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  1. It sounds like we need to SuperGordon back to come and Save the World as he claimed to have done just a few years ago....
  2. Just shows how evil the whole thing is. Tying folk up to 30 year mortgages only means that the banks make even more money. I am looking at a 15 yr mortgage just now and even then would hope to overpay each month - the banks must hate punters like me....
  3. That sounds like a very sensible borrowing level - surely at some point the masses will wake up to the fact that high house prices are the biggest economic problem we have. A FTB should be able to by a modest one bedroom flat for this much (though granted £25K is around the average salary so there should be cheaper places around...)
  4. I graduated about 10 years ago now and have paid my student loans back (several years ago) I have never earned a huge amount (certainly not when compared to what and Actuary may get) something tells me that the person you know may not be such a good actuary as they think they are...
  5. Same here, I got a proper job just as prices went mental and the investors with bigger deposits than I had got involved and bought up all the cheaper end of the market. Silly me for being born 18 months too late.... Now it takes two salaries to buy (or even rent) what used to be 'typical' first time buyer properties.
  6. Fewer sales and only townhouses in Chelsea sold to Greek billionaires - Jubilee coming - we need something to give the masses something celebrate over the weekend. I am going for a +5%
  7. Its nice to have someone on side for once. What galls me the most is the three monthly inspections I have to endure - apparently these are to check that there are no problems/maintaince required in the property. I am more than capable of reporting faults as and when they occour and during my last inspection I suggested a few things that should be looked at (if I were the owner I would do something about them) but was told that I should wait until the next inspection until I reported them as 'they were not too bad yet'. The whole thing is a farce and having some jumped up wee tosser in a cheap suit and hair gel nosing about every three months is an insult to my intellegence. Though I have to confess I have not seen the jumped up wee tosser since I gave him a row about something the letting agency had not sorted out and he has never been back since I have had one of the directors and whilst I object to the inspection at least I could have a grown up conversation with him.
  8. Is this something the PCC would be interested in? I tried to go back in my browser etc to get a copy of the original article but it must be in a cache somewhere.
  9. It did this whilst I was typing my comment.... I then submitted another questioning the headling change and whether or not the editor was worried about spooking the masses and therefore damaging their property portfolios.... I somehow suspect that my second comment will not be posted - but the first one has been and even been green arrowed
  10. I no longer know what to expect. Prices should have hit the skids some time ago but they have not really and the market still performs way above what it should further QE and lower IR's will continue to prop things up. For what it is worth I am very close to putting an offer in on a house. I am fully expecting to 'lose' money over the next couple of years but these houses do not seem to come up much and it is almost perfect size/location wise and whilst it needs some work it is liveable in as I can gradually bring things up to the 20th Century. On the other side of my thoughts is that my savings are losing value every day anyway thanks to high inflation and low IR's so I think I might as well make myself a nice home to live in. I am tired of renting and all the silly rules/inspections that it comes with and the uncertainty of getting a letter through the door saying my LL wants me out. My house, my rules and hopefully a happier live (so long as I no longer come to this site to read about how I jumped into the market too early and if i had only waited 6 months then my mortgage would be half the size....)
  11. Well at least it is a 'chalet' that is worth paying a premium for? I love the history though - Property Bee should be compulsory - it aquired an extra bedroom and doubled in price literally overnight. Surely it is all a bit late now for Olympic bookings? Surely those who need to be there have their accomodation sorted?!
  12. I am about toto buy a place, the agents appear to be falling over themselves to assist, almost as if they have noone else to deal with... Sadly, I have found the perfect place just before the shit will hit the fan but I am tired of waiting and am prepared to take the hit. I am not going to find much else better.
  13. In Edinburgh a few years ago there were big problems with staff in petrol stations skimming cards - one of which was one that I use regularly. Fortunately I only ever has used cash to pay so had no need to be worried. However, my card was skimmed at a cash machine at the end of my street (Eastern European gang were done for it - no surprises there....) luckily the bank spotted it before there was any damage done.
  14. This is the downside to renting in the UK. Despite so many LL's giving the impression that they are providing some kind of service to society they are mostly chancing gits only looking out for themselves. They are supported by the shoddy letting laws we have here in the UK. We are getting many sob stories in the media just now regarding 'hard working British families' who are going to be repossed if their mortgages go up as little as £20 a month yet when rents increase it is heralded as fantastic news. LL's have too much power in the country, my contract states that I cannot smoke/have pets or have other people live with me (presumably that means no kids?! - what happens if I have a baby?). Who are the LL's to dictate this kind of stuff? Good luck to the OP finding somewhere else to live. How about pleading a sob story to the local paper (get ready with the DM style sad faces) regarding a 'hard working British Family' who are being made homeless with a young baby thanks to the greed of a LL - after all we are going to see many of similar stories regarding those nasty banks expecting people to keep up the repayments on the mortgages they cannot afford we renters need a voice and eventually the media may take an interest.
  15. Especially as they will be able to provide us with lots of clips from the 'dream team' of Balls and Milliband telling us how it is all the fault of the Tories and if everyone would just vote Labour then house prices would be back on their upwards trajectory and everyone will become 'wealthy' no matter how big the mortgage.
  16. Plus a million The flat below the one I am in has practically been on the market non stop for three years I know it is the same seller who not only has not sold but has not reduced the price either, thanks to the stupid photographs that have distorted everything that are used (the microwave in the kitchen is practically flat). I find it insulting that the agents seem to think all house buyers are too retarded to notice such things.... Also no photo of the outside of the house is a no-no. Also a description that uses too much bull shit about the local area etc and little about the property itself is a no no. Also a favourite of mine is the 'view early to avoid dissapointment' on houses that Property Bee tells me have been on the market for several months
  17. And yet the boomers expect the house that they have 'worked so hard for' to retain an illusionary value that even without the student debt the next generation have no chance of affording....
  18. Don't be daft, surely it will add at least 10k to the asking prices I would think an appearence on the tv is more valuable than any amount of twigs and the prices should be adjusted appropriately....
  19. But there is an attitude out there that the rent must cover the cost of the mortgage plus some, or in some way or other the LL is subsidising things. They are not, they are putting money into their own 'investment'. What will happen when interest rates go up, most seem to think that rents will have to increase but there is a limit to how much the tennent can afford.
  20. Not convinced that will happen, Sky now is apparently a 'necccesity' to a seemingly endless string of people. I was complaining at work how I don't watch much TV anymore as there was nothing good on and was told by a collegue I really should get Sky as it was 'only' £40 a month. I have better things to spend £480 a year and told her as much.
  21. Some of the comments are quite illuminating. It is a strange world we live in where people who have created 'false' demand for housing and have therefore inflated prices, somehow think they are doing the next generation a favour by allowing them the privilege of renting these house from them whilst at the same time reaping all the benefits. Where would houseprices be if BTL had never existed? How many of the current renters would be 'homeless' some of these so called landlords seem to think they are saving people from living in cardboard boxes.....
  22. That does not surprise me A block of flats have been built recently round the corner from where I live, there was an awful lot of MDF walls going in with a minimum amount of actual 'construction' it all appears to be occupied now, I am not sure if this was a housing assoc or proper development but either way it looked liked fairly cack construction but people are living in them so some one somewhere is making money so I guess it does not matter....
  23. I don't have any hard facts but there does seem to be increasing numbers of flats for sale/rent round my way (Morningside). There are two flats for sale/rent in the block where I live (it is not very large) I am past the buying a flat level and am looking at semi-detached houses in Midlothian but these seem less numerous and those that do come up for sale either sell quickly or sit on the market for years.
  24. I really wish that Labour had won the last election... The amount of crap they are coming out with just now is quite frankly an insult to the electorate - though given most of the electorate appear to be braindead morons - it is a winning strategy.
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