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  1. Wow theres quite a few of us in Brighton & Hove. When I take a wander along Church Road during lunchtimes I'm amazed at the seemingly neverending rate at which new Letting/Estate Agents spring up and then wither away. I often have a quick glance to see whats available through their windows and every few weeks that goes by the rent seems to creeping up and a couple of thousand gets added to asking prices. With regard to rent, I find it strange that prices are creeping up in windows, adverts and property freebie papers (Latest Homes), yet friends which are renting (Kemp Town, Seven Dials and Seafield Road - Hove) are making rent cut demands from there landlords and they are getting them. On a side note: A co-worker has recently had his 1 bed flat in Worthing valued (bought at 97k now worth 140k - mewtastic!) and got told by the Estate agent 'all the developers from Brighton are now snapping up all the Worthing property' and that 'in 5 years time there will be little FTB property available in Brighton, Shoreham, Worthing as it will all be BTL'.
  2. I think you'll find its: https://www.annualcreditreport.co.uk/
  3. Try http://www.hoodlessbrennan.com/ £7 flat rate per trade.
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