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  1. I dont think this is an economic indicator per se but more to do with the cost of a drink in a pub it really has got to the point where it is a prohibative price. I met friends yesterday and was charged £3.50 for a pint of Strongbow (one can buy two litres of Strongbow in the shop next door for £3.89). We ended up in back at a friends flat with a nice bottle of wine each - it had the added bonus of having the heating on, unlike the pub who presumably cannot afford it...
  2. I enjoy telling my 'braindead' (ie Labour = Good Tory = Thatcher) work collegues how much I wish that Labour had won the last election. They can tell from my tone that I believe that we really truely would be in the s*it just now and they almost begrudgingly agree with me. If only Brown was still there to catch some of the shit that is currently hitting the fan, Whatever Osbourne et al do they cannot win, there are enough people around who became 'wealthy' under NewLabour and are now feeling that this 'wealth' is evaporating and for some reason they think this is all the fault of the Tories.
  3. This is the topic of discussion on Radio 5 just now. I just texted to ask why this was any worse then the BTL culture. If folk are daft enough to sign up to credit deals like this then someone should point them in the direction of the ads in the local paper or large second hand appliances shop. At least when buying a TV or an oven there is a cheaper alternative BTL buying up all the cheaper end of the property market to rent back to the people who 'should' (in a sensible property market) be buying them -that is morally wrong, when are Barnardos going to make a fuss about this?
  4. Careful, we will have Victoria Derbyshire here soon calling you 'vile' for having such unsympathetic views.
  5. I have some other suggestions regarding why she said it but that would call into her question her position as an 'unbiased' BBC reporter. No doubt like all the rest of the media lovvies (sp?) she is up to her backside in property?
  6. I do think she has a case to answer but doubt anything will come of it. To the majority of the population the very idea that 'maybe they did go wrong with bricks and morter' is so off the wall that anyone pointing this out (and even worse suggesting that these people are getting what they deserved) is viewed as some kind of odd ball. Calling them vile on the other hand is a step too far.
  7. I know someone who works for the WWF, their big climate change get together a few years ago was in Thailand - and no there was certainly little video conferencing going on. They (the environmental lot) are all a bunch of self serving charletons who like to think they are in some way doing good in the world but with most of those I have met it is very much a do as I say not do as I do. Aparently extensive traveling and round the world trips are acceptable if you can pretend you are in some way 'green' in the rest of your lifestyle, reading the Guardian is in someways enough, oh and installing a special energy usage meter - I have an energy usage meter - it is called an off button, I do not need some stupid bit of tat manufacured in China to tell me. My 'Green' friend was somewhat put out when I told him where he could stick one.
  8. Our society would be a far happier place to live if we were back in the the days of the single salary of a couple being the amount allowed on mortgages (whether that is the man or woman does not matter). Couples where both partners chose to work would be able to afford childcare (as they would have a smaller mortgage) and may even have money left over to spend in the wider economy. Couples who chose to have a parent at home to look after children would still be able to get by - and maybe even could have paid off a chunk of the mortgage when they had two incomes coming in before any children come along. What we have at the moment does no one any good, but espcially not the children.
  9. I don't know about that but just who is that braindead Labour idiot. The ******* son of Balls and Milliband I would love to hear Mr Clarkson's opinion of the bloke and which gun he would shoot him with.
  10. But if the place is unoccupied the CT must either be paid or an exemption claimed (or so I thought) the exemption can only last a specified period of time and if the place not fit to live it.
  11. "The 63-year-old said if he gets voted in he plans to focus on how the county’s limited resources are used." Well I assume he will start with the redistribution of housing and ensure that boomers are not able to buy up all teh cheaper end of the housing market, by doing so keeping it out of the affordibilty range of 'hard working British families'...
  12. Exactly, if only all those boomers would remortgage and spend all 'their' money on the wider economy. After all, good old Gordon Brown created a never ending 'boom' thanks to everyone becoming so fantastically wealthy based on some illusion that their house was now worth so much money (even more if you buy some twigs). Those nasty Tories put and end to that - so please vote Labour back in and Ed Balls will bring the good times back* *he may bankrupt the country in the process but that 2 bed semi you bought in 1975 for £1000 will very briefly make you a millionaire so it will all be worth it.
  13. Oh good God, the prospect of Mr Balls was bad enough. I had not even let Mrs Balls enter my thoughts....
  14. Yes, of course. but any political party that is seen to 'burst the bubble' will be unelectable for years. Abbott knows that the UK electorate are braindead enough to blame the Tories for the loss of the 'wealth' that any bursting of the bubble will bring about. Ed Balls will be PM within a couple of years quite what will happen then I dread to think.
  15. Just shows how fcuked the UK is. Who is living in these places? What are they doing?
  16. Still at least many of them are living in houses upon which they (should) have no mortgage on. They are still in a far better position than any potential FTB who was stupid enough to think that saving for a deposit on a mortgage was a good idea...
  17. I was serisously considering going into the undertaking business. There will be increasing demand over the next 15/20 years. Even better get some money off the old codgers before that point but I can't quite think of a fool proof way.
  18. I am not bashing anyone who needs a disabilty car the problem is that so many people are taking the piss and are getting cars that quite frankly they are either not entilted to them or they are being abused in some way (the privalage not the person). Why should someone be in receipt of a disabilty car yet their family member (who by the way lives in a home with 3/4 cars in it - they are not short of cash) uses it for their work commute? This is a perfectly valid thing to critisize (sp?!) and one that the benifits office may get a call about one day....
  19. I dont think so but she made it very clear that she felt she was entitled in general. She was complaining to Edwina regardinghaving no money but then confessed she had Sky TV and was running a car. Sympathy instantly lost on that case and it just went to prove Edwina right. I dont remember hearing anything about here entitlement to the disabilty car. I have yet to meet anyone who is a deserving case on that front. I can add another to my list of examples of fraud - a person at my work turned up in a shiny new top of the range motor last year some time. It came to light recently that it was a family members disability car that they were able to drive as it was used to take the said person with disabilty to hospital every once in a while. Most of its miles however are done communting to work and back - I am sure not how it is intended to be used
  20. I have always assumed that the Express did not actually have readers. I thought that maybe they all just wanted to see pictures of Princess Diana and Maddie. After all surely if anyone actually read the bilge that was published they would soon put their money to better use - are Freddo Bars not still 10p
  21. I know, it is tragic isnt it. Apparently all these houses will cease to exist if they were no longer mortgaged by a parasitic 'investor'. God forbid that they are released back onto the market and a 'hard working British Family' are able to afford to buy a roof over their heads.... I was just out at the shops and that headline did make me smile Does anyone think we will start seeing a rush for the exits? Yes I know what the Express says is invariably bull but their readers are obviously largely braindead so you never know - I am living in hope.
  22. In my ideal world they will accept a higher offer from someone who needs to sell a place. Give it a couple of months until they get bored of waiting then they return to my solicitor to see if my offer is still valid. It would be but there would be 5K off it
  23. Thanks everyone for all the comments. I have been getting insight and opinions from everyone I know. Almost all are of the opinion of how I should 'just up my offer - maybe 10K....' but then you look silly if you are 10K higher than anyone else - and after all who was it said that 'house prices are just a matter of opinion but the debt is real' - I have to be prepared to pay back the money I borrow so I would like it to be as little as possible. All things considered I think I might just leave my offer as it is. After all there is no guarentee anyone else will offer and - and if they do that that they have the money ready (if they have a flat to sell). It is difficult though - but there are always going to be other houses. I am turning more bullish with my thoughts though. It is very obvious that the powers that be will not allow prices to fall
  24. I like your style. Does anyone know however if a rejected offer is still 'on the table' I would love them to not get any offers and come back to me - only for me to knock a couple of thousand off the asking. Yes, I know I have been on this board too long to be dreaming of such events From the 'assistance' I have been getting from work collegues it is very obvious that to most people the more one pays for a house the better (or so it would seem).
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