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  1. https://twitter.com/nick_analytics/status/959492978862641154 1. Sensible prices 2. Pride of Ownership 3. Get on with your life! 4. Solid U.K. economy 5. Investment 6. Quit renting
  2. What part of SE London? Recently sold my flat in Crystal Palace back in June - now renting.
  3. I got this through from Foxtons this morning for Lombard Wharf in Battersea (New build block of apartments). Subject line: River views in Battersea - Firesale!! 1 Beds dropped from £720k to just £540k. All have river views and outside space.
  4. Thanks, danger with this one is that they do a hard credit check, which can impact on borrowing when it comes to buying again.
  5. Thanks both. It's painful to see the cash slowly being eroded away by inflation . This crash needs to happen soon - and I've only been out of the "game" for three days!
  6. I've just sold my flat to rent for a while, I need to select two more banks so I am protected by the £85k deposit guarantee.. Anyone know of any easy cash access accounts with an interest rate above 1%?
  7. Well I completed on the sale of my flat on Friday. I now have £xxx,xxx sitting in the bank & already feel like the housing market is getting ahead of me... Will I ever get back on the ladder again, lots of doubts etc. I have now decided that I will wait until Nov - if prices haven't started to drop in London, I will be buying again. Sensible idea? Cheers Nick
  8. It's walking distance to Clapham which is far more expensive. Plenty of nice places to eat, easy commute into the City etc.It's not that dull to be honest.
  9. I am currently selling my flat. The issue I have is that the freeholder refuses to pick up his phone and hasn't provided the management pack to my solicitor. Where do I stand legally? Is there a time limit they have to provide the information? What if they decided to refuse to give it? Thanks
  10. How is it possible to get such large mortgages on a measly £90k combined salary?
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