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  1. Anyone looked into e-waste mining companies - Mineworx for example?
  2. Thank you , So the plan is to hold say 80% cash/bond (TLT) though the deflation and then your buying gold and reflationary blue chips when the printing starts? Forgive my ignorance but why bonds? Is that a very short term move just for the deflation period?
  3. It's impossible to sell. Everyone wants new, we are giving ours away. Durhamborn - are you generally happy with where we are at today, I know you expected gold to be higher.
  4. The fall in the pound after the Brexit vote and continuing political uncertainty have pushed up inflation, John Lewis said in its statement. This has dampened customer demand, especially in categories connected to the housing market, it said. But the retailer can afford to continue to absorb costs "for a while", Sir Charlie said, because of the group's healthy cash reserves.
  5. Got it - unsold 366K - Wow that's a big surprise. the crash is on
  6. durhamborn - At what point are you going to sell your positions in GDX, GDXJ etc? What's the trigger to sell? If i'm following you correctly you expect the miners to fall soonish before a huge rise in and reflation period, before which you will buy back in?
  7. Yes i can see a point to say Ripple, it has real benefits. It's a long list to get to grips with https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/
  8. An interesting concept. Seems like like Twitter but after posting you get rewarded in crypto instead of likes, retweets and abuse No idea if it will make money but an interesting concept. up 20% today
  9. Durhamborn (and others) If you wouldn't mind, what's you view on LadbrokesCoral. Lots of cost shaving being talked about
  10. Yes of course. How to spend that taxed income is then the choice of the individual.
  11. The new rules are anything but unfair. An OO pays tax on earning before paying the mortgage. Why shouldn't a BTL mortgage holder? Yes, this is the intended, positive outcome
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