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  1. I've posted a couple of times, once in the welcome thread, no welcome received and once again a post tonight which was moved from where I wanted it! Not feeling the love!
  2. Beware78

    Crazy Idea?

    Got a crazy idea, please tell me how crazy it is and whether I've gone mad! My current situation is I've been living in my current place for about 7 years. Nice two bed flat in the West end of Glasgow. I do really like my flat, but I feel I've almost outgrown in, I earn a lot more now than I did when I bought it but have resisted buying something bigger due to the ridiculously high prices. Anyway, I've got about 50% equity in it and my new job means I spend a lot of time up North (West coast) and really like it up there. I've thought about selling up and buying a wee place up there f
  3. First time poster here but long time lurker. Really hope house prices will crash sometime soon. I find it very frustrating, I'm late 30s now, good job and would love to buy a bigger place. I can't bring myself to mortgage myself up to the eyeballs to do it. Living in a modest two bed apartment in the West end of Glasgow bought 7 years ago. At the time that was the top of my budget, however due to upskilling and several job changes I now could afford something bigger. The question is, do I borrow another £200k to get a modest 4 bed detached house in the burbs or sit tight and wait?
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