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  1. Yes typical socialist hypocrites,can imagine that shouty irritating Crankie lookalike woman coming around do a monthly house inspection in military fashion searching for dust on top of door frames, or any paraphernalia suggesting all English aren't baby munching Nazis.
  2. Good to see the Scot Nats are looking out for the people, but when 1/4 of them are landlords why would they. https://www.theguardian.com/housing-network/2016/jan/14/mp-landlords-number-risen-quarter-last-parliament-housing-bill I cant be bothered to research but i'd put 50p on that 1/4 who are LLs are those who make the decisions.
  3. Yes my mother pays a cleaner £30 every 2 weeks to clean an already clean house, £10 a month for a window cleaner who takes 5 minutes ... father 71 no pension, still working full time still not paid the mortgage off and just spent 3k getting the garden done.(will add value to the house) no it fkn wont! The ultimate in financial illiteracy.
  4. Stagnation seems to be whats going on in Hampshire, just at insane prices. You registered for Right to Build in Hampshire NFDC claim to be on the case. Got a feeling this may be the best bet at getting something vaguely affordable in this area.
  5. "While inflation was, at 2.7%, a "little above target", the Bank attributed the rise to temporary factors". Still singing from the same hymn sheet, suppose if the lie worked then it'll work now. Id like to see them hanging from lampposts.
  6. Bought for 137k in 2003 so hes getting about 6% yield on it, presuming it goes for 750ish. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=59325524&sale=36330723&country=england Sadly just round the corner a similar house is up for 230K. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-49499748.html But shows the banks have some leeway if they do decide to push him under the bus. Disgusts me that Labour used our money to bail this fat #### and his grotesque wife out at the expense of decent families.
  7. That might be the way they try and spin it, but Labour would tear them apart .. just look like tax breaks for the rich at a time when if they were to make such a move they'd have to get money elsewhere i.e. workers For me this is just noise from DT editors with a MP chum in Surrey whose had a few complaints by wealthy boomers that they have to pay tax on their unearned gains.
  8. Without all the assortment of bailouts that figure is closer to what i presume price discovery would have led us to. Imagine though you get a 100K a year job think you're going to be living life like a king and all you can afford is a small one bed flat divided into a 2 bedder. Isnt it great to the British!
  9. Christ thats still £10000 per m2, id say £3000 per m2 would be closer to fair value and payable with London wages..
  10. Fergus will have to start eating more of his houses to hide them, But failing that surely he is screwed in the next year???? Or is it a case if you own a few BTL mortgages you've got a problem, if you own 1000 the banks got a problem.
  11. Its more a case of a bedroom where the kitchen should be. So imho kitchen in the living room is crap, the reason they get away with it is because landlords and overseas buyers don't really care.
  12. They already do that and its got us to where we are, any more props to get people to buy or to stop it falling and we will be in this position in a couple of years.
  13. Like Chinese water torture waiting for this one to crash. TPTB need to do something to force sellers, as they've done more than enough to force buyers.
  14. Who knows what goes on in the minds and lives of people with absolute power on both sides. Hilary was looking for a war with the Russians so either way war somewhere seems to be the goal. Slightly off topic, but as someone who has been to Guam to work and had the opportunity to live there, if it did get nuked you probably wouldn't notice much difference. Only the Yanks could turn a Pacific Island into an utter sht hole. Its only when you visit such a place and compare it to similar paradise islands around the world that are free to govern themselves that you realise how much of a police state America is. My pot smoking days are over due to the fact 2 drag on a weed spliff and its game over!
  15. I think hes just unfortunate enough to be in such a job when North Korea have made advances in weaponry ... asking the North Koreans nicely didn't seem to work. But the reason Trump won is because those before him were so utterly incompetent, self serving and mind blowingly useless, hence the only way he could get the job is with a totally screwed economy and the USA asleep at the wheel whilst North Korea created some nukes. Still the Dems can blame him and the Russians for what was inevitably going to come.
  16. That article was purely to have a pop at Trump as if this is all somehow his fault, when it was the Dems who spent 8 years making a very bad situation considerably worse.
  17. The debt bubble continues to grow, lots of money gets malinvested (such as into property)... and eventually default so they have to raise interest rates.
  18. Surely the opposite is true... busier it is, is a sign of the growing number of priced out.
  19. Suppose it is if you're a serial trougher looking for a gravy train ... or for the hard of thinking who believe you can run an economy on cheap EE labour that needs topping up with social security benefits. Everyone else will be better off.
  20. As anyone who has flown into Aberdeen ill confirm there is a shortage of land.... or is that sunshine. Anyway the highest priced 1 bed flat i can find in Aberdeen is for 150K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?searchType=SALE&locationIdentifier=REGION^4&insId=2&radius=0.0&minPrice=&maxPrice=&minBedrooms=1&maxBedrooms=1&displayPropertyType=&maxDaysSinceAdded=&includeSSTC=true&_includeSSTC=on&sortByPriceDescending=&primaryDisplayPropertyType=&secondaryDisplayPropertyType=&oldDisplayPropertyType=&oldPrimaryDisplayPropertyType=&newHome=&auction=false
  21. Yes bloke rings him up and says his business is crap and is about to go out of business, reckon you've a spare hundred billion or more to see me through. No fkn problem we'll see you right, got any mates who are too incompetent to run a bank in the same position might aswell sort them out whilst we're at it. Labour should have been disbanded for this blatant theft and criminality.
  22. Good, now we just need the same thing to happen to employment agencies who are a far worse kind of parasite imho.
  23. When you put it like that ... but nah closer to 2 months at the moment!
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