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  1. Yep, and the main reason why I "missed the boat" 3/4 years ago. Mortgage lenders suggested they would lend me about a fixed amount I didnt have much of a deposit and all the reasonable places (the kind of places where previosuly FTB's tended to live in Edinburgh (Easter Road/Gorgie) I looked at were around the "offers over" of £60,000, at the time these places were selling for £80,000+ (I know I had a friend who tried to buy three - surveys done, reasonable offers put in only for the places to sell for about £20,000 more than any vaulations. I didnt have much of a deposit so couldn't bridge the gap between the valuation (all the mortgage companies would give me) and the selling price. Now even with a £20,000 deposit I am reluctant to buy the same above flats for £100,000+ (which would still be a stretch as my salary has not gone up anywhere near as much as the flats. But yes as someone mentions above there are more and more fixed price going around (obviously fixed at an inflated price - but it is a good sign)
  2. Yep, looks perfect for me (wrong city, but hey I would be able to pop around and see Stevie Gerrard whenever I wanted) I will give them £70,000 for it....
  3. Have you been reading too much about "Game Theory" isnt that its argument? Strike first and you are more likely to win.
  4. What about those of us who want to live on our own?
  5. A niceish one bedroom flat that isnt in a drug infested area would be enough for me - I object paying over £100,000 for a shitty bedsit in a part of the city where then neighbours would probably invite themselves round to on regular occasions to "borrow" my stuff.
  6. God I hope it is a rise - I love all the shock and horror of the "totally unexpected rate rise" A 0.25% increase should have naff all of an effect to the majority of people - but the squealing that came with the last rise was very entertaining I suspect though I will have to wait a full month to read see it all again though.
  7. Quick I had better get over to the BBC site to check that this is headline news - it would be if it was a downwards prediction... What are the chances it is even mentioned? :angry:
  8. How about the do it on both? - maybe they should make people think a bit more carefully about the amount of crap they are going buy over the festive period. Better that than doing it afterwards - what price on a rise in January!? that would go down well!
  9. Yes, prices are still going up despite the howls of protest at the last rise about the damage it would do. So bring on a decent rise! Personally, I a dreaming about a full percentage point rise (just for a month - enough to scare people away from buying shitholes on the theory that rates will stay low and their slum of a propert will only ever go up in value).
  10. More VI spin. - of course they dont want rates up - the negative feeling it would create could be damaging to some of their dreams of expontial house price growth. - a quarter point rise should in reality make f'all off a difference to mortgage holders - the fact that there was such howls of protest in the media with the last rise makes me suspect that there could well be something up but the 1m figure is surely way off the mark.
  11. I dont know what you mean - there is plenty of room! (for a small child with not many toys)
  12. Yes and just what is the latest on the Diana situation? (until some Express reader at my work starting going on about it I had not idea there was one - its barely mentioned in the rest of the press)
  13. Well obviously I have some special seeing into the future powers! - or it could be that the Express is entirely predictable - I didn't notice Diana on the frontpage - she must have been there somewhere though....
  14. It looks interesting, but considering the majority of the people in this country never look further than the red tops it will have gone largely unnoticed. It wouldnt surprise me if tomorrow the Daily (Diana latest exclusive!) Express has another frontpage tomorrow that tells us all how great it is that everyone is so rich now that their houses are worth £200 quid than they were yesterday - so quick FTB's get on the ladder now - it is the way to wealth and riches!
  15. Oh come one - these guys are hardly representative of the general population!
  16. No there must be something else going on. As everyone here has been told many times property prices cannot go down - this is obviously an slight blip for this month - come next month things will be back to their normal sustainable self - a "rebound" in prices will come into effect at least 10% I would say and everyone will be on track to be millionaires again! Quick get on the ladder now everyone - the Titanic is just leaving.....
  17. Surely the point is that it is a crap situation to be in where that is all people can afford to do - would it not be preferable for you (and them) as a FTB to be able to buy a whole house for a respectable price? What real good is half a house to anyone - what happens when you want to move? you will still be only able to afford half of the next one too! and why a "key worker" should qualify above anyone else is a mystery to me - there are many people in perfectly normal jobs who contribute to the economy (myself included) who are not entitled.
  18. Yes partly true but up until not too long ago - no one wanted to live in many of the less desirable small villages and towns in Cumbria. there is not a huge amount of well paid jobs (Sellafield being an exception) so prices were modest. The past few years though I have watched stunned at the prices some of these places now - locals on local wages have no chance of buying (where I would argue that 10 years ago they did) to be honest I would like to know who exactly are driving the prices up as there is not the employment around to do it - and also some of these places are not that nice so the second home arguement is not convincing either.
  19. Sorry no time to watch the video but something I always wondered was; what was in the middle of the towers that was strong enough to stop the planes chopping straight through and coming out of the other side? From what I have seen of the plans etc. of the building there was a kind of concrete encased tubular type structure that ran right up the whole building (essentially the strongest part) this held all the lift shafts/stairways I don't understand how it was strong enough to stop the bulk of the plane from going right through it and coming out the other side - planes are big and heavy and travfel quite quickly, so I am surprised they didnt (or if the plane did chop right through the central core then how come the building did not fall sooner?)
  20. I dont know how to post a new topic so will make this point here - it fits. I was in a (local) building society at the weekend - I went in to see about their ISA's After chatting for a while with the guy he told me that they were expecting to see rates rise in both November this year and most likely in January too. So that would be a 0.75% rise in about 6 months (including the one we just had) and remember the sqealing that came with the 0.25% rise!? - I am sure he would have fed me a different line if I was in for a mortgage, but when I pleaded thick about the situation he suggested that he would not be surprised if they continued to go up after that.
  21. I wonder if this is a sign of more people staying at home to go to a University near their parents? - a suppose if a significant proportion of students do this and increase doing this (it keeps the costs down) then there will be reduced demand for student accomodation. There will always be a need for some of it - as there are many people (like myself) who have no real further education options very close.
  22. Yes, but remember this is the Independent - I get the impression that "the North" pretty much includes everthing outside the M25 (or whatever that big carpark that circles London is called) and they are always negative about it.
  23. I did a couple of months ago - no reply
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