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  1. My mum was a school govenor for several years (she was asked if she would join just after I left but still had my younger brother and sister at the school) she never went on any training courses and doubt if she was ever asked to go on one. Sounds to me like the whole 'jobs for the boys' syndrome and should be exposed for the crap that it appears to be.
  2. Yep, if we had not had to devalue the pound so much then things may well be different..... Add to that our reliance on such a big tax take on fuel. Maybe if we were not spunking so much money on pointlessness we would not need to add so much tax to fuel - it has always be justified on some spurious environmental grounds but the fact is that the government now needs the cash to pay for all the money that they apparently need to spend on everything.
  3. Don't fall for the scaremongering. So far very few farms are infected and l hope this remains the case. If so there is plenty of production capacity, partciularly in the North of England and given the amount of dairy/lamb/beef we import I can't see very much changing.
  4. I doubt it, those fine folk in New Zealand seem well able to sell us lamb. Also (fingerscrossed so far) the number of flocks affected are currently low (and you have no idea how much I wish that remains the case) so far the North of England/Wales and Scotland are thankfully free of this disease. Whilst this is surely devestating for the farmers involved most of the UK lamb producing areas are mercifully clear of it (though I admit things may change). There are surely few things more devastating to farmers/vets than lambing/calving deformed/still born lambs/calves hopefully the spread will remain limited.
  5. My friend worked for a homeless 'charity' a couple of years ago - she is a fully paid up Guardian subscriber. She was by my estimate earning 35/40k+ for some so called executive role and there were plenty of people higher up than her, presumably earning even more. Coincidently on a drunken wander home one night I ended up talking to some homeless guy on the street, we got talking after I gave him some cigarettes, I mentioned my friend worked for this charity as a way of maybe pointing him to some help and he was less than complimentary about them and that they and other 'charities' did nothing for them. There was an awful lot of fundraising going on but most of the money must have gone on salaries, and this was a relatively local Edinburgh charity. The whole thing is a scam for do gooding lefty types. People out there really do need help but I do question where the charitable donations end up.
  6. It is very obvious given the questions on offer that they are (deliberately) avoiding the key issue. If house prices had not been fuelled by the idiot boom in loose credit, BTL etc. then house prices would have remained 'affordable' to most of us. The simple principle of 3/4 even 5 times salary multiple plus a reasonable deposit and a control on BTL lending would have prevented the daft prices we have now. For whatever reason (winning votes presumably) NuLabour chose to ignore the basics and were blinded to what was happening to their own traditional voters. I have many friends who are 'Labour' voters and somehow they are blaming the Tories now that they cannot afford to buy their own homes (how dare the nasty banks require 10% deposits...) . They simply cannot see that Blair and Brown deliberately priced us all out of home ownership in the pursuit of creating an illusion of wealth for those who bought pre-2000ish. The Tories should have allowed the market to correct when they got in but they are as bad as the previous lot in pursuing policies to prop the whole scam up. The shit has to hit the fan at some point and more and more genuine 'hard working British families' are going to be shafted as the whole thing unravels.... :angry:
  7. I filled this in and tried to point out the obvious. I do expect though that my comments are regarded as extremist rubbish, after all we cannot damage everyone's property portfolios can we....
  8. But if it was not for those nasty banks/bankers/Americans/Tories/Greeks/Irish/Spanish* etc the illusion of a robust economy that was entirely sustainable - after all Boom and Bust was ended for a while - could have been continued. To say we have run out of money would not be helpful - all we need to sort things out is some more of the miraculous brand of 'growth' that Mr Brown was so good at giving us - Balls is an expert in this topic. *delete as applicable
  9. I thought that the idea was that all the LL's have to do is to raise the rents...
  10. And the problem is?! We have been told for years and years that one cannot go wrong with bricks and mortar and that prices cannot ever possibly fall in whichever special bit of the country the seller is in. Adding in a 5%+ rise over last years sales price is simple inflation of an asset that the 'owner' mortgage holder has slaved hard for and deserve simply for being so clever at buying a house....
  11. It worked, I was round at a friends and we had turned the sound off after the game so did not hear much of the news report, only the last few moments and one of the guys there made some comment along the lines - of 'good news, its about time the market picked up'. The BBC know what they are doing and the brainwashing runs deep.... We don't stand a chance...
  12. Where if mortgages were based on single incomes then there would be a chance of the other partner being able to get some work to keep things ticking over or to pay for a few extra luxuries. Now pretty much both parents have to work full time. With all the abuse regarding bankers in the media just now it would have been nice to see someone out there joining the dots and working out who is paying for these bonuses - much of it surely is down to the amount of money (including mortgages) people have borrowed and the interest the banks are charging.
  13. -0.5% followed by a stream of press releases telling everyone to get out there and snap up a few bargains.... (incidently this is the advice I am getting from folk at my work. There is a terrace house close to my work which has been on the market coming up two years - they have just knocked 5K off the asking price and everyone is telling me to get in there asap and 'snap it up' - they were not too impressed by my suggestion of asking for another 10K off it )
  14. Sorry, surely you have learnt by now that house prices and rents simply cannot fall (or cannot be allowed to fall). The fact that such high house prices and rents are effectively destroying our country is by the by....
  15. lulu


    How about yout try renting one for a bit? I think you are correct with most of what you are saying, these appartments flats are stupidly overpriced and the area is not even that great (it is ok but hardly the Grange/Canonmills) My friend was involved in the fitting of some of them out and apparently there have been complaints from buyers regarding the sizes and the fact that some of them are placed so close together - as you point out, some look into one another. Quite frankly with a budget of £430,000 I would buy something like this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-17436768.html
  16. I rarely ever bought it but now I certainly do not, as almost all the sellers are Eastern European immigrants. If they can't find a proper job then they should be entitled to nothing more than a free bus home. This woman has a far higher quality of live than many in this country - myself included. It does make it all a bit sickening as I know I will get sod all if I was to lose my job tomorrow (I have foolishly been saving money for the past few years in a stupid attempt to better position and buy a home).
  17. Sounds good but somewhere along the line it became normal that the cost of putting a roof over ones head required two full time salaries. Now house and land prices are so high there is no choice but to make everyone work more and more to be able to not only afford a roof over their heads but also to buy all the associated crap that apparently keeps our economy going... I
  18. What?! They gave up on that in 1997. Only most Labour voters are either oblivous to this fact or are choosing to ignore it...
  19. Really? I don't believe it..... Someone will be saying next that he acknowledges that Browns (and to a lesser extent his own) management of the economy during the Labour years was a total duck up.
  20. I dont think it would be too ridiculous. There are an awful lot of museums which hold an awful lot of rocks/fossils/minerals etc. outside of that it is possible that part of her degree allowed her to study modules in archeology for example. She probably found (as I did) that much of the fun bits of geology are the types that other folk tend to do as hobbies. Some of the 'hardcore' geology is only for the very keen and/or highly skilled. Few of the geology graduates I studied with are working directly in that field some 10 years later - most are working in some connected field. Environment/climate change/property (yes really several of my peers went to work in 'property' in London).
  21. I will probably join you with not being too keen on fruit. For me the problem is that a significant amount of the fruit sold in the uk is practially unedible. I dont know if it down to it be stored too long or what. Crap vegetables are easier to mask when they are eaten cooked but I practically buy no supermarket fruit any more as most of it ended up in the bin when I did. (pomegranates/lemons/passion fruit being exceptions as they tend to be ok but only whilst in season). I love going to pick your own fruit farms as then you get somthing that actually tastes of what it is supposed to. If/when I get a house with garden I will have my own soft fruit trees, blackcurrents and rsapberries especially
  22. Same here, there are many many many things I would like to buy/upgrade (bed/TV/stereo/home cinema/carpets/kitchen bits and bobs) but simply will not until I have bought my own place (they are all simply too big/bulky to move between rentals). Surely there are many thousands more like us who are unwilling/unable to make purchases whilst renting. I would love a new bed but I know that my LL would not replace the existing one with anything up to a decent standard, the same with the shitty fridge and oven in my rental.... LL's will only replace with cheapjack makedo items. Surely at some point this will feed through into the wider economy. A good example is that the flat I rent was recarpeted when I moved in, it was done with cheap 'office style' carpets that an OO would not choose for themselves thus loosing a sale for the carpet shops of something that is maybe at least a little bit pleasent to walk on in bare feet....
  23. Don't worry, I read some research a while back regarding survival in concentration camps. One would expect those with the excess pounds to do better but apparently this is not the case, whilst initially they appeared to be faring better than the thinner people over the long term their bodies could not cope as they were used to a higher calorie intake so took longer to adjust to such limited intakes and suffered as a concequence. I am not sure what would happen now as the levels of obesity are just so much higher and more extreme. There are an awful lot of people around with 'slow metabolisms' that are carrying enough fat around to last for months, one would think they the fact they got so fat despite eating only lettuce* they would be perfectly suited to longterm survival but one may suggest that withdrawal of their usual diet would mean that they would not actually last very long. *or so they tell their Dr's and that Gilliam McKeith woman
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