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  1. Spotted on ASPC, a one bedroom flat on Portland Street that sold for 213k in 2013. Now fixed price 150k. 30% drop, if it sells for that - oocha!
  2. ASPC is at 6248 for sale today. Exactly a year ago (I went back and checked) it reached 6000 for the first time.
  3. There is now a decent looking one bedroom flat in a nice part of Rosemount on ASPC for under 400 quid a month. Has the rental market pretty much collapsed? (ASPC to buy 5639 to rent 708)
  4. Definitely not lying on a beach in Goa, recovering from his facial reconstruction surgery ?
  5. I had a look back on this thread - looks like peak was 6231 in late August this year.
  6. An old favourite for good reason. Just had a look at the property questionnaire completed in October 2017... "how long have you owned the property? Three years". Home report at the same time put the market value at 1.1m. Last sold price according to Registers of Scotland was 1.415m in October 2014. Ouch!
  7. Blimey! I never realised it was such a major project. Did they build a tunnel?
  8. Following up on an earlier discussion, I spotted some actual demolition at the weekend - the two blocks directly looking on to Great Northern Road opposite Evans Cycles at the Haudagain roundabout are just a pile of rubble now. My taxi went down the Drive and left at the roundabout so I got a good view of the other houses round there. Lots of doors / windows boarded up but a few signs of life (washing hanging over balconies etc). Pretty grim part of the toon though.
  9. Funnily enough, I was browsing through the new properties on ASPC (still creeping up, 6228....) and I spotted a flat at 45k FP. Valued at 70k in the HR. Ouch. I can see the council having real problems with old tenements drifting even further into disrepair. Unfortunately the nature of private ownership means it's really difficult to get a whole street or block emptied so you can knock it all down.
  10. Still going up, 6062 for sale on ASPC now (checking back this thread, Diver Dan announced 6000 nine days ago).
  11. 5992 now.... surely it'll get to 6000 this week (today?).
  12. Up to 5804 now! With the Scottish fitba season over and nearly four weeks til the World Cup, this is my excitement now ?
  13. Up to 5730 for sale on ASPC today (764 for rent). Do we reckon it's going to get to 6000?
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