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  1. I know you were fella and actually sitting here listening to Spotify and discussing a friend who has just booked a trip to Hawaii I fear your generalisation is correct but some of us aren’t like that - minority I think though !
  2. Really all of them ? Thought I had wandered onto a Brexit/remainer trump/Biden thread I don’t remember you as this bitter I preferred the old avatar in my ways than one 😉
  3. I get it 100% hence why the citizen wage is my favoured option, flat, capped, everyone gets it and encourages work to top up not benefits
  4. Nothing is as easy as people say - good luck with all the plans
  5. Can I ask you a simple question - you seemed a clued up fella - why not fix the BMI and high blood pressure ? It might even have a knock on effect on the asthma ? Tough with your child being autistic I get that But your own physical health is the first pillar of security for your family
  6. It is but you can't choose your parents, the family your born into or even your own IQ The money wasted by fraudulent claims is probably not big in the scheme of things or even lifestyle spongers like the woman mentioned I am in favour of a citizens wage to counteract that By the way Shaun Bailey comes across as ad*** pretty impressive for a black man fighting the most idiotic Mayor since the post was created, its a pretty high bar to get over - he is the Tory equivalent of Corbyn - a stupid choice by the Tories in the mould of Clinton who gifted the 2016 election to Trump
  7. The problem with attacking this is you will also be harming people who have paid tax and NI all their life and need the help - its tricky because they are plenty of right wing toffs ready to dismantle completely the welfare state - the demonisation of the working class and working poor is deliberate
  8. Totally agree - I am building quite a family out there because my Son married a US girl and my cousin married into a family with some Columbian relatives who are in the US and I am speaking to all of them - and until recently would go over and see them It encourages self reliance and striving and diverts money to real enterprise. The downside whatever their background they seem to have a dog eat dog mentality which I find quite ugly even though I am to the centre right on my political views. They cannot get the macro view that globalisation really has changed the life chances for millions
  9. Hence why people move States depending on their personal circumstance. In Florida it can be the top end of that or higher depending on county but no income tax. The downside is whilst your earning ok but in the States many people of pension age have to move far away from their families to afford property taxes on a fixed income - States effectively compete for residents - hence the popularity of places considered boon dock or back and beyond such as Alabama or Nashville - its not perfect by a long way Personally I would set a few more higher bands up first and see how much that rakes in
  10. Trouble is they don't get a life neither fish nor fowl - I think your picture is a tad on the rosy specced side
  11. Totally agree with your post apart from this bit - in my experience the buyers are often stressed out dual income couples - beauty takes looking after male or female More typically a couple who met at uni and are more like brother and sister now - the good looking wife is more readily found as the working part time partner of someone with their own business or in the £5 million+ house where she doesn't really need to work
  12. In that respect the same as the vast majority of people who run a business. 3.5 million sole traders (59% of total) Of the rest: 1-9 employees 1,155,385 10-49 employees 211,295 50-249 employees 35,585 250 or more employees 7,685 Therefore if you add in the 1-9 employees and assume many have far less than employees than 9 ( also add in many have the wife and or kids on the books) Nearly 95% ha
  13. My line is tech support - the abuse my 1st line techs get from stressed users has to be recorded to be believed - not an everyday occurrence but on more than a few occasions we have had to talk to middle aged execs to say would you like someone to talk to your son or daughter like that ? Then you hear I know my way round a pc I will start a little business see how that goes when a client gets a virus or they forget to do a backup and try and sue you to cover their ****
  14. Great story - started my business in 1990 and even by the late 90’s was saying word for word what you just said How many careers not started, idea breakthroughs that didn’t happen and kids from the wrong side of the tracks not given a chance because of this
  15. What fascinates me with this sort of lifestyle change is the fact that very few have had any experience of running a business or even more critically a service business. There is a sort of arrogance about the fact that I have been working in a non customer facing role all my life as an employee in a so called professional job - a sort of how hard can it be to run a service business I can use a spreadsheet attitude ?
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