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  1. I would love it if someone could find it - just imagine how quickly it would go around the internet. I would imagine that they have removed all the footage it would not be displaying a good image for the new PM now would it. The tories should be working hard to get it and "accidently" getting it sent on e-mail to someone
  2. They need to be careful with this though, when I was a student we lived in the flat of an old witch. Her previous tennents had messed up the walls to the place with chalk drawings. When we looked around we were assured that the walls would be cleaned before we moved in - surprise surprise they were not. The LL refused to do anything about it, so we painted them ourselves (white obviously - as it was previously) the next time she was around she told us that that we were not allowed to decorate and so was going to take money off our deposit! - She didnt in the end, I think someone persuaded her of how unfair that would have been (given that she probably took the previous occupants deposit to cover the cost of the repaint anyway).
  3. No sympathy here - they obviously bought it for BTL (or to flip I guess) "Thanks. If we sell now, we'll lose at least £10,000. If we could find a tenant, it would be better to keep it and hope it gains some equity, but so far we have not been able to let it. It goes against the grain that Barratts should keep doing this to people. " They seem upset about what Barratts have done to them - maybe the wally should have stopped to think what his BTL/get rich quick scheme was doing to others. Personally I hope he clings onto it for a good long time - to count his losses - and tell all he mates what has gone on. Once people realise that property is not a "dead cert" investement then the tide will turn
  4. There may well be pent up demand but if the banks start tightning lending even further, both groups may have struggles getting mortgages surely? Those with cash sat waiting will get to pick and choose but others I feel will still be stretched
  5. Shock Horror! The Tories finally getting stuck in - what have they been waiting for? I fully expect the Lib Dems to be getting their boot in too
  6. God no, not another one :angry: I have only just recovered from watching the last one, what was it? "where best to invest" or something like that. I can't wait for the reverse of all this property porn - and I hope it is presented by the same gits that are doing the ramping now. I hate that Phil bloke, he needs a good slapping (a comedy one obviously - like that scene from Monty Python where John Cleese ends up knocking Micheal Palin in to a canal using what looks like a very large salmon ).
  7. This kind of thing is always posted as terrible news for FTB's - I personally think it is great news for FTB's - now all we need is some serious tightning of the mortgages for BTL muppets and it might give some of us a real chance.
  8. I think you are forgetting that "things are differant this time"
  9. Yes but the tide is turning on these too - how much have electricity and gas risen in the past 12 months? You say that they are historically cheaper then ever, but surely a few more rises will lead to it reverting to normal. Also food - it will get more expensive too - don't forget that Tony and his pals (including Tesco's et al) are doing all they can to finish off British agriculture (much of which is highly efficient, whilst the same time doing its best for animal welfare - a difficult task when you are paid less then the cost of production for milk etc.). Do you really think that long term it is going to be cheaper to import food from abroad? not only are transportation costs going to increase (oil will remain high) but also working conditions (pay particularly) in the countries we might import from will improve and so along with them so will the food prices. Nothing is static - just look at the predictions for the cost of oranges this winter - a poor crop and the price goes through the roof, wheat has also struggled this year so again prices will rise. Next year things may be differant and they may become cheaper again.
  10. Can we not have 8.5% a bit sooner! - I am bored of waiting for this to all start to unravel, it would be handy if things can start to go t*ts up just as Tony is passing things over the to the next poor unfortunate sod (Gordon?) to get the blame. At what point to you think interest rates need to be before the general masses start to worry?
  11. A very worrying article - it is not even winter/cold yet and people are struggling to pay for basic energy usage. I dread to think how common this problem is. And yet Mr Brown and his pals tell us that inflation is about ~3% (obviously inflation of things that matter far more than heating bills/council tax) when this s**t hits the fan I think it might break it. (though I grew up in a house without proper heating - and for the past two winters (in Edinburgh) I have no direct heating in my room at all - I guess it all depends what you are used to - yes I am a bit of a freak when it comes to not getting cold)
  12. What I think is more sad is what we see every year - people think that spending lots of money is the only way to have a happy Christmas, I find the adverts telling people they should take out a loan very sad indeed - and surely missing the point of what Christmas is all about. - Myself and my family (three siblings two parents and a grandparent) probably spent a combined total of £500 on the whole of Christmas (and that is a generous estimate) and I am sure it was just as "Merry" as most other peoples.... arguments over who prepares the vegetables/whether we should have a salmon course/which rubbish film we should watch after the Queens speech/should we watch the Queens speech/whether my brother is a complete git or not - you know typical stuff when families come together. I am sure pretty much the only difference to most people will have, is the lack of a big fat credit card bill at the end of January.....
  13. So its not just me then! - I would love it if they put rates up to 20% - just for a short while - enough to take the wind out of the sails of the BTL t*ssers and make the rest of the population wake up to the fact that taking out that 8x salary IO mortgage would not be wise - that is all is needed for this crash - a change in sentiment. I am trying to spread the word on any "have your say" type websites - obviously not the BBC as they have their hands tied by Mr Brown. The more people we can get to have second thoughts the faster this might all seep through to the masses.
  14. Probably most of them!? - Everyone else is just an "aspiring first time buyer" - give them 20 years to save for a deposit and they too can be a FTB by then with a bit of luck they can afford to buy a one bedroom flat - for themselves, partner and 2.4 kids to live in.
  15. I just sent one but i dont have high hopes of it getting published.... "Your comment will shortly be read by the Have Your Say team. If it is selected for publication it would normally appear on the site within the next few hours. Due to the high volume of emails received by the BBC we cannot guarantee that your comments will be published. " ie they will edit the comments to be biased any mention of rising rates and dropping prices I am sure will be discreatly deleted
  16. Yes, an all too common sight around Edinburgh - lots and lots of "To Let" signs everywhere. I recognise that statue - right next to a whole pile of new(ish) built flats? and a cash converter - a sign of a top notch neighbourhood - though i would live there given a decent price. Unfortunatly my jammy arrangement of renting a room for naff all is about to come to an end (tensions with my LL) so I may find myself having to take one of those rentals by myself too - damn..... That is the problem in Edinburgh - prices are so damned high that everyone is forced to rent - I can just about afford £100,000 for a one bedroom flat but object to paying so much for so little.
  17. God I hope there are 100's of them! - and I hope they all have portfolios of 100's of houses - please please please lets see Rates go up sp we can watch them squirm and lose their "millions"
  18. But what can be expected when most of the population have been brainwashed by Krusty and friends into the mantra that "property prices will only ever go up", "quick get on the ladder anyway you can before it is too late" that and the Daily "Diana" newspaper (I forget which it is) which almost every week has a frontpage telling us all how great it is that everybodies property prices have gone up. I cant see this changing in the near term - the bubble is being driven purely by sentiment.
  19. And all this with historically low interest rates! - Mr Brown will be browning it if rates go up again What the f' is going to happen when rates do finally go up? What is the chat on this? a probable rise in Nov folowed by a possible one in early 2007?
  20. 1. Not a penny owed to anyone - oh now hang on I think I borrowed £20 off a mate last week when the cash machine was not working. 2. I paid off my £1700 student loan earlier this year that was the only debt I ever really had Saving by living like a nun just now (well a nun with a bit of a cider habit) but starting to feel that it is not really worth it any more - prices for anywhere I would be willing to live (ie away from the Buckfast drinkers of Edinburgh) are well out of my reach.
  21. I hate all this "key worker" bo::0£%s We need people to fill all roles in the economy - where would we be without cleaners - just because someone works for the government why should they get subsdised housing? Surely if would be more constructive for Gordon and pals should do something active about providing more homes - a punitive tax on second homes and BTL (maybe even foreign ownership) to free up some of this housing we already have and how about encouraging banks etc. sticking to salary multiples when offering mortgages? that would bring houses back down a bit to a price that people can afford.
  22. I was talking to a friend over the weekend and she was surprised when I told her that there were parts of the UK where the prices were dropping/only going up 1/2% (as shown on I think the Nationwide figures) - the only thing she had ever heard was that prices were going up everywhere (she doesnt read many 'papers but does include Location Location Location as one of her favourite programmes - I suspect another sucked in by Krusty and Phils hyping of the market - she was lucky though she bought a flat a few years ago and is going to sit tight in it for a few more years - her work collegues keep telling her though that she should buy a new place and keep the old one as a BTL - everyone has been brainwashed. We need to spread the word that prices "might" drop - sentiment is the only thing that is holding this thing up - once people wake up they will realise that the "no more boom and bust" that Nu Lab promised is utter sh**e
  23. What no plasma TV's, BMW's or central heating! My idea of heaven - I'm off (yes, central heating is one of my pet hates - so inefficient and bad for the environment) (and also how, many of the people buying these Plasma TV's and BMW's in the UK can acutally "afford" them - they are only in reach to much of society here too only the lax lending and the keeping up with the neighbours attitudes allow it to be so common here)
  24. Edinburgh up 9% - ****, thats 9% more unaffordable - and prbably one of the biggest rises nationally Though there is some ggod news - the figures for the "North" show a 0.5% drop
  25. I saw some of this - I predict he is still a long way off getting his Ferrari. I joined the program part of the way through and it took me a while to work out exactly what his shop was (or more acurately - wasnt) selling.... Muppets
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