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  1. So clever that he ignored simple medical advice that could end up costing his life. Yes that's clever.
  2. Oh that forum must be the umentionable one - global was the start of the name - the rest the same as here !
  3. Back in 2008 I was a habitue of ********************* forum (remember timetoraisetherents !) and seldom came here as it was a bit more nuttier than the now defunct one. I bought way back in London back in the day when you could. Anyway had a very intelligent intern work with me who had just got married and had a job that would involve regular postings around the world and asked me whether he should buy a London place to rent out when he was out of the country (his accomodation was free when posted abroad). Anyway armed to the teeth with facts and figures as to how over inflated the market was,
  4. Latest musings of the East Dulwich commentariat to muse on .... http://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?5,1948874
  5. Sell up and move to Blackpool 80k goes a long way there and they get to keep by the seaside and their doggie. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?searchType=SALE&locationIdentifier=REGION^168&insId=1&radius=0.0&minPrice=&maxPrice=80000&minBedrooms=&maxBedrooms=&displayPropertyType=houses&maxDaysSinceAdded=&_includeSSTC=on&sortByPriceDescending=&primaryDisplayPropertyType=&secondaryDisplayPropertyType=&oldDisplayPropertyType=&oldPrimaryDisplayPropertyType=&newHome=&auction=false
  6. STOP PRESS Cheapest Studio in Battersea Power Station now only £500,000 down from 550,000 43 sq m of pure luxury and don't worry about the neighbours cos there aren't any...plus I fancy spunking up my hard earned on the Siemens appliances. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-51861372.html
  7. Some more local colour from East Dulwich - looks like the market is well and truly dead there ... http://www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/forum/read.php?5,1702429,page=3 Realistic vendor here: We almost sold ours 12 months ago for 915 (chain collapsed, grrr), now we can't give it away at 800. I couldn't give the slightest toss how much we get for it in absolute terms, other than we need enough to stay in the area and upsize a bit (we have extra cash obv). Unfortunately our realism does not extend to other vendors who are still asking 1.1 for a 3 bed terrace with no garden. One big p
  8. Not with one of these it won't couple that with built in USB chargers and I'm betting another 10k should be easy. https://www.compoundsecurity.co.uk/security-equipment/mosquito-mk4-anti-loitering-device
  9. ......come from that's jail time and latrine duty and a ten stretch minimum. Here she is in previous unrepentant ******** mach 10 mode.
  10. La Beeny shilling her Estate Agent would deem it a bargain being a house with a garden in Norbury ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/property/article-5477163/Sarah-Beeny-picks-two-bed-London-flat-bargain-month.html
  11. should take a leaf out of the Trump playbook "Lock her UP !"...
  12. Truly an epic piece of shit squared. I though the yanks were keener on the perp walk than us.
  13. Never lived there but bought a ghastly Barrat's type home in A gated community on the south circ. Apparently so Dennis could go to Dulwich and Sydenham Golf Club. The walls were reinforced with bomb proof steel and the like at considerable expense.The cheeky cockney comic of going aarht fame also lives there as does Jo Brand.
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