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  1. 13 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    And from teh Daily express




    The pound could SURGE after the Bank of England's UK interest rate decision


    Now ramping cash instead of house prices ?

    Makesyou wonder where it would be with him demasing the currency with 0.25% interest rate drop, more QE and TFS.

    Where it was before Brexit??

  2. 33 minutes ago, wotsthat said:

    NO, I never missed it.

    And how did it all begin?

    I would of prefered to see people marching on the streets and trying to articulate the gross injustices this  WORKING generation have  rather than see grubby little rioters trying to profit from something they probably never even cared about all that much.

    But yes, some of the sentences dished for someone looting a cheap pair of trainers compared with the mass city bankers  criminalty that got away with £ Billions of fraud and never even got a slapped wrist. But you have to consider we were in an era where only little earlier Gordon Brown up until the last hour was desperately trying to conceal the MP's expences scandal.

    So its got to be a specific kind of protest to suit you.

    You seem to have forgotten about the students who marched in their masses ok a bit of bother but on the whole peaceful.

    The archaic sentences from the shopping spree relate to people saying lets start a riot on facebook, then going to be and work the next day.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Mooping said:

    He would have been correct regarding an increased Tory majority had it not been for May's breathtakingly abysmal campaign.

    Id say it was because theyve spent 7 years pricing people out of home ownership and putting them into never before seen levels of debt.

    Her policies for changing this were non existant, apart from you can rent off the corporations who we'll give planning permission to without a problem.

    I predicted the outcome at day 1 of the election, no way did the Tory party have it in the bag.

  4. 4 minutes ago, hi5lo5 said:

    Thinks house prices might be flat in 2018 ... i can see an election in 2019 after Brexits sorted as that is the longest May will be allowed to hang on to power, so the Tory party will get wiped out if this is the case. Mogg or no Mogg.

  5. 5 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Well, the chart comes from the NationWide B.S, so I'll go with that until you show us your facts ?

    Maybe bots of london at 20x income but that would be very specific area I expect

    But its showing 6 times salary for outer SE England (presumably (Hants and Essex fall into this), with average wage being 28K ish i can safely say 174k gets one sweet Fanny Adams in this region. Your looking closer to 10 times for a house that needs no work on it in an average area.

  6. 2 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    P.S Check out NI.

    Proper bubble madness, now London is MUCH worse.

    3 guesses what's going to become of London

    I dont care about London it can blow up as all i care,  the bubble is everywhere but it seems the MSM and several on here seem to think its only a London thing. I recommend everyone in London staying there and leaves us peasants alone .. besides they might fall off the edge of the world when leaving London. 

    I love the way they keep on having to tell themselves its the greatest city in the world, when even Southampton is better.

  7. 2 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    Cant remember if these price related of related to house price or monthly affordability.

    If it's monthly affordability, one should fact in the fact IRs are at 0.25%, that makes a comparison with 2007 a bit difficult and the s8*t coul;d hit the fan much more easily with a small rate rise.


    Those in London may be at fault for the bubble but it affects most the population.

  8. 58 minutes ago, keeprenting said:

    Bump. Does anyone have any thoughts on how the split between London and the rest of the country could affect  figures.

    London prices are 14 times earnings. Rest of the country is only 6 times. You can see which looks more vulnerable.

    You might think that if there are lower transaction numbers in London, there would be fewer sales at London prices which might skew the average down? Or do they pick this up in the way they do the calculations/ is the rest of the country rising and masking falls in London?

    Rest of the country only 6 times??? So prices in Surrey and Doncaster are only 6 times?

    Anyone would think London is the only place in the country with a property bubble.

  9. 17 hours ago, ElPapasito said:

    He predicted Brexit and Trump but got the latest GE result wrong.  He thought Tories would increase their majority.

    He does get the housing and stock markets right almost always.


    Not hard all you've got to say is they're going to rise.

    Prices dont go down the Tory party are dead at the next election, they're losing voters all the time to death, whist Corbyns gaining the ever growing numbers of priced out young people.

    I'll be holding my nose to vote Labour next time and i'm early 40s.

  10. 17 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    It's all a game, all figures are easy to massage.

    In times like this they (Nationwide & Halifax) play good cop, bad cop, by taking it in turns to show a small rise (followed by a small drop), which is revised downward the next month, giving the press the option to publicise the the rise and brush over the fall.

    But if they had went down everyone on here would have been saying they are correct.

    They are what they are i dont suppose they rig them just price of houses sold divide by number sold. or something similar

  11. 9 minutes ago, Freki said:

    The problem is that there are no real forced sellers. Just need a pin and the bubble will pop. Just wait for the pin.

    Tightening of credit could be a pin if it happens but others have stated banks are still throwing mortgages at people.

    Reckon landlord Hammond will bring in S24 for all taxpayers and bring it in early in his upcoming budget or just go for workers paypackets.

  12. 16 minutes ago, zugzwang said:

    Wataloon is a complete fantasist. The proverbial blindfolded monkey. The echo housing bubble he sought absurdly to claim ownership of is going the same way as its predecessor, and for the same reason: it's completely unsupportable! Anybody who took his advice to get into housing circa 2013/14 is now facing a lifetime of distress if not outright ruin.

    Wish i bought in 2013, just somewhere to live of course with a 40k mortgage is all i'd have needed.

    Obvious what was gong to happen with FFL/HTB but was like a rabbit in the headlights.

  13. 31 minutes ago, Barnsey said:

    Understood. It would appear adarmo is the forum's dissentient member (no offence).

    Thing is apart from being the last of the greater fools i can't actually see the point he is putting across, apart from prices haven't crash in donkeys years so they won't crash. In a way i can understand him buyingif he can afford it and he isn't living in insane bubble land (southern England) as it is enough to drive one mad as it has done me.

    But i've never known so much noise out there about house prices crashing, even when they were falling in 2008/9 there wasn't this amount of noise or fear.

    I'm actually looking forward to autumn and seeing May get booted out by the Brexit lot with Davis/Johnson replacing her .. Hammond getting the boot for being a Blairite POS landlord (not because he's a 5th columnist remainer). JRM being made Chancellor and deporting Carnage and between the 2 in charge building as many council houses as can be to save their skin for whenever the next election is. S24 being brought in early and for all taxpayers to pay it. IO BTL mortgages ending, debtor prisons reintroduced for LL's .... i'll stop now as i'm getting carried away.


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