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  1. I asked the troll to block me to avoid clogging up the boards, he is a confused teenage windup merchant, who seems to be the most delicate of snowflakes when responded to.
  2. Its like that million pixel advertising campaign on the 00s that worked for 1 person and lots of stupid people tried copying. Bur has anyone actully sold enough tickets for this as i cant but help think its a way of getting free advertising from the property porn press.
  3. That is the one thing i've learned today, i thank you for correcting me.
  4. Clearly ATFQ isn't something they taught at private school, your response inferring how wonderful and enlightened your highly educated family are had nothing to do with it. But yes perhaps i should of gone to a decent school, as clearly you know which one i went to.
  5. We are not talking bout results, we are talking about why parents send their children to private school and your idiotic comment. The fact some state schools have better results than some private schools really is a pathetic argument.
  6. My comment was about why parents send their children to private school, your response is nothing to do with wither my comment or the one i responded to.
  7. What complete and utter nonsense, people send their children to private school for a better education.
  8. A true insight into the hard of thinking. Immigration that is good is where very rich people come and invest, though bidding up property is not my preferred choice ... immigration that is bad is when millions of low skilled poor people come, requiring subsidies to live here. We uneducated, little Englander, racist Brexit voters, voted for the former, you remainers voted for the latter. You mention Rees Mogg, Davis as pushing for Brexit due to greed, do you have anything to back this up with as i'm calling this out as made up utter nonsense ... but may i remind you of Blair, Gidiot, Mandelscum and all the truly treacherous corrupt nation wreckers who still push for remain. clearly its your lot that are the career troughers.
  9. Thatd be illegal. And it states there was no rent forever agreement. But the court ordered it as they found some case law dating back 90 and 60 years
  10. Theyd have paid interest on their mortgage, that 153k wasnt all to keep so o speak? Ive just done a quick RM search and it seems closer to £1300 is the going rate for 3 beds in this area. I'd presume 800PCM was close to the going rate at the time, being as rents are more related to wages. The article states the person potentially buying wanted 1200pcm not 1100pcm as i stated, and they were to buy it at 240k after an agent valued it at 310k. But like a say the thing learned here is do not help anyone out.
  11. It would seem to me that the main thing to learn from this is don't help people out. They could have bought it, booted him out and charged market rent on 6 month AST's I'm hardly a fan of landlords, from my dealings with them most are utter to55ers, but this one strikes me as one of the few that isn't. Apologies for not towing the line.
  12. Look ive read the article and it seems there are a lot worse landlords and people on the planet, they've bought it from him as hes a friends who was in the crap and rented it back (a decent gesture? .. strikes me its the tenant that isnt a man of his word and is the snide one here. LLs not put the rent up for 15 years hardly seems like a someone out to grab as much as he can.
  13. To be fair theyve done the man a favour and he's taken them for a ride, theyve even offered to sell it back well below market value. Teach people to help others out and give them below market rent.
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