eat anywhere in Germany after 6 other than the very centre of a few cities Berlin, Stuttgart and perhaps Nuremberg? Far more choice and places open in the average small town in the UK in the evenings in my experience than Germany and they aren’t exactly famed for their cuisine rather like us.
  13. GregBowman

    Did you get help from Bomad

    We aren’t saying that are we ? The new states are borderless corporations extracting billions and influencing billions of people through social media channels who owns those corporations ?
  14. GregBowman

    Did you get help from Bomad

    On steroids .....X factor, celebrity get me out of here, gambling ads to children and of course porn
  15. GregBowman

    Diane Abbot for Prime minister

    I can't disagree but her and that silly moo Abbot could be sisters separated at birth

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