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  1. I’m renting at present , I’ve a problem: a rat ate his way into the property via boiler house pipes ( ate thru expanding foam ) . it destroyed my washing machine , eating thru cabling & pipes . landlord informed , after 4 days they called pest control guy , he called twice that week and set traps . That was 2 weeks ago ! No visit since . rat has been seen since traps set ( wireless cameras ) just walked past them . ive been expected to still live here , but not allowed my child over until Rat is definitely gone , understandably I’ve gave notice to move out in 2 months , and landlords asking rent be paid in full as normal . Question , should I pay rent in full as expected ??
  2. Wow , not judgemental on here or anything !!
  3. when he said he'd owned it a few years I had no idea he meant 15 ! ( way more than a few ) . its not his only land , hes in a very lucky position indeed .
  4. A few years is about 15 I think , in this case .
  5. Was with a friend at the weekend ( yes really ) .. hes been lucky re a site but starting to panic about Capital Gains Tax . He bought a site for £25,000 , got planning permission a fews ago , got it valued last week with intension of selling ( as is ) now the site is worth £160,000 . He cant believe it ... He is renting , and has no other property , this site is his only asset . Is he liable for CGT ??
  6. Hi Im due to move back to NI in next few months , sold up in Scotland and am returning home ( just me and my young daughter ) with £180,000 to use wishly for our future . This is the question , what is the best move , im 52 ( working ) and want to get this right !! . In my head im thinking rent / wait - interest rates are bound to start rising soon , hence effecting the market ( better time to buy ) ,, or buy a small property cash , rent out and use rent from this to fund a mortgage for another home we would use ? ,, or or maybe buy a few buy-to-lets with minumim deposits ? Its an open question , and a bit of a mine field , but any advice is welcome Thank you
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