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  1. 6 minutes ago, Bruce Banner said:

    A  few minutes ago I accidentally switched to Homes Under the Hammer.

    In the few seconds before I got rid of it I heard some woman say to the bloke who takes a bath in £50 notes "I'm going to stay with 23 pwopertays as I can easily retire off the income". 

    I've just been watching that, that show must have hypnotic powers as i watched it for a full 10 minutes without realising. Was that he first property or was she well on the way to 23?

    Meek looking IT girl, who has turned builder, now i can't help but think her building work will be utter #####. 

    Saw that very nice ex council house in Cornwall get destroyed by that man by putting a tiny slave box next to it that will remarkably go for £150K, which is a mere 7 times average salary in this area.

    Wasn;t too long ago people would turn their nose up at a council house, now being perched on the side of one is living the dream.



  2. 6 minutes ago, ThePrufeshanul said:

    Er, no - i don't think unaffordable housing is a vote winner in the long term; what i was pointing out to you (again) is that the Tories have spent 40 years staking their reputation on doing the opposite of what you are advocating for a very good reason. 

    They aren't going to change now and they couldn't  even if they wanted to. Their clarification on the HTB issue rather backs up my point and leaves yours dead in the water. 


    That clarification did not see share prices go back up, hence it wasn't believed.

    Demographics are going against them now, if prices don't fall then they'll lose to a coalition of the left next time out.

    Besides even boomers can see something isn't right here and want their kids, grandkids to have the opportunity to buy a house.

  3. Just now, ThePrufeshanul said:

    Right - so, just so we are clear, you think that the Tories' best chance of winning the election is to deliberately engineer a house price crash and trash the economy thereby running in direct opposition to their own policies for (roughly) four decades as well as those of developed economies from the USA to Australia?

    Had to stop reading there, i don't think house prices falling is trashing the economy, i believe its saving the economy. Shows your mindset that you think unaffordable housing is a economically viable and a vote winner in the mid to long term.

    I believe if prices don't fall the Tory party will lose the next election and the one after that when Labour do what needs to be done and the 2 priced out generations can afford to buy or rent at a reasonable price.


  4. 3 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    Was the missing #3 a typo?

    We could be not far off having all but the third one, which might happen if brexit is badly negotiated or Corbyn takes power and wrecks the economy.

    I believe that has already been done for Corbyn. But maybe Corbyn will wreck the economy of those who've made vast sums in the last 2 decades for doing sweet FA i.e the 10%ers..so it will be perceived that he ruined the economy if he were to get in power.

  5. In October last year, Tony Gallagher threw his friend David Cameron a 50th birthday party at Sarsden House, his 17th-century mansion near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. He served a dinner of roast beef and lamb, cooked on his Aga, to a private gathering of 23 people.


    Can't quite believe such an article is in the DT .. what a surprise that Daves mate making vast sums from Daves property bubble and unwillingness to sort out planning laws that benefit the crony capitalists.

  6. 14 minutes ago, AdamoMucci said:

    I am more cynical about the media than ever. Question, how does this woman get an article in the paper? Why HER? Why not some other BTL LL?

    Let me ask posters this: If YOU were a LL getting out of your ONE BTL property, would YOU be able to get the Guardian's interest in it?

    "What's that, you are selling your one BTL property you say? Cool story bro."

    Oh wait, I think I have cracked Sherlock:



    She's a lefty leveraged landlord who supports remaining in the EU despite being a Yank.

    Self awareness doesn't seem to be her strong point

  7. 14 minutes ago, durhamborn said:

    They are already doing that in a way turning Help for mortgage interest into a loan rather than a benefit.It will be interesting to see how that works starting next April.How is the loan repaid etc.It will also probably make sure people cant move their mortgage.If they only have 10% equity and then the government loan suddenly they have no equity.Like you say once that is in its only a small step to make all means tested benefits a loan if you have assets like a house.

    Where the govt pay the interest on peoples mortgages via Housing benefit is to be a loan.


  8. 1 minute ago, Si1 said:

    But she has put an article in a national newspaper clarifying that it's not good to get into buy to let right now.

    It's a BTL property, and she's presumably hoping to find a BTLr to buy it off her.



    Looks like they rent for about £900 in this area so a 4% yield before expenses, voids etc..



  9. 7 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    Fully agree with you on the volume builders and the 'right to build'. Of course in theory anyone can go out and set up a building company, buy land and get planning permission and then build some houses (like it's that easy lol). I remember talking to an accountant from a large house builder and he said they spend more on legal fees getting and challenging planning applications than they do on bricks!

    A landowner with one large plot in Dorset offered the council to let myself and people like me to buy plots off him in 2013 and do a form of self build scheme.

    Council instantly rejected it, despite it being next land where a large builder had just been given permission to build 50/60 houses.

    Anyway i contacted him recently hoping to see if we could push the council to build under the "right to build" scheme, he told me a large developer had taken an option on it and were about to get permission to build another 50/60 houses on his land.

    The same council are now hiring someone presumably paying 40k a year to get "right to build" scheme off the ground and to source plots!.

    I offered to work for minimum wage and get things moving on such schemes as quick as humanely possible, they never got back to me.

  10. 37 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    I'm interested in your opinion on the Tory's being the land rigging party. Surely they've done more to push property back into Owner Occupier hands than the last Labour government? 

    Home ownership at 30 year lows and the most unaffordable housing in my lifetime in southern England suggests otherwise.

    HTB/FFL/TFS boosted house/land prices, recent white housing white paper was a crony capitalists wet dream where pension funds were given free reign to build to rent where they like for the plebs to rent off them. More so now than ever there is just a handful of companies that with a "right to build" http://www.cityam.com/269744/opinion-sme-housebuilders-decline-weve-had-help-buy-isnt ... rules of the game are too complex and expensive for the average person to get planning permission except in garden sites which are generally very expensive.

    Id have bought a 90m2 3 bed detached house in early 2014 and would have needed about a 30k mortgage if prices had stayed static, but the few months prior prices went up 20k in the region i was looking entirely because of HTB & FFL both of which needed the govt & BoE to agree on hence they were complicit in boosting prices with taxpayers money coming up to an election. After that i was a rabbit in the headlights not knowing what to do, hence being in the dreadful situation i am in now.... For the same house now i'd need 100-120k mortgage and i've vast savings which should be enough to buy such a house outright. So as you can see i'd be a turkey voting for Xmas to vote Tory.

    But i've no great faith in the Labour party either, i'd be voting for Labour as i've seen all the Tory party will do but tinker round the edges to bring any normality to the housing market S24/SDLT has up until now done sweet FA. Maybe Corbyn would take a sledgehammer to landlords, maybe he'd bring in S24 for all taxpayers, maybe a LVT, maybe deregulate planning so land becomes cheap.. But maybe he'd boost prices with HTB 50% and a government bank dishing out dirt cheap mortgages. Who knows they're all lying rats imho but he's the only alternative at the moment and i've not a lot to lose.


  11. 4 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    Her £50,000 deposit would have become £50 million if invested in bitcoin. So it's hubris saying no other blind speculative punt could have made the same returns. 

    She had good reviews for her books, but I don't know how much she'll make from them. Another blind punt?

    She got a hell of a return for her £50,000.

    But no one in their right mind would have invested all their savings in bitcoin at the start, and bitcoin could ultimately be the greatest pyramid scheme of our time.

  12. 17 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    barely overwhelmingly until you get fairly young and you stated the young voted en masse, but they propensity to vote is far lower than older folk.

    They got less votes.

    Who did you vote for?

    Your own link shows that overwhelmingly and en masse the under 50 block voted Labour, whether older people vote more is a complete irrelevance to the comment of mine you're trying to prove is inaccurate.

    I didn't vote, next time i'll vote for Labour if for nothing else to do my bit to get rid of this vile land/property rigging party.


  13. 13 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    Not really en masse, the older people are the more likely they are to vote, and the more likely they are to vote Conservative. The tipping point is at 47 someone is more likely to vote Tory than for Labour, but this is a huge increase from 34 at the start of the campaign. 

    Your link confirms the under 50s overwhelmingly voted Labour, you could say en masse.  

  14. 4 minutes ago, adarmo said:

    If they'd dropped the "sell your home to pay for care in your home policy" (so perhaps been a bit less honest about affordability) and just pretended fox hunting had never been a thing I think they'd have got a majority. 

    I think they've done that much damage in 7 years people are wanting change, fox hunting or no fox hunting.

  15. 6 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    Yes. And who won the election. Who both got Tory house price props AND a continuation of the ludicrous pension triple lock promise - the oldies.

    Of course the Tory strategy is a desperate last stand.

    We'll see what their cunning plan is by Xmas, maybe they're toast no matter what happens, young who are just about king makers won't vote for them with a HPC and old won't vote with prices falling.

    Teach them for the last 4 years of insanity.

  16. 2 hours ago, ThePrufeshanul said:

    The obvious point that both of you have missed is that I don't agree with what the Tory party are doing but it makes sense for them to do it to improve their electoral chances and that's why they have been doing it for so many years - it's why they continues to state their support for it and it's why they slammed into reverse gear pretty *****ing quickly when it was suggested today that it was going to end.

    The latter point - as I wrote - came as no surprise whatsoever, well not to me anyway. 

    Did you miss hat happened in the last election, the under 50s voted en-masse for Labour as they've had 7 years of Tory policies aimed at boosting house prices.

    This policy does anything but boost their electoral chances, quite the opposite, and without a HPC they are toast.

    These people know exactly hat these policies do, they have the best brains in the country telling them as much, its just a case of if May and the gang has the balls to do something about it.

  17. 2 hours ago, ThePrufeshanul said:

    Was shocked to read this story as it made no sense to me.

    if things continue as they are the Tories lose the next election as they only get a third of the votes of non-home owners whilst homeowners split their votes much more evenly.

    Thats why they have identified housing as their number one priority.

    it would therefore make zero sense for them to end HTB early thereby kicking FTB's, construction companies and most of all the banks squarely in the balls.


    It will mean prices fall so people dont have to take on the extra 20% of debt to gift to developers as a nice Brucey bonus, your comment is as idiotic as Help to Buy itself..

  18. 21 minutes ago, Mr Banks said:

    Come on do you think the government are about to be removing props. Next you will be telling me interest rates are going up. Amazed people believe this stuff.

    Exactly that theyve got their Surrey middle class core voters to look out for, the lack the wit, conviction or basic decency to allow the free markets to work.

    And for being a Keynesian Blairite prty they will lose the next election.

  19. But to do this itd take a little backbone and May has absolutely none of that, seem Hammond who was Gidiots sidekick when this policy was announced has more control than her.

    I remember when Blair came into power, he literally changed as much as he possibly could as quickly as he could and managed to create a feel good factor.

    Cameron and May have been so utterly stunned at getting a job way beyond their ability they've ended up doing sweet FA and have shown zero courage to make their zero conviction.

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