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  1. It is going to be horrendous, 18 months of lies/spin and cheap point scoring - I cant wait. The problem is that there are no other MSP's in the Scottish Parliament who have anywhere near the influence of Salmond. The Labour leader up here is particularly insipid and dour. I will take a lot of convincing to vote for Independence. There are a lot of issues that Salmond and co. do not seem to have answers to yet. I am holding out for dual nationality (English born and lived here long enough to represent Scotland at sport so surely that is enough for that one) though if it goes through then I will be able to jump ship to whichever one of the UK or Scotland that takes the longest to go bust.
  2. I have friends who live in and around London, all have ridiculously long commutes to work. I am sure they would all love the chance to live in such a nice location but instead they are all working their backsides off and doing massive commutes. Yet they are all lefty Guardian reader types so I am sure in a debate would suggest that somewhere along the line she deserved this help.
  3. Not only tax breaks but landlords should be awarded honours too for services to the community. After all where would everyone live if it were not for those charitable souls allowing people the chance to rent off them?
  4. In my experience of LL's they would have probably tried to sue if the gravel had faded and the rough grazing had been manicured into a lawn. One does have toquestion why anyone would put so much effort into a garden that was not their own.
  5. If you had pissed it against the wall on numerous fancy holidays/flash cars/eating out etc you would also get help. The system is bonkers, the less responsible you are the more the state will help if you get into trouble. I am in the same position, if I lost my job tomorrow I would get no help (or JSA for 6 months or something?) You are better off becoming a 'self-employed' Big Issue seller...
  6. I think this is a point missed by the MSM. Personally I have experienced this, I bought a house last summer and have had to buy several things - from carpets, a new bed, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and a new kitchen is a long term project. In my experience from renting, anything that was ever replaced/provided was the cheapest option available. A LL will only ever really have an interest in providing the cheapest they can get away with. An OO on the other hand will potentially buy things of at least marginally better quality - thus providing a boost to retailers - surely? I just bought a vacuum cleaner for example, it cost me £90, when renting, a 'new' vacuum cleaner was provided obviously from some second hand/charity place. It did not work particularly well - but the LL did not give a toss (and why would they?) Same with beds, I lived for many years with beds that were not really fit for use any more, I could not get my own as the bed provided by the LL was on the inventory and could not be got rid of - now I have my own place I was able to go to the high street and buy a decent one (well the mattress anyway). Most renters are simply not in a position to do this and surely retailers are suffering somewhere along the line?
  7. All the Guardian reading Apple/Ipad/whatever using morons who are getting all het up about Starbucks and their (lack of) tax payments need to stick to their 'principles' and avoid all these mass chain coffee shops and stick to their locally run premises.
  8. It sounds ridiculous but I know people who seem to not quite grasp this concept - they have a mortgage that is 'cheaper' but do not seem to comprehend that all they have done is borrowed a big pile of money but they are not getting any closer to owning the house they 'bought'. I genuinely believe many will be surprised at this fact and the moronic class far outnumber those who have more sense - sadly the morons are in such a great number that they apparently must be protected.
  9. From my experience this has been happening for years. A number of my university peers went onto do Phds and all but one has spent most of the last 10 years working abroad. These are based in the Physics/pharmacology/Biosciences and Geology fields. The funding just seems to not exist here in the UK all they were able to do here was short-term post-doc positions.
  10. No they are not. One can buy alot of veg (potatoes/carrots/onion/turnip etc), meat (mince, chicken thighs, pork, etc) for less than the cost of any pre-prepared meal even more so when taking takeaways into account. Not to mention the cost of lentils, pasta and rice. My tea this evening was some braising steak with onion, carrots, potato and swede (and mushrooms as I was feeling extravagant) done in a slow cook pot. There is enough for a family of 4 for a very substantial meal (or me on me tod for most of the week) total cost maybe £5/6 max. You are right, people simply do not know how to cook any more and for whatever reason seem unable/unwilling to learn. Maybe we need a new celebrity chef that will show people to cook basic meals rather than noncing about with polenta, fresh basil and other fancy ingredients (yes I know neither are very fancy but if you are not familiar with basic cooking)
  11. That is the concerning bit. It is very apparent that the majority of the UK electorate are too brainwashed(dead) to see what is and has gone on. They fall for the Labour-good Tory-bad mindset without ever appearing to really think about it. I would not mind but the 'Labour' party have not stood for the working people for a long time but the current (are recent) Labour politicians are relying on these peoples' votes - and they will get them and they know it so they can say whatever ******** they want.
  12. But surely she is a 'savvy investor' and deserves as much money as she wants for her investment?
  13. Exactly, Government now seems to be set on tracking and tracing everything we do - I am sure at some point they will justify it by saying that it will help stop both terrorism and ensured the continued welfare of polar bear. The fact that any self-respecting bloke up to no good will remove any tracking equipment or switch it with that in Doris's Morris Metro which goes no further than Tesco's every two weeks is largely irrelevent...
  14. Curious how she is talking about banks not lending - I did not have a problem they were very keen to lend to me. Though they checked my salary and deposit and expenditure - shame the banks didn't bother just a few years ago....
  15. Presumably the usual 'bussed in' Labour party members. I would like Danny 'Ginger Rodent' Alexander to get his own back at Ms Harriet Harperson.
  16. Yes, it will be the fault of those nasty banks. But knowing QT I would expect property and house prices not to be discussed (even with a renowned 'expert' on the show) after all it is of far less importance than whatever it is John Terry has done or the teacher who has run off with one of his pupils.
  17. That is the conclusion I have come to - they will simply do anything to continue things as they are, no matter what the long term cost. I bought a house recently - I was lucky to come into an inheritance and that is what has allowed me to buy. I have every sympathy for the poor sods who are not as lucky as I am. Now the only way to buy a home is to in some way come upon some money. Working and earning a salary is no longer enough to afford a roof over your head. The political class seem to have forgotten this - their best solution is now apparently fleecing what is left of people's pension funds to maintain this artificial value of houses.... The UK is pricing itself of any form of competitiveness as everybody and everything is now dependent on stupid prices for both domestic and commercial rents. But let us not forget the moron who though that it was ok to allows 'hard working British families' to be priced out of affording a home: http://www.power-to-the-people.co.uk/2008/09/gordon-brown-house-price-inflation/
  18. I do wonder where they find them all. I went through far more interrogation to move into a rented place than I have recently getting a mortgage and buying a home. Unfortunately I have no suggestions to the OP as in my experience most letting agents staff are either incompetent or simply bellends. Maybe you could try a private rental, that way you would be negotiating directly with the LL?
  19. Indeed, I agree but most of the people in this country need saving from themselves. Most do not care where their food comes from or how it is produced - or more importantly what the manufacturers have put into it. Many no longer know even appear to know what good food tastes like and have no idea how to prepare much of if themselves. You need to level the playing field (whether that is high or low welfare - though I would prefer the higher) UK farmers are regulated to the hilt but are undercut by any old crap that can be brought in from anywhere with no traceable background.
  20. I think the problem is that more and more rules are (correctly) brought in across the EU relating to welfare not only are the UK one of the few countries to bother to stick to them but there are few (if any) minimum standards on any meat/meat product that is imported. Seriously, what is the point when you know there is nothing to stop sub standard products coming in from abroad who are easily able to undercut your prices? We should be allowed to ban imports of anything that is not produced to equal (if not better) standards than our own farmers are allowed to produce.
  21. They all look like a nightmare. I bet they all have some poor sap of a bloke in tow who is regretting ever having met them....
  22. I move in my new pad in two weeks and may head out to the woods to get some twigs to impress my friends when they come to visit They will think I have won the lottery if I get enough of them
  23. lulu

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    Reminds me of this golden oldie http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/government-orders-everyone-to-move-house-200808051153
  24. Idiot - -where is your aspiration?! Debt is wealth don't you realise? Only losers live interest free - just think how much money you could make if you cashed in your equity and invested in some new build flats..... (sorry I was off last week and saw too much Homes under the Hammer - a thoroughly evil and depressing piece of propoganda if ever there was on)
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