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  1. 1 hour ago, jfk said:

    Indeed. It's different, coz it's Lardarn innit. 

    Mad gainz

    Prices only go up, can't go wrong with bricks n mortar etc etc

    Of course it'll crash but no govt in the last 15 years has been willing to go as far as the Canadians in the steps theyve taken ... quite the opposite in fact.

    All this tinkering round with leveraged BTL tax status for high earners has done a grand total of fkcall since it was announced (ok it will in time) FFS they couldnt have dragged out implementing it any longer ... again this move created the opposite effect up until now as prices continued to rise.

    FFS our lot wont even come up with an excuse to get the BOE to put rates up 0.25% .. or back to pre Brexit emergency levels.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Barnsey said:

    And a day later...

    Toronto home sales plunge 40% in biggest drop since the recession

    Home prices in Canada’s largest city posted their biggest monthly drop in at least 17 years in July and sales plunged as government efforts to cool the market and the near-collapse of a mortgage lender made buyers leery.


    London IS different.....right?

    Uks different in that we have a govt who seem unwilling to take the steps the Canadian govt has, and a BOE who print at the drop of a hat. 

    Another 15bln today to see us through till February.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Democorruptcy said:

    The article I posted implies that.

    Asset Purchase Facility now £560bn

    Pre-Brexit QE was £375bn.

    Brexit added £60bn more QE, £10bn to buy Corporate Bonds and £100bn TFS so totalled £545bn topped up by £15bn today to £560bn

    Edit for link http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3723409/Bank-England-cuts-rates-new-record-low-0-25-delivers-60bn-QE.html


    More they print the more likely Labour will win at the next election  .. Theresa May said so herself in a roundabout way before appointing by clearly saying it creates inequality then appointing a Keynesian landlord Chancellor with a £3million land deal in the offing and not sacking this vile excuse for a human Governor of the BoE.

    Never thought i'd hate a central banker, but i truly despise Mark Carney.

  4. 1 hour ago, Blod said:

    He never admits it but covers his actions by claiming he acts to protect the bank's liabilities to the housing market. Which in my world is as you say, acting to defend the housing bubble.

    We can only but hope that the Fed does raise rates as it would undermine his position.

    The Czech CB raised today.

  5. Been watching this auction in Soton as was curios to see what  couple of places would go for.


    Lot 2 was sold in March for 190k, buyer obviously had a look at it and thought no money to be had doing it up, so stuck it up for auction and some mug pays 232k just 5 months later.

    Lot 19 looks as if it needs 20-30k spending on it so long as its not structurally damaged, a 2 bed of about 55m2 and it went for 255k. 15k above list.
    Last year one the same street and a refurbished place with 3 beds went for 270k .. seems you pay a premium to buy at auction.

    Just when you think this bubble is running out of steam to blow it up, you get days like today.

    I despair.

  6. 1 hour ago, Wayward said:

    there is a reason for flats being leasehold...that is the norm in England and has been for decades.

    but houses...no justification for leasehold at at all and its just a scam.

    Its the norm because it suits the landowners, flat should be sold with the freehold there really is no need to have to lease them.

    I bought a place 20 year ago and went backpacking round the world, i'd have rented it whilst away and had somewhere when i got back but it stipulated i wasn't allowed.

    As well as paying best part of a grand a year to have the grass cut outside.

  7. Last week, UK developers came under fire from the government as it revealed plans to combat shoddy leasehold practices from builders and remove Help to Buy equity loans support as soon as possible on new builds sold as leasehold for no reason.

    That really is just a case of the government saying look we know we're propping your house prices up now be a good boy and just rip the plebs off a little less blatantly.

  8. 26 minutes ago, ElPapasito said:

    Thing is 9-11 didn't bring down capitalism - not even a hint of close.  You could obliterate any one of those cities and it would ADD to global GNP.

    No bank bailouts, QE and ZIRP done that from 2008.

    Christ knows what we have now but it isn't capitalism, i;ve capital and its being destroyed.

  9. 36 minutes ago, fru-gal said:

    Unfortunately I think it will be war. The 1% have little use for the majority of people and they have just been "tolerating" us. The world is also over-populated. A war means they have more land and money for themselves with less fear of an uprising and the world population is decreased, just in time for automation as humans are no longer needed for work as the powerful will have their technology/robots. A final "hurrah" war to get rid of a few million people. Watch some of the Hunger Games films. I don't think that kind of future is that unrealistic anymore.

    OK lets say they have war and 100 million get killed which is the number combined killed in WW1 and WW2.

    Do you really think thats going to solve your over population crisis

  10. 39 minutes ago, BearlyBegun said:

    That was just a convenient opportunity for certain members of society to do some serious looting. IMHO it absolutely zero to do with anything else.

    There was the student kicking off also, but even though i agree with you about the shopping trip for immigrants it spread throughout the country and got stamped on like ive never seen before by big government hence why there has been no rioting since.

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