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  1. www.betfair.com you can spreadbet on whether the ftse will finish up or down at the close... or every 20 mins for the gambling addicts out there.
  2. check the t&c's - some spreadbetting companies changed the rules so that they settle on points earned on the pitch, but there might be some that haven't - altho i guess that they have already priced in the perceived risk....
  3. astonished that this waste of skin has survived so long, and how and why did he earn his millions?
  4. i went up the rotunda last saturday afternoon as part of the residential lettings' group open day. 20th floor balcony was quite nice (incredibly vertiginous!) but it ate into the living space, so even the £2k pcm 2-bed 2-bath place (£450k?! was poky). saw other appt types as well, and they're obviously tiny. only residents i saw were a couple of twenty-somethings with cans of guinness in their arms at 13.00 on a saturday... nice city views, but that novelty lasted around 10 mins.
  5. thanks. and if i can blow my own trumpet, they are up 14% today, add the spread to that and any novice shorters could be licking serious wounds when they thought they were going to print money...
  6. the others have all been caned too. barratts is a little special due to £1.7billion debt...
  7. by the guys who knew that today's downgrades and notes were coming - when bdev was 160p+ last week? i think that the money has been made and will be being peaced up the wall as champagne even as we speak...
  8. be very very very firkin careful shorting now - you saw the other post about huge percentage of issued stock already borrowed for shorting?! with respect, you may have missed the boat on these by a day, a week, a year or whatever; these will be very choppy for the next few days and if you're only playing with a grand it won't take much of a move up (i.e. like the one in the last hour) and your phone goes with a margin call or your stop loss is automatically hit. don't slag me off - just trying to help.
  9. share price x numbers of shares issued = value of company so less than 2/3 of what it was a fortnight ago...
  10. www.thebox.bz firkin fantastic site for british tv programmes old and new. and loads of john peel stuff etc. you'll love it, trust me. and yes, someone has already uploaded today's edition...
  11. makes a change as gaunty normally talks "bullish" in that slot but with an extra "t" and the letters re-arranged. don't touch that dial at 13.00 - H&J the funnies show on radio.
  12. what's a fixed price though? what's stopping you offering £140k? how long will it stayed fixed if no-one offers it?
  13. does this definitely apply to SVR as well? or just "products"? tried "abbey svr" in google news and the latest i got was a month ago when they were dropping SVR? http://www.easier.com/view/Finance/Mortgag...cle-160499.html
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