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  1. A government from parties that never won an election staying in power until 2022. Do you lunatics have the faintest idea what you are saying? I would be moving my family abroad at that point, that's how bad it would be.
  2. This^ Remainers have their heads so far up their backsides they can't see how their antics are playing out to the general public. Too many mistake the circle jerk confirmation bias of the London bubble for the country. Labour would get hammered in the next election, my only hope is the Tory party sees sense and stands aside for the Brexit party in seats it has no hope in.
  3. Parliament is in contempt of the electorate but unfortunately for us they make the rules. Quite clearly the system is broken, and spouting supreme court this, or John Bercow said that is nonsense as it is simply the elite closing ranks and applying the rules that suit to put the electorate back in it it's box.
  4. All elected on a platform of respecting the referendum and the majority voted for the invocation of Article 50. The legal consequence of which is leaving without a deal if none can be reached. So then they lied and went rogue and are refusing to face the electorate. Pretty much a clear case of parliament vs the people who put them there as ever there was in the UK.
  5. Agreed, he was on fine form today in parliament. Cool username BTW, "The last man on the moon" is on my reading list.
  6. The only people whipping up ill feeling in the country are remainer MPs like Jo Swinson by their actions. She is advocating unilaterally revoking Article 50, some ill feeling is to be expected. Death threats of course are unacceptable.
  7. Saint Jo of Cox, lest we forget. As Boris pointed out on several occasions the anxiety and angst in the country over Brexit will only dissipate once it is resolved. If remainers weren't actively trying to prevent us leaving the EU perhaps they would be less open to accusations of being undemocratic traitors in league with Brussels. As for Johnson being finished I would love to see that proposition put to a GE, quite clearly Corbyn or his handlers do not agree with you.
  8. I realise you have no point, if that was your point. The elephant in the room is the will of the people is hostage to parliament and lawfare happy remainers trying to overturn democracy in the courts. You can dress it up however which way you wish but the people see right through these games.
  9. My ilk? You are saying an opinion poll beats a referendum result? It would be great if remainers just stuck to the facts instead of making up spurious justifications for a bit of ignoring democracy. The moral danger in that is lost on hardcore remainers, but like I said many seem not to care and welcome the warm embrace of wise appointees making their decisions for them. I make no apologies for having the upmost contempt for people who are basically spitting on the graves of those who fought and died for this country.
  10. No deal is a red herring to prevent any sort of Brexit, this parliament won't accept any deal because they do not want to leave at all. The choice was binary, leave or remain. No mention of only leaving with a deal was ever made, it is simply the legal default from invoking Article 50.
  11. Disgraceful attitude. Fully endorsed by a bent parliament and speaker that gives not two dumps for the democratic will of the British people. We live in a post democratic UK which bizarrely a significant minority seem pretty ok with. Let's hope our unelected and unaccountable elite treat us kindly.
  12. Remainers never had the plot to lose in the first place, when exactly are they going accept that they lost?
  13. If you think thats nuts try being a leaver listening to the horse excrement used to justify Bercow hijacking parliament to keep us in the EU. Geoffrey Cox has them nailed, they are a disgrace. In more sane times we would have had Cromwell in to turf them out.
  14. Exactly the same reason politicians are elected. They stand on a political platform and can be removed if enough of the electorate disagree with them. If the SC wan't to get involved in politics they need to pay the entry fee, being appointees of unknown political persuasion is unacceptable. It is too easy to abuse where governments pack the institution with members favourable to their POV.
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