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  1. VW Caravanette camping in the Highlands as a kid!Sausages and midgies. Any thoughts on how a good second hand van might look on Gumtree?Ford Connect for converting perhaps.
  2. Agree,paused my ASMR icecream making to listen to programme.Glad you are going for Friday feeling.A steam loco, cava and patatas bravas recommended.
  3. Raffle tickets for 6 bed mansion with helicopter pad near Laurenkirk talked about on Northsound tonight for £25 per ticket if you fancy a go!
  4. Sorry I added stupid pics quoting your post.In mad world today with Vegas shooting I was looking for some humour.Got it wrong.
  5. Did you look at blog post for Davi Baker a couple of years ago,TSA agents demand to inspect baggage for alleged Bitcoin!
  6. Great talent from Kacey Musgraves,feeling country now!Thanks Winkie+1
  7. Enjoying a blast from the past from your thread-how much would you hand in to police station nowadays assuming you could find an open one of course.What would that be worth compared to pre-decimal?
  8. I must stop watching telly then-waiting with interest on part 2.Lots of sales and under offer in Torry despite pollution,hopefully the healthy breeze will blow the incinerator emissions away from Tullos Primary and Altens nursery.Huge increase in HGV to bring in the waste to east Tullos.
  9. Lunchtime news Thursday 14th- hint rates rise December!
  10. Someone else on this forum said last 3 sold nearest comparable.Beauty in the eye of the beholder for Kintore although Lilybank the house name one of my favourites.
  11. Repossessed 2 bed in Torry joins liquidation sales on market.
  12. Relative in Houston now thinking of renting spare home to wealthy survivors of Harvey .
  13. getting nearer-zoopla just added attic Victoria Road,£44,995 Zing property Glasgow
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