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  1. Just now, insertcoinstocontinue said:

    They would want to sell before law came in one can hope. 

    Imo cgt would be better than sdlt as if you don't make a gain you won't have a liability! This ending people deluded view of forever hpi being something to celebrate  

    Have you seen how much the govt are raking in with SDLT?

    Theyre desperately in need of money, i just cant see anything changing to appease a few hundred thousand boomers in London and the Home Counties.


  2. 33 minutes ago, insertcoinstocontinue said:

    Interesting.... personally I would support this. Stamp duty is a pain as it's real cash so if you could delay until you sell then great. Win win as it would force boomers out of their 5 bedroom homes they paid pennies for

    OK lets say for the sake of argument im a 65 year old boomer who bought a 4 bed house for 100k in 1995, its now worth 500k.

    Why would i want to sell and pay CGT tax, when i can just live in it and pay nothing. Or why is CGT bill going to be so much wonderfully better than a Stamp Duty bill?


  3. 1 hour ago, jiltedjen said:

    First get everyone in a froth about stamp duty, really ratchet it up. Lots of news stories.

    followed swiftly by capital gains on all houses, main residence or not. Grab the olds gains and a higher level than stamp duty costs. 

    There's gold in those hills. 

    There is no CG tax for the govt if they dont sell

    I just cant see how charging people more in CG tax is a solution to people supposedly not moving because they dont want to pay stamp duty.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    Stamp duty is the worst form of tax possible, it should be replaced by increasing council tax. That would both make people more mobile and provide an incentive for people to live in houses that meet their current requirements.

    Where I live most owners (living in the 5/6/7 bedroom detached houses) are probably in their 60s/70s/80s. Almost no one downsizes any more. Rather than spend +£100k on moving they are spending the money making the houses suitable for them to remain living in installing lifts and lots of insulation.         

    Look i agree its not the best tax, but council tax is arguably worse for the plebs than the Poll Tax which the plebs kicked off about.

    For me its the way its being reported, about poor boomers with mad gainz who cant afford to downsize, as if they're poor innocent victims in the housing disaster.

    Besides if this govt changes anything itll hit those who don't own houses and those who havent been gifted mad gainz in the last 2 decades ... imho.

  5. 2 minutes ago, olde guto said:

    This is the absolute truth, I partially regret the decision I made in 2010.  However, if it wasn't for the Tory HPI bubble I might have stayed in the UK and that I don't regret at all.

    There are a few Tory sympathisers who won't like admitting that they are responsible for HPI II and would love to pin the whole blame on Labour.

    The average UK house price is now over £220k, in Jan 2013 prior to HTB it was £167k, a 30% increase in 4 years. Not as bad as Blair/Brown, but nearly all generated by state intervention/manipulation.

    Thats the entire point, at least Labour left their bubble to the so called free market. The Tory party even stated in 2010 you cant base an economy on debt and high house prices, then done just that but with taxpayers money backing it.

    This has had a huge impact on my and my childs life, i hate this so called Tory party with a passion, they are truly evil. The world would be a better place if they ceased to exist.

  6. On 07/08/2017 at 6:20 PM, durhamborn said:

    Yes,i think the response will be too small at first and it will take them a while to right size it (it will be so big).

    This theory seems to be reliant on this, but for the sake of argument if we get a Corbyn govt and they come in and spray helicopter money everywhere it turns this theory on its head.

    And a Corbyn led coalition is a distinct possibility in the next couple of years

  7. 12 minutes ago, Si1 said:

    Maybe there's a pragmatic intention behind this idea. If you want to change ANYTHING for the better in the functioning of the housing market and even the broader economy, it has to gain the approval of the boomers; they're the king makers, that's how it is.

    Replacing sdlt with a mild LVT may well be a practical way of introducing an otherwise controversial measure.

    Torys will never bring in a LVT they are the landowners party.

    Possible CGT as mentioned but ive no idea how itd work.

    If they want to get the property market moving, they need to bring in S24 by April 2018 and for basic taxpayers.

    Its 2-3 million properties owned by landlords who refuse to sell that is holding up the market.

  8. 7 hours ago, shortbread said:

    Wonder if these jobs have totally gone or is it a case of other companies getting the contracts.

    From my point  O&G work was booming a couple of months ago, phone was ringing off the hook  thought it was going to be back to the good old days .... now its utterly dead, nothing at all ..., apart from being offered 25 pound an hour to go to Holland but have to pay for my own digs/flights ... few year ago it was 55 euro an hour and theyd pay for me to fly back at weekends!

    I just need 2 more rotations and thats me done with offshore  (im one of the tight cnts who saved in the good times), think i might struggle to get that before the tax years out.

  9. And we've even got a "Telegraphs View"  article on why it should be scrapped.

    Replace it with a LVT and force the DT boomer parasites to downsize once the bubbles burst.

    These people really don't want to pay any tax at all towards the nations existence, too used to getting everything gifted to them.

    Thing is this only affects a few very wealthy boomers in the south of England, most do not care about SDLT.

  10. 1 hour ago, Sancho Panza said:

    Which bit of the RBS bail out was funded by the private sector?

    On another tangent,I don't really remember the bubble slowly deflating into 2013.

    Where did i say RBS was bailed out by the private sector?

    Labour were in power and they went for QE/ZIRP hence it was their fault and no ones elses, your view about if the Tory party could have got away with it is nonsense ... as a few years later they did get away with it .. they even got away with a sprinkle more last week.

    Where i was looking to buy which in the run up to 2013 was Oxford and Dorest prices were definitely falling or stagnating between the years 08 and early 2013 .. then they went f'en mental once HTB/FFL were introduced, so i can hardly blame Borwn or Corbyn for that.

    And private debt was most certainly falling ... now they've got it growing at circa 12% PA .. and it would seem HTB isnt accounted for in private sector debt ... clever that.

    I blame Brown/Blair for their bubble, this one is solely the fault of the Tory party. with a little help from the Libs.



  11. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/08/stamp-duty-exacerbating-housing-crisis-stopping-elderly-moving/

    Despite the fact that SDLT is now cheaper for most people due to changes under Osbrown it needs overhauling as its stopping boomers moving.

    SO the fact they've been gifted tens of thousands sometime millions the reason they won't move is because they've got to pay less stamp duty than what they did a few years ago.

    I've a feeling Hammond will do something on this to assist boomers downsizing, to say sorry for even suggesting they pay towards their end of life care.. call it a hunch

  12. 52 minutes ago, onlooker said:

    This trend is worrying because councils in the main deal with planning applications and zoning. If they are also players in the real estate market, they can make decisions which protect or increase their returns, to every one else's detriment. They can buy offices, and turn them into flats (giving themselves permission), or they can prevent a new retail park opening nearby which might compete with their own.

    Or they can get so much cheap money they  over pay thus creating a bubble in their area and price out viable companies who will now have to pay higher mortgage/rent.

  13. Yes i 100% blame the Tory party for this.Whilst id have preferred an outright crash in 2007/8/9, the debt/housing bubble was slowly deflating up until 2013 when the Tory party and the BoE decided to recreate Brown/Blairs bubble but this time with taxpayers money (HTB) and gifting money to the banks and mortgage holders which came directly from savers (FFL).

    Hopefully at the next election theyll be out of office for a very long time for such treachery.

  14. 18mln is chicken feed, i see your £18mln and raise it to £125mln that Bournemouth council have somehow managed to get a hold of.


    I like this quote the best "Bournemouth says a £100m investment in commercial property will typically yield £1.5m of income a year"

    A 1.5% yield!

    This is the council who tried to become a bank offering mortgages the other year and lost a fortune.



  15. 2 hours ago, stuckmojo said:

    His book is very good. Writing in hindsight is a beautiful thing. Not that he takes any responsibility for missing the elephant in the room

    They must have known before it was an insane debt bubble, house prices were going up 10-25% a year for years.

    I was a builder in 2003  and i knew it was a fkn insane debt bubble, so how come the so called best and the brightest economists in the country didn't.

  16. 2 hours ago, Grab_Some_Popcorn said:

    Ooooh give us a pic from google streetview!

    It was this house, looks as if no one is living there on the basis there are no curtains, i could have got it for 140ish prior to the auction but the builders said it could cost 100k or more to fix. This was before prices went insane .. late 2013/ early 2014 time.

    Edit- I do like the telegraph pole in the front garden, its a classy feature, kind of like twigs but bigger.



  17. 34 minutes ago, Gorseinonboy said:

     Give me past Governors every time e.g. Mervin King.

    Thatll be the same Mervyn King who failed to recognise a debt bubble that'd potentially ruin the financial system but needed bailing out by the taxpayer and future generations ... the same Mervyn King who dropped interest rates in 2003 when house prices were rising by 25% PA.

    The same Mervyn King who then printed money and dropped interest rates to 0.5%?

    Yes he was triffic.

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