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  1. You should be careful, I am (Northern) English and have lived in Scoland for 10 years, I was having a debate with a friend of a friend about this a few weeks ago (ok, it was in the pub) and I was expressing an opinion that I thought that the Union should continue, at which point he started to go off on one about how my opinion doesnt count as I am not a "Scot" I think there are some out there who would like Hadrian's Wall put back up (as opposed to the MP from Essex (I think) who I heard in the media recently suggesting that there should be toll on the roads between England and Scotland - what a prat!) I was brought thinking I was British before I was English and I think it is a shame that NuLab have done so much to make the break up of the union almost inevitable - Gordon has A**Ed up the British Economy so much that it is inevitable the Tories will get a majority in Westminster - how will this fit with devolution if Holyrood is full of SNP and Lab?
  2. Yes I am wondering about the lenders getting a bit worried about the whole thing. I was in Nationwide the other day to ask about getting a replacement bank card for my Current Account - a simple one minute job I thought. and it was, until the woman behind the desk noticed that there was something important on her screen about me - I was momentarily concerned that there had been something dodgy happen to my account (or maybe I had gone 2p overdrawn ) but no, she said that the message was to ask me if I was interested in talking to someone about a mortgage (whether I already had one or was thinking of buying) I pretty much laughed in her face (partly at relief that there was nothing wrong) and then mumbled something about me not being stupid enough to take out a mortgage when I could rent for far less and IR's looked like they were going to continue to go up, the thing was that she didnt seem overly surprised by my response. I am now slightly regretting it - I should have got an appointment so I could have had a proper laugh at the amount they were going to lend me: either naff all (so I couldnt afford anything) or supremely silly 5/6x salary I would expect - either way it would have been a waste of time.
  3. But if it never gets beyond the Torygraph then it is largely irrelevent. He is preaching to the converted there - getting on the front page of the Sun will be the only way that there is a chance the masses would even begin to comprehend what an **** "Mr Prudence" has made of things, and we all know that that just will not happen. Most of my friends are brainwwashed into thinking what a great job he is doing, half of them have b***er all chance of buying houses and will all I am sure get shafted by the pensions f'up but the media are still on side so who is going to tell them any different?
  4. But prices need to drop for me to achieve my aim of a one bedroom flat in an ok part of town - so the mortgage I will need will be less than it would be if I went out tomorrow (in total - maybe the monthy payments will be higher) - I want prices to drop and I am convinced that once they are dropping the BTL crowd will disappear and demand will vanish, as everyone will be waiting for the bottom of the market - so it might be a good time to get hold of something. Hence when I can afford to buy somewhere I will try to - I am not in this to make money just to have somewhere secure to live (where I do not have to move every 6 months at the whim of a LL or pay silly fees to letting agents for the privilage of them showing me around)
  5. But at least they wouldnt be buying at the top. The security of having a place of my own and a not too huge a mortgage would be worth far more to me than hoping to catch the bottom of the market. It may mean I am throwing money down the drain but hey nothing is perfect and it would probably still be moresensible than renting a flat on my own.
  6. Someone has chained the bear back up at the BBC - is Scotland immune to a HPC?! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/glasgo...est/6135332.stm ""Mr Hill said the market is sustainable. "I've never heard of a crash in Scotland", he added. Mr Murphy described Scotland's approach as sensible. He said: "I don't think it will crash, we don't see boom and bust here." " While I am here - anyone fancy contributing to the debate on the Scotsman website http://thescotsman.scotsman.com/index.cfm?id=1734222006 - it is a bit bullish over there we could do with some bears to head across (you do need to register though) to add your 2p's worth
  7. But surely it is the sentiment that is important. People have been buying houses as they have been constantly been told what a great investement they are (prices increase £'s per day or that they are missing the boat) - the VI's have been banging on about this for years and who knows have hyped the crash even bigger than it ever thought of being before. Once a few seeds of doubt are sown however things will change (I dont care if the report is accurate or not - it is probably as accurate as all the other tripe that has been published but if it just starts to change sentiment then it can only accelerate the path to our forseen crash)
  8. But that is what I want and think we need - lots of negative press and buying that BTL property might not seem like such a sure fire bet(the same for FTB's considering that 10x salary 125% mortgage) - hence reducing demand. Even better if some of the "we are in it for the long term" BTL muppets, think about the profit they might realise if they sell asap (realising a possible reduction in their "wealth" if prices do drop). Add to that a few more IR Rises Combined we could see reduced demand and also increased supply which can only lead to one thing....
  9. This is almost exactly my situation too - I need a bit of room for expansion and parking but am running out of time on my steal of an arrangement just now, add to that the fact that I am 28 now and renting a single room in a family home is slightly restrictive.... I need my own space but I am lothe to spend more than I have to, to pay off someone else's mortgage - hence I can't see myself ever renting a one bedroom place on my own.
  10. I am not sure what might have happened - but it is a surprise to me that there has been a quarterly fall up here - especially in Edinburgh. It must be the first one in a while - and this is presumably before any rise in rates had an effect?
  11. More likely to be the Daily "houseprice rises are great" Express surely!?!?!
  12. But they are all in it for the long term - so it shouldn't matter!
  13. I wouldnt mind living in a studio flat - I am single, dont have a huge amount of stuff and am tired of living with people I don't really know so it would be perfect. One bedroom flats are too expensive for many people on their own.
  14. I think you should try speaking to a few farmers - it does not matter what the costs to the farmers are, the supermarkets have a cartel set up in which in many cases farmers having their product (milk especially) bought from them for below the cost of production. It is not the case that the farmers tell Tesco's et al what to pay (I wish they could) they are lucky if they get 18p a litre (thats 9p a pint!) - the farm gate milk price is lower now than it was 10 years ago (I would provide stats but I dont have them to hand) - has the price of milk in the supermarket gone down over the same time?! - No Just wait a few years - at the rate farmers are leaving the industry, Britain will have to import liquid milk very soon (it probably already does) - which will be more expensive even without the tranport costs, milk prices are higher for farmers in the rest of Europe - even in Poland than they are in the UK. Another NuLab scheme - put and end to British Agriculture - and a damned fine job they are doing of it too! :angry:
  15. Yes, but its different this time.... Gordon said so it must be true "no more boom and bust"
  16. Dont confuse the "Royal Bank" and the "Bank" of Scotland they both maybe useless but they are entirely seperate entities....
  17. No its anything South of Lancaster! - but as far as anyone in power (and the Independent Newspaper) is concerned "North" includes everything outside the M25 carpark
  18. Well if they do I am out of there - shame really as I think they do a pretty good job. It wouldnt just be the Current account that would go either - I have coming up £20,000 in an ISA that would be finding a better home too.
  19. I would avoid Natwest - they decided to move money between my accounts without asking or telling me - and with no official reason a few years ago. I moved the next week to a Nationwide current account - with which I am very happy (I know it is is Building Society but I don't really care as long as they are polite to me over the phone/branch and I dont think the conditions on the account are too bad (though I dont have exceptionally high standards) they are reguarly mentioned in the top current account tables.
  20. Surely impossible?! They wouldnt want the masses to stop wasting ridiculous amounts on tat and alcohol - it would be even more damaging surely?!
  21. I do find these stories quite entertaining - I know they must be a nightmare for the people they involve, but my sympathy quickly evaporates when I hear they are BTL. There was a article in the paper at the weekend, presumably the same woman who was mentioned around here - even had a picture and quotes about how much money she had spent on it and how it was possible she might be getting it repossesed as she was behind with the mortgage....
  22. Renting is fine and does have huge advantages over ownership, but if you are looking for some security then i would prefer to own. Part of the problem with the coming BTL exodus is that as you can be turfed out at just a months notice (all flats I have rented after the first 6 months of the tenancy the contract changes to a rolling monthly one - this could be a Scottish thing) this happened to some of my friends and whilst they found somewhere else relatiivly they still had to move all their stuff and moving house is always a stress. - though possibly not as much of a stress as buying a tiny one bedroom flat for £100,000+ on IO and rates on their way up!
  23. Saving accounts!?! What would anyone want one of those for
  24. Just a question, If there are more and more BTL peoples hitting the skids then will this make the lenders more strict on who they give BTL mortgages to - hence reducing the demand?
  25. God this is so annoying - whilst I have some limited sympathy for them, the simple fact remains that the past few years we have seen historically low IR's - these people should have shown a bit more caution and sat down and really thought about what might happen if rates did go up (who told them the wouldnt?) - I did - and realised that I could well be in shit if they did go up so didnt buy - if the rest of these people had done the same maybe prices would not have got so silly, and these individuals certainly wouldnt be in as big a mess. The banks will have alot of questions to answer...
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