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  1. In American English a "multi family" dwelling is most often a "duplex" This is like a semi detached in England but normally the entire building is owned by one person. Both "sides" of a duplex are often rented out. Sometimes the owner will live in one side and rent the other. Also get triplexes and fourplexes which have 3 or 4 totally independent living units. An "apartment" is typically rented accommodation. The entire building,(can be several hundred units), is owned by a company. A condo (condominium) is similar to an apartment but is owned by an individual who typically lives in it. Condos generally are more upscale than apartments and can be stupid expensive. This is a few miles away from me. Would be a good place to watch the rain from Hurricane Harvey at the moment! https://www.zillow.com/homes/for_sale/Austin-TX/condo,townhouse_type/83829300_zpid/10221_rid/1000000-_price/3664
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