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  1. I've been that busy trying to win a house filling in numerous competition forms, playing "Spot the ball", and filling in online surveys (for the chance to win a house) that I just haven't had the time. Come tomorrow, I'll be dialling up my stockbroker first thing. Hopefully the queue at the telephone box won't be too long, or I may have to send a pigeon.
  2. On another topic....is it my imagination, or have the banks/building societies raised the interest rates on their mortgages?
  3. Is there such a thing as a 55 year mortgage yet? That'll help those young folks....
  4. I have heard on the grapevine that October 16th 2017 will be the worst day since the Wall St Crash of 1929. I'm getting all my shares out in the morning. Most of my friends and family will be doing the same. Black Monday 16th October 2017
  5. Haha I remember those days well! I remember listening to one of my bosses back in the 90s, trying to encourage the sales team to sell more in the hope that they would earn enough commission to buy a new Sierra to drive to work in! The smart (and sensible) money would have gone straight down to the Toyota garage and bought a new Starlet/Corolla/Avensis.... I remember one of the bosses having the utterly unreliable Vauxhall Senator. Still I guess it beat his Montego. As for us mere mortals..."Well lads keep on makin' a quality product and you'll be coming to work in't new Astra....". I opted for Mazda 323f...with pop up headlights.
  6. Good news though. Every time we get a slump, the Establishment come along with a good distraction for the younger folks. Hopefully tunes will get much better over the next year.
  7. Actually, I hate to say it but I think that programmes like this one are useful. Yes, what these guys have done is risky/stupid/careless (delete as appropriate), but hey it's there choice. And yes, the Beeb are pushing an agenda (surprise surprise), but at least the majority of people here are wise to see that. These guys have signed up to a lifetime of payments on homes that may or, more likely in the case of the Burnley home, may not pay off. For crashers, rub your hands together. More homes on the market at a bargain price when the market hits the trough.
  8. Had a viewing earlier on in the Lancaster area. If Agents that you see are as desperate/anxious/pushy/ as the one I saw, then I reckon you won't have to wait too long. She did let slip that sales were "sluggish". Basically begged me to buy the house (it was a lovely Victorian semi, with parking and garden), and told me owner is open to " offers". Awww shame. I'll sit this one out....
  9. Chatsworth Road in the West End of Morecambe? Who was dumb enough to pay £124,000?!! Who was dumb enough to pay £70,000?! Rough as a bears behind in the area round there. Last time I went down near there two months ago (in broad daylight), three scallies were crawling out of someone's window with a telly and other assorted valuables! Think drug addicts, recently released crims, benefit junkies, antisocial behavior orders, bedsits...
  10. I think it's more likely thinning out the late Gen X and Millenial ranks.... "You too can work 80 hours a week, get squashed like a sardine on our underfunded Victorian transport system regularly and see your other half for an hour a month and nearly own your very own shitbox...." Help to Die. Credit unworthy Gen X'ers and Millenials only.
  11. Dear Landlord, First of all, you can stick your poxy overpriced mould ridden turd of a property where the sun doesn't shine. Living in a one man tent would be much more ideal. Good luck finding another mug to rent from you. I'm out. Kindest, Tenant
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