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  1. I'll go back under my (non-existent) bridge for now, but I would just say that bank/government behaviour since 2007 has not really been based on any sort of reality or fiscal logic.
  2. They already are bankrupt, they are just able to hide it well enough ATM IO mortgage 'misselling' (or jubilee) is going to be needed at some stage simply because the banks need to clear old debts in order to sell new loans.
  3. My partner has an m&s staff card so it's possible to do a quality food shop there if you choose carefully. We aren't 'bulky food' people, which helps. The wine deals are amazing when discounts applied.
  4. Other than scale, is that so much different to Northern Rock 125% products? They were groovy/OK right up until the moment they weren't! Banks don't mind a few repossessions to send a message to others to keep up payments but they don't actually want to end up with all the houses in their books at 50%
  5. Biggest/immediate threat to BTL from S24 is to those in denial or simply ignorant of it. Like most things in life, the earlier you know about a problem the more you can do about it. This next tax year might be interesting but I'm not sure that leveraged BTL will really get the message until the sliding relief has gone.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42132797 My local council (Hereford) has recently stopped most of the free on road spaces and put meters in, they always make these changes just before Christmas Local businesses already complaining http://www.herefordtimes.com/news/15679823._quot_We_are_incredibly_upset_at_the_council_for_not_listening_to_our_views__quot____business_owner_on_on_street_parking_charges/?ref=mr&lp=17 Obvious to anyone without a brain piercing really but why do local councils always know best?
  7. My Golf has gone up by Infinity! ...to £20
  8. The tories don't actually like May enough to want to save her Once they have a successor lined up she'll be toast. In the meantime she'll stay where she is taking flak for all the bad stuff as/when it happens.
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-42066404 Even Camelot are at it with lottery winnings !!
  10. Kinda funny that the Tories specifically get blame here - Labour were doing it so well before, non? At best, you can accuse the Tories of continuing the good work of previous Labour governments....
  11. Wrong way thinking IMO, we should drop taxes for all PAYE (to match the tax efficiency of being s/e), run a more efficient government and watch the real economy generate some wealth. People on NMW x 39 hours shouldn't even be IN the tax system FFS
  12. Particularly irksome in these establishments is the sales up-sell pitch that goes "We know your coffee is already overpriced but would you like to upgrade to a darker/richer/meaner/exclusive bean-of-the-month ?"
  13. This +1 My local town has easily doubled the number of coffee places in the last year (we are a 2 Costa town!), some are global, others are small independents. Also, places like Waitrose give out free ones for customers who dress in Barbour. Can't see how they survive.
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