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  1. 17 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    Why should we have had a rate rise? The BoE operates one future expected inflation. The actual inflation rate might be higher than target today, but if the BoE expects it to fall bask to within range within two years they won't tighten.

    Yes why should they have raised interest rates from never seen before  EMERGENCY LEVELS when inflation was forecast and was well above target... then his forward guidance met. Spoken like a true mortgage slave.

    They just wont tighten no matter what (until they have no choice) so no need to try and be clever about things..

  2. 29 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    Tell me, is wage inflation part of the BoE's remit? Interest rates would rise if the 2 year outlook for inflation was higher than 3%

    Who knows what the BOE's remit is, Carney makes it up as he goes along or has Forward Guidance and unemployment falling below 7% been forgotten about?

    If the 2nd part of your sentence s correct then we should have had a rate rise long ago - https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/inflation-cpi


  3. 1 hour ago, adarmo said:


    So.... ratio goes from 3.0 to a peak of 6.5 under Labour. 

    Again, as with so many of our problems they'd be easier to fix of they hadn't been created in the first place. 

    What do you think the Tories should have done? Somehow unravelled the balance sheet problems of the state and the banks while simultaneously getting prices down to 3.0 times earnings?

    Errrrr how about nothin the housing market was slowly fixing itself, but better still how about  raising emergency interest rates just ever so slightly to stop another debt housing/bubble ... it could easily have been fixed and they could have put all the blame on Labour... But they decided  to do the opposite by putting in a a debt/bubble blowing expert as BOE governor and come up with FFL/HTB to make prices go insane. But prior to 2010 bith Gdiot and Dave said you cannot run an economy on ever increasing house prices and private sector debt ... then they went and done just that.

    But The Tory party also claim to be for free markets, you seem to have forgotten that with your lust for this vile land owner loving organisation.

    But its good to know that you think creating another debt/housing bubble is the acceptable way of fixing Labour debt bubble and housing mess.

    Be frank i can't be dealing with your anti Labour /pro Tory arguments debat,  anyone who tries backing either of these wretched parties can quite easily be made to look rather silly

    Do hope you're crying in your negative equity house in a year or 2 no matter how small your mortgage is for annoying me with your high house prices are here for eternity viewpoint.

  4. 48 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    What about housing benefit under Labour? That's an expense and not a balance sheet account (unlike help to buy).

    I'm 35 this year so without prices going crazy I'd have been a first time buyer 15 years ago. 

    I'm not removing blame from the Tories, they should have allowed prices to correct and I've made no secret of my surprise when they didn't. But prices getting up to this level happened under Labour and the utter hypocrisy of this momentum movement makes me more than a little annoyed. 

    You've done nothing but try shifting the blame to Labour for the 2010-17 bubble, as for the video you're "more than a little annoyed" at an irrelevant video, but just surprised he Tory party didn't let prices correct.

    Personally i couldn't care less about some poxy video but i'm f'en raging that the Tory party have used my/taxpayers money to blow up a bubble to enrich themselves and  to win the 2015 election which has caused huge stress to me and my family as well as millions of others priced out Brits of all ages.

  5. 9 minutes ago, adarmo said:

     I'll take wages doubling if that's on offer. 

    I'm surprised housing benefit is that far entrenched. 

    Of course you would you're a soon to be home owner you'd much rather peoples savings were destroyed, so your kind could keep unearned wealth at the expense of others

    Does it not cross your mind that if wages were to rise 10-20% PA, interest rates would shoot up.

    You're on the side of the insane housing bubble.

  6. 3 hours ago, giggler000 said:

    While they all seem to lie, like Nicks liberal democretes (intentional) to students - I wonder, since many have never been in power (read as directly over countries gear sticks), when they get there to the top do they get told something important like "if you implement this s*** you'll take down the country" or "the queen thinks you're wrong, please rethink" that swiftly makes them change their mind?  He must have known getting part control on the student vote and then rolling back for what got him there would decimate future chances for his party - makes you even think he was put there to ensure there was only a 2 party option.

    Nah i dont think that, theyve gone out an intentionally blown up a housing bubble .. how would leaving things as they were blow up the economy.

  7. 6 minutes ago, spyguy said:

    Nope. The 4.5 rule is not easily broken.

    The level of mortgage rejections points to it being folllowed to the dot.

    MMR has only been in place for about 2 years.

    But he is correct that credit has been as loose as can possibly be ...though that looks like changing.

    Your predication that Basel 3 was going to wipe everyone out a long time ago has proven to be wrong .. correct me if i'm wrong but its not even got past the Germans yet.

  8. 10 hours ago, adarmo said:


    I literally can't believe people have such sort term memories. 

    Says man who believes the current bubble is not the Tory partys fault.

    We all know what Labour done, some of us are old enough to have been priced out by it, but one thing Labour did not do was use taxpayers money to create a bubble ... only to bail it out.

  9. On 04/10/2016 at 0:42 AM, hp72 said:

    Tried and failed; the local authorities I was interested in "do not subscribe to the service". This was three counties, about 12 different boroughs. NADA. none of then will take the registration from here - you have to apply to each area separately. These were across Hampshire, West Sussex and Surrey, up to M25. 

    Everywhere has to subscribe to this service. Im registered all over Dorset and Hants.

    Christchurch Council are actually hiring someone for this, too thick to see that peoplejust need land we dont need to pay higher council tax for another non job.

  10. 1 hour ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:


    Not at all im one of the mugs who has spent over of a decade saving. I'd be buying with debased sweat and hard work and would be borrowing roughly 1.5 time UK average salary from my brother.

    I do hope to buy outright as close to 200k should at least be able to get a 3 bed semi in the suburbs, only reason it doesn't is because Cameron, Gidiot, Hammond and the Tory party decided it shouldn't and got their Canadian gimp at the BOE to make sure of it.


  11. 9 minutes ago, SillyBilly said:

    What is Labour's position on HTB or did they support it? I fear they'd just do more of the same, if not go further? We need more housing stock, tighter monetary policy and lending criteria and continued levelling of the playing field between owner occupiers and landlords. I can see Corbyn only doing the latter and going after landlords, it'd be welcome but not enough. I can't see the housing stock situation getting much better under Labour - any increased building would presumably be negated by the massive influx of people coming in, Diane Abbot welcoming the world and his dog to the UK. I can only see the external forces changing things, not government. Labour would probably throw more Housing Benefit and more bogus schemes at the problem...thinking they're helping but doing the reverse.

    They want to extend it to 2017 and create a goverbank to hand out cheap mortgages.

  12. And the Tory Party had the benefit of hindsight ... difference between the Labour bubble and the Tory one, is the Tory Party said before the 2010 election you cannot build an economy on cheap credit and high house prices. Then they actually used taxpayers money via HTB and got the BoE to come up with FFL to "create a nice little housing bubble".

    I blame the Tory Party for the 2010 - 2017 bubble, its 100% there creation though the Libs cheered them on.

  13. 26 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    Not sure I agree. They've banned tenancy fees, seem to have let house price increase tail off and are trying to reduce the debt that the young will inherit. In contrast to Labour, who introduced and then trebled tuition fees, allowed rampant house price growth on the back of opening the doors to Eastern Europe and the floods of skilled and unskilled labour. The unskilled labour bit is important because it works out now easier and cheaper to hire someone with experience rather than training someone in the UK. Then the country nearly went to the IMF in 2009 as the fallout of the GFC hit which was in a large part down to the crap regulation brought about by.... Labour. Then in the latest round of political BS they promise free university education to everyone. What they don't do is say how they'll find the £10bn/year that'll cost. After they lose the election they state it was only ever an ambition........

    Also..... Dianne Abbot 

    Tories are not perfect, nobody is, but blame where it's due. 

    You seemed to have missed the part where the Tory party have created the biggest housing bubble in history of England since 2010. (yes bigger than Labours)

    But heyho you're a homeowner arent you.

  14. 18 minutes ago, bear.getting.old said:

    Thats not a bad house by todays prices at that money. Its got a lot further to go, and where is the work in Ringwood?

    Loads of p/t work close by to get your 20 hours in for WTC.

    Its the first house i've seen that is close to the value since 2013 even though i thought they were over priced at the time. But there is nothing close by thats seen such drops in the price range from what in comparison to everything else i'm seeing on the market may not have been such an inflated starting price.

    Everything on RM today is either just on or reduced, once autumn comes it could start getting interesting.

    But you can still pay over £5000 per m2 for a repo just round the corner if you're that way inclined

  15. Ive been seeing many property price reductions where the lower price is still insane.

    Anyway this property is in a very well to do area, and had gone from 365k to 300k in a few months.

    My trget is to buy at 2000GBP per m2, (i.e pay over odds) which this is at ... though ive not got 300k

    This is the first reduction i've seen that has made me excited ..... THE CRASH IS ON!

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