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  1. This is what we did with our new Mercedes. Purchased via PCP to take advantage of the dealer contribution (18% off RRP) then converted to a traditional loan @3% over 7 years. Overpaying so should be cleared by year 4.
  2. Heard that advert on the radio for the first time yesterday. Can’t remember the exact figures but it was something along the lines of £160 a month over 3 years with a £3k deposit for an A class. Remind me I need to get a new back tyre for my gixer1000
  3. One of my bookface friends is married to a full-time property developer and BTL investor. He tags her in all his nauseating successs and one of them popped up today and what struck me is the methodology in marketing the property. Basically, if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it lol working backwards £525p/month 6.6% yield means you can win this delightful investment opportunity for only £95,500 in Telford - what a bargain :sigh: http://www.mannleysproperty.co.uk/properties-for-sale/property/8309128-richmond-court-wellington-telford
  4. Detached coach house get on the same page as the poor sap who swallowed the brochure. As an aside it’s worth noting that the company managing the leases Fairthatch ultimate owner is the John Lewis Partnership Pension Trust. Wasn’t there once an old wise man who asked for and was promised a grain of rice on the first square of a chessboard doubling for each subsequent square ending up with a mountain of the stuff. Agreed, most certainly HTB with very little or no equity - if it was me I’d walk away and post the keys through the letter box of my mortgage company. Refuse to partici
  5. In most companies nowadays the employees pension fund are run separately to the directors ones. Patronisingly, it’s either a woefully funded people’s (pauper) pension for the masses or the generously funded executive scheme for the fat cats. When companies fail spectacularly like here these things need to be looked at as I doubt the BoD will be holding out for the crumbs from a PFF rescue. The Phoenix four are a shining example leaving with multi-million pound pots for putting £10 each of their own money into Rover. The rules haven’t changed neither has the game.
  6. I bought @ ~£2.10 and sold ~£1.40 how I managed to exit with such a meteoric fall anyway it’s cathartic to see to say the least. I bought this for the dividends and never received one lol it’s the suspension of the dividend that saves me from losing it all on here as the rational head overruled my gamblers confidence to hold. Enronesque indeed.
  7. I had considered doing this after cutting my losses at ~50p however, once bitten twice shy. Sadly, I visited my godfather (still farming at 81) over Christmas and he told me of the size of his Carillion holding (x10 what I had) I wanted to tell him to take what’s left of his money and run but not qualified to offer advice I refrained from doing so. He reasoned that they’d go back up ?
  8. You linked me in that post and that came across as a dig. Only clarifying that not everyone who drives a merc is doing so by living beyond their means. It’s not a status symbol - truth be told the exterior is rather bland.
  9. Balfour Beatty shares are up this week to ‘almost’ a five year high. The recent rise here correlated nicely with Carillions demise it’s a given that they’ll benefit from the redistribution of works as will others in the construction services sector. The net of job losses will be minimised as others take up the slack and recruit. The tax payer should only bail out the pension funds (PPF) and allow this gravy train to die.
  10. We have the new E-class (66) and it’s not on lease, paid for with a £25,000 loan (£16,000 left to pay @3%apr) using cash in lieu of company car that’ll be cleared in two years and run for a further year as a company car then put out to pasture as a 100,000 mile second car. Entirely rational purchase and in effect FREE.
  11. Rubbish! Mercedes, Audi and BMW are a world away from your Hyundai or Vauxhall in terms of quality and refinement. That is their USP and justifies their premium price and status. We had a Vauxhall hire car on a few occasions and they are nasty, underpowered clattery machines with poor real world fuel economy. Hyundai’s aren’t much better but nowhere near as good as the German marques.
  12. I lost £14,000 on this turd. Hopefully in light of this investigation there’ll be a shareholders action group. The board of directors have gotten away scot-free to date. Blatant fraud. Thankfully I’m no longer underwater in other areas and can take this one on the chin.
  13. I worked as an interventionist at my then local job centre many moons ago signing people on and it was so common to see a woman in her mid-40s turn up pregnant and as you say the age gap between the younger siblings and the new addition went right across the school age spectrum. Some were unemployed for so long that the original payment system had been superseded twice and their original date of perpetual dosserhood had been lost in the porting. This was back in 2003 and as I remember the LMS (labour market system) held records back to the 80s.
  14. BMWs that are 2 or 3 generations old maybe but not anything that’s come to market in the last decade. Past performance isn’t necessary a guide to future bangonomics gains.
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