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  1. It’s a piece of plastic with some numbers on it ( they actually hold their value or go up a little so not a bad store of value ) The problem is you take all this a little too seriously I like nice cars I have an affection for a plate that is a little bit sentimental to me I wasn’t affronted at all just putting a case that some people with plates might be interesting unlike you - as I said it is just a piece of plastic I had written this : I guess your a little sore that Boris is as a minimum a two term pm now but then saw another post from you with your anti li
  2. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/854759.The_Two_Income_Trap One could say the original root cause of HPI pre loose credit - its a good book
  3. He is not a scrapper that's the problem. Everyone talks about Blair but it was Kinnock who took on the left and had shite pushed through his letterbox - its like being a whistle blower tough gig
  4. I was born in 61 so came of age in late 70's I think our outlook doesn't have the pessimism tinge because things really took off - interesting piece
  5. boomers spent all the North Sea oil and didn’t set up a state wealth fund - we would of been 20-30 nowhere near decision making - had free education (while raising uni fees for their kids) very few of us went to uni all education pre that is free - cheap houses cheaper - gold plated pensions - the minority - punished the conversations for allowing the 90’s crash (proving boomers do vote for high house prices) do you mean conservatives ? it was just the end of a cycle - voted against building more houses in some areas - threw us out of Europe on a bad deal its
  6. Well your different to me I dislike middle class Londoners with their sharp elbows and patronising ways having been born in Archway North London a stones throw from the socially cleansed Kentish Town where my Mums family were from. Your analysis is spot on - good local MP's of any colour rosette can engender respect and votes
  7. The corrective is a move back to the middle and capitalism with a small c - which Johnson is doing under dopey Labour's nose anyway. Hartlepool has had massive government money spent and the promise of more in the last eighteen months. Its a Red Tory or Blue labour approach. The problem is the lose, lose, lose, lose, Blair, Blair, Blair, lose lose lose Labour party won't adopt national pride policies like at least considering immigration controls so the most successful party the UK has ever known will shape shift and carry on. This made me laugh 'I'd sooner vote Green than vote for
  8. 3 times since 64 exceedingly, so not really explained by old codger vote or Brexit mania
  9. That’s a very good point - being a political and bit on well you know the spectrum a dangerous combo
  10. London will be lost by the Tories not won by Labour ridiculously poor choice of Tory candidate
  11. Cummings is like a kid in the playground wind milling his arms saying come on then want a fight ? He is not a street fighter otherwise he would of landed some killer blows already. Th only set of people that will curtail Boris is the 1922 committee not some discredited spin doctor. If they have to they will slip Dishi Rishi in. The labour party base is dwindling faster than Boris's bank account. They have totally disenfranchised their original base the working class. Large swathes of the Indian and Asian community are now Tory voters. Eastern Europeans absolutely hate socialism which jus
  12. I have voted Tory all my life and would agree he certainly is a bit of a plonker. But what's the alternative ? The Tories look like socialist's at the moment so why change on that basis. Was in Covent garden today and the world is coming back to something approaching normality, people shopping, drinking eating outside and in ten days inside as well. Covid deaths are as near as dammit zero. The roadmap so far is intact. What do Labour offer except a white male and stale Sir leading a party that hate the working class. The product offering is useless. The ever so clever liberal
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