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  1. You haven't told me anything I didn't already know, you just took a lot of words to do it. I watched as.many people I knew lost their houses in Aberdeen in the late 80s and they ended up paying off the debt or going bankrupt.
  2. Thank you for enlightening this silly man, I've been called many things but silly is a new one. I take it your line of work lets you to get away with your superior tone and allows you to define what's silly with the people you deal with. My work makes me thick skinned, having to listen to the CEOs of blue chip companies pontificating about things they don't understand does that to you but the money is good so that's OK.
  3. I think you misinterpreted my thoughts on banks. My point was that banks in the UK don't lose everything if someone defaults on their mortgage as the debt is on the person, so they can keep it on their balance sheets, as opposed to the USA where the debt is on the asset and any losses are the banks. I don't see in my post where i suggested it was a good business model. During our previous encounters you seemed to thrive on escalation and confrontation, your anger at the world I understand, your anger at other people with similar ideas on house prices I don't.
  4. Doesn't the bank still hold the debt for the outstanding amount which it can class as an asset or sell for a % in the pound to a recovery specialist?
  5. It's not Mothers Day it's Mothering Sunday 4th Sunday of Lent ( Laetare Sunday) Mothers Day is American, second Sunday in May.
  6. I forgot to mention that there were two options for survival, become a good fighter or a good runner. I was on the county cross country team
  7. This is worth a read How New York Became Safe: The Full Story https://www.city-journal.org/html/how-new-york-became-safe-full-story-13197.html
  8. I don't think shoddy new builds is a recent thing, I bought a new house in the 70's and it wasn't very well put together, mind you it didn't cost too much either, cheaply built cheap house.
  9. Poverty can lead to violence, I was raised in a very poor area and violence was commonplace, some out of desperation and some out of frustration. I was taught to never get involved in a fight with someone who had nothing to lose and that the most likely winner wasn't the toughest but the one prepared to go the furthest. Guns were readily available (usually grandads old service revolver) but bullets were rare so shootings were few and far between. However most people carried a knife yet knife crime was also rare. It was mostly just beatings. The advent of social media has made name calling more instant and to a wider audience leaving less time for contemplation. Some people seem to thrive on escalation and confrontation when many of the arguments appear be entirely avoidable. I suspect social media doesn't help because it rewards spur of the moment reactionary exchanges without any thought to the outcome. Unfortunately if/when the crash occurs I only see things getting a lot worse.
  10. +1 Small-business lender OakNorth is pumping £10 million into luxury flats near Silicon Roundabout. https://www.standard.co.uk/business/challenger-bank-oaknorth-backs-shoreditch-apartments-a3804361.html
  11. Dinner time, North West, breakfast, dinner, tea. South, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Easy
  12. We used to call that going out for a meal, no definition of which meal. Mind you we didn't go out often, there weren't many restaurants on our dodgy council estate. The chippy was our prefered treat, served on the best Manchester Evening News paper. I now say going out to eat, again it applies to all meals. I don't go out to eat to often as my work means I spend a lot of time staying in hotels and eating there, home cooked food is my luxury.
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