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  1. Hard work doesn't equal good work, most haven't served any form of apprenticeship. If you want hard workers who are trained, hire British.
  2. I drove past it recently, it sold at auction for 145K so he'd have got 135k approx. Land alone must have cost in the region of 100k. Claimed once completed it'd be a 300k house, may have been correct if built properly in the first place. He was a well spoken and seemingly intelligent man, why the #### he flew over an Indian he sourced on the internet is beyond belief.
  3. I looked at buying an almost new build house near to Soton a few years ago ...developer couldnt get it signed off by the council as the building work was not up to scratch ... such things as the ceiling going up the stairs was too low and you'd bang your head on it, floors were lopsided and felt like you were going to fall over ... and much much more. Anyway the amateur developer had flown in an Indian building team (obviously working illegally) Turned out the Indians were cowboys! Developer must have lost a fortune.
  4. "I would prefer buying to renting but fear a 2007-like crash may wipe out value and make it tough to resell" I also fear a 2007 style crash, one where the government bails it out and it isn't allowed to happen.
  5. Is already been going up significantly for some time in Barcelona and Madird, and places where there are jobs. Cant find the original sourse, but this link states 20% https://www.spanishpropertyinsight.com/2017/07/13/spain-barcelona-property-prices-tinsa/
  6. Maybe im wrong who knows, should have said Asian buyers as from what i've seen they love nothing more than to buy an apartment to leave it empty. But there is no doubt that the Chinese with a population of 1.5bln and a sudden cash windfall from a country where the govt can quite easily take everything you've got would look to hide their money elsewhere. And as many would have made money in property stands to reason theyd want to continue with this "cant go wrong" investment. According to this foreigners can buy both land and property in Japan, thought only we were so stupid - http://www.realestate-tokyo.com/news/can-a-foreigner-buy-property-in-japan/
  7. He's even mocked by his own kind. https://www.propertytribes.com/new-guru-marco-mark-robinson-opinions-t-127625551.html How do these people end up like this?? Is this what lots of debt and property does to people??
  8. Said stimulus must have stopped property prices deflating further if approx 6 times salary is what it takes to buy one of their slave boxes. Its probably Chinese buying vast swathes of new build flats thats boosting prices, same all over Asia, at one time Bangkok was cheap in Sukhumvit and central areas, but prices ave gone through the roof in 5 years due to Chinese hiding their money.
  9. Its a big wide world out there sunshine, one day you'll realise that not everyone thinks like you and your delicate little friends.
  10. Contradicting yourself in the same sentence, well done.
  11. No the financial crisis for workers and saver, and people looking to buy a house to live in is ongoing, been the worst time in living memory to want to buy a house and the worst time in history save. Theyve robbed us blind and mocked us for 10 years and got away with it.
  12. Who knows with Corbyns lot, doing the sums doesnt seem to be something they're able or willing to do.
  13. We'll see wont we, i don't suppose you've any more inside information than I. Politics is about winning the next election, and they'll do whatever it takes to win.
  14. What you wrote was complete crap, and when people talk crap they get told in my world. We aren't all from delicate snowflake worlds where everyone around them has a breakdown, for being told how it is.
  15. That is just complete and utter crap. When the govt were in charge they put interest rates up to circa 15%, who the hell were they bribing????? The govt never put rates at 0.5% or better still 0.25%. NEVER
  16. You mustn't have got the memo, Brown ended the "bust" part of boom & bust. Recessions are not allowed anymore we now have growth guaranteed from now until eternity, as if it looks like falling they'll print or give money to the banks for fook all to lend to anyone with a shopping habit. Besides the Tory party are already raising the minimum wage to £9 by 2020 .. though i do wonder what that will be in dollar terms by then.
  17. Within 10yr of he BoE fully controlling things they'd destoyed the banking system to the point it needed bailing out with printed money. Then we've seen the chaos and destruction this has caused hence why we are sat reading this website. The govt would never get away with keeping rates so low for so long as if nothing else itd be hurting boomer savings.
  18. I dont think a LVT will solve everything but it'd enable rent/ land cheaper as people wouldnt want to hold on to it unless it was used for productive use ... it'd certainly open door to a more productive society with the wealthy/banks having to earn money in other ways .. like forming actual companies that make stuff! I'm going round supermarkets and the price of food seems closer to 10-15% higher in a matter of few months, could be wrong just my perception. With leccy and insurance bills going sky high for varying reasons, if the Tory party are going to be hunting for money it would seem land/houses is where all the money is at the moment so presumably theyll be raiding this money tree come the next budget ... as opposed to NI on the self employed.
  19. Funny how its Corbyns gang of so called crazy marxists who are the only people to have suggested such a capitalist policy. Neolib/Tory press went into over drive when they saw their way of exploiting the plebs was being mentioned. I never understand how its so acceptable to take half of someones wages in one of the varying forms of income tax, yet mention the above and its worse than swearing.
  20. Good point,obviously i was suggesting this for wealthy owner occupiers as obviously CGT only hits those who move. But LL's already pay capital gains tax if they sell, and as many buy to use property for a pension that tells me they don't intend selling. Though if council tax was high on such a property theyd have to drop the rent to attract people. Maybe some form of LVT so it hits the land owner and not the renter. Best policy i think is to raise interest rates, end IO BTL mortgages, max 3.5 times salary mortgages, bring in S24 for all taxpayers in April 2018 and spend the next few months watching them all run to the exit..
  21. Exactly that. Most Brits would prefer to have simple access to go work in NZ. OZ, Canada or the US as opposed to Europe. Couldn't imagine a British bricklayer making a new life in Holland (i work there most years) but they most definitely could in the aforementioned as cultural similarities and language make it far easier.
  22. This comment did make me laugh from the Archbishop of Nimbyism, hope it stopped him selling and wiped a fortune off the price. Late last year the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, accused Gladman’s firm of “reflecting the worst features of capitalism” when it applied for planning permission opposite his Berkshire home, disrupting his plans to sell up.
  23. I'm amazed such an article is in the DT, clearly came from Tory HQ. He must think the markets reached its peak if he sold up, and he clearly has insider information. Without such complex ways of getting planning permission there isn't much of a business there.
  24. Come on we all know you're trying to find out if she's single so you can get a bit, attracted to her business acumen and entrepreneurial genius no doubt!
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