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  1. We had a load of those cups made but I think they aren’t very welcome any more ...
  2. Brilliant - I have found a display of new found love for my clients - I think we are talking about the same thing !
  3. In my personal experience a lot of employees will tip themselves into redundancy - discussing this with one of my clients today About 45 people furloughed and the support and contact from the business has been superb ( and they are topping up the furlough money ) yet interaction with the business from them has been abysmal - I would be all over it like a rash Makes it easy to cut and paste from furlough to redundant
  4. For me I live 20 miles out of London and can cycle but a 20 mile slog on a bike in and out every day is not my cup of tea I am not a lycra warrior. Not worried about the risks ride a motorbike in and out but cycling not my sport. A decent electric cycle makes that feasible even enjoyable - I can see there being great demand in this sort of area all the way into Zone 3
  5. Same wrote a car off in a flash flood in Florida storm season - fried the electrics my fault (thought all that storm drain popping in 2 secs was baloney) They picked up got an uber to next big hub bit of a hassle because car was still in transit (the good ole boys who picked it up were a hoot) within a hour on my way in another big barge
  6. Wealth is an excess of money over the input nothing more nothing less, if the service is paid for by a client in another country it’s an export doubly good Its got nothing to do with why the country is in a ‘mess’ watch American Factory to see how a modern factory operates in a global world The 1st world is post industrial - and anyway next time you log on just remember all those mess makers in technology enabling you to do so...
  7. The scheme rules are this: You can apply for a loan if your business: is based in the UK was established before 1 March 2020 has been adversely impacted by the coronavirus If your business was classed as a business in difficulty on 31 December 2019 you’ll need to confirm that you’re complying with additional state aid restrictions. It will certainly be abused but having got one the first thing they check is when the company was established by company number
  8. I don't understand that statement. Wealth is a surplus over and above the input cost of any good or service that traditionally over time would be converted into capital for ease lets say Property, pension, cash So I learn something that is skilled in my case technology. I grow a business and sell those services to domestic clients and international ones. I make a profit on that which is taxable which contributes to the wealth of the country. I also draw dividends and pay my staff who in different proportions accrue Property, pension.cash. Is that not wealth creation ?
  9. Exactly the discussion I had this afternoon ‘sack’ him and within a year he is in the back door sitting at old desk - just diffuses the situation
  10. I like that and agree - they aren’t many hobbies that you can enjoy when popping to the local shops or on a daily commute and to a large extent I find motorcyclists friendly folk and a broad church probably the shared risk element
  11. But that goes to the Uni’s probably probably paying inflated rents and prices for everything and thus distorting the market - vice chancellors on £500k and the rest - it will make a small dent though that’s for sure
  12. Exactly bit like a racehourse or boxer who is out of condition - some training and your race or match fit its not like Covid dismantles The National gallery or Shaftsbury Avenue
  13. I like the idea of a more equally shared economy but can't help thinking London's' demise has been overplayed all my life - in fact only talking with my son on facetime yesterday - who is in Florida but lives in Brooklyn and works in New York saying what a S***hole NY is compared to London, no history, dirty, everyone angry very few green spaces. Distance has given him perspective and I suspect it will for many people. London in more balance with the population nearer 80's/90's levels is no bad thing No foreign students really won't make much difference - students notoriously under spenders wherever they come from. London won't takes its inspiration from other cities it will take its inspiration from itself as always. Its a first tier world city along with NY, Moscow, Rome, Sydney et al I remember reading about the great fire and how Sir Christopher Wren was going to layout London along wide avenues and grids but the merchants built their businesses out of brick but on the same poky roads hence all those little windy roads in the City of London with big stone buildings, I suspect something similar will happen again - London will reinvent
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