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  1. Try looking at examples from history, in 1916 many Irish professed love for the royal family, sent their sons to the front for King and country while throwing rocks at the rebels in Dublin. By 1923 once the dust had settled you couldn't find anyone who believed any of those things and certainly re-joining the UK was an opinion shared by next to nobody. Change happens at the margins and once it happens it is fixed for a considerable amount of time. The thought that any government is going to turn this juggernaut around and head back into the EU is a fantasy.
  2. The bbc are colluding with a foreign power against the UK, it isn’t surprising you don’t see it or the equivalence.
  3. The trouble with all this as are all remoaner examples is that if is taken in isolation. The bbc has taken millions in EU money and has been pumping out pro-remain propaganda for the past 4 years. It would have actually been closer to targeting the leave demographic than Twitter would be. So Russia is trying it on in Western democracies? The horror! As I pointed out, again selectively ignored, we interfered in the US election. Everybody try’s to influence everybody else according to their own interest. Its not just the reds.
  4. I hate to break this to you buddy but who on earth do you think Germany and France are? Friends? No. Economic competitors? Yes. It may have escaped your notice but they have been interfering in our affairs quite a lot recently.
  5. Remoaners are always banging on about the leave vote demographic but we have Brexit being swung by Russian based twitter accounts? Most people made their minds up decades ago about all these independence referendums, to suggest a few Facebook and Twitter accounts made the difference is fantasy. All quietly forgetting the funding the bbc received from the EU and their pro-remain stance. Or our own secret service interfering in the US election against Trump.
  6. Supported how exactly? Is this the **** and bull remoaners tried to pin on Arron Banks or the Dems on Trump? Remind me how those bits of lawfare ended up again? We are on 5000 pages of remoaner delusion and fantasy, still clinging to the belief they were “cheated” out of the EU. You all need deprogrammed, you’ve lost the plot.
  7. Very long time ago rollover, in the early days of this site I had an account but I lost the details. Signed back up about 3 years ago and post sporadically as you can see. Why do you ask?
  8. This has about as much credibility as Freddie Starr ate my hamster. Why do nutter lefties always think the Russians are behind their defeats? Beats a period of quite reflection analysing their political belief system I suppose.
  9. Unfortunately for remainers you can't pick and choose which "lies" you discuss. You want to talk about "lies", fine start at the beginning. For the record nothing makes me think remainers are hopelessly delusional more than going on about writing on a side of a bus as a primary driver for our exit from the EU. But if it makes you feel better, keep kidding yourself.
  10. Au contraire, mon cher porc. It is a highly pertinent point, compounded by Major ramming the Maastricht Treaty through parliament. The very point when the EU referendum should have been held.
  11. And? Our very act of joining the then EEC was based on the lie that it was a simple trading block. Heath knew fine well if the people knew the truth we would never have joined in the first place.
  12. Of course the remain campaign and the previous 40 years of membership was conducted with the up most honesty. Give it a rest, politicians lie (all of them).
  13. Good luck with that mate, do you want Drunker to come around to your house and show you the withdrawal agreement? You could ceremonially hand over your ******** to Brexit car stickers.
  14. Indeed kzb, I think there could be some confusion amongst remainers as to what the EU actually is. There is no helping the die hards, it has become a matter of principle and they have invested too much to admit they were wrong.
  15. Another Japanese soldier fighting on after the A bomb. Best you don’t open that particular box BB with your selection of gammon baiting put downs. Lets move on and let the healing begin ?
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