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  1. Do we know if/when the ban is actually going to come into effect yet?
  2. Used to work in the factory where that dry tea was made. It's a tub full of brown sugar with some perfume added.
  3. *Joking obviously, I dont launder drug money. I spend it on whores.
  4. Oh.....didn't realise this was public knowledge....next week just got more complicated....
  5. Fill the joint with Moldovans, get them to launch multiple HB claims and call it bedsits. Maybe invest in some decent insurance and some poor quality cladding....
  6. Anybody know of a list of companies by their pension deficit?
  7. Just stick some BIG LETTERS on the wall for a fiver. Job done.
  8. Atm interserve only down 3%. Buying a little time while they find the shredder?
  9. I love trains as much as the next loser but tbf I prefere the ones I'm allowed to hang out of the door of and not be stuck in what is basically a carpeted chemical toilet. There's simply no need for them, one tap on the phone and in ten mins there's Noddy, put my shit in, open a beer and do 70mph with zero accidents or traffic jams all the way to the door of my destination. No wages or licence fees to worry about, insurance dirt cheap, zero emissions so low tax. Automated electric car could do the London run from here for a couple of quid instead of the fifty the train costs. They'r
  10. Once self driving little Noddy Uber cars are a viable option then passenger railways are finished. A decade? Maybe two and the proposal will be reality. That member of staff is a visionary, hope they get an OBE.
  11. Any chance these schmucks could bring down Deutsche Bank?
  12. The EU will be finished before the ******ing Brexit negotiations are. Nice idea, badly executed, hopefully we don't end up with a bloody war because of it.
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