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  1. Very true, at least us urban types have a choice. There are many 'normal' people in rural areas who are currently being totally fleeced when it comes to getting around - not only is there no (or little) public transport but you are also pay what? 80p+ a litre tax on fuel just to get around. This 80p a litre pf tax is I am sure at some point subsidising cheap public transport for many urban areas. Not everyone who lives in a rural area is a nimby boomer.
  2. Ah, just saw the last scene - worth a look for anyone who has a moment to spare - he owes most of the 'value' to the banks but it is all ok as property will double (?) in the next few years... I could not wish a couple of points increase in interest rates on anyone better (well, apart from the Wilsons obviously)
  3. I doubt many would disagree. What I don't understand is if his 'portfolio' is worth £27million (as stated at the beginning of the programme) why on earth is he continuing to put up with all the shit and hassle that apparently his tennents are causing him Why not sell up? On the other hand 'Anna's' case should be publicised widely - borrowing money to get a BTL then leaving herself wide open to loosing the whole lot when a tennent fails to pay up should be a warning to others to think again. 'Borrow' to Let is the problem here....
  4. Now that is one I would love to see. Quite a sad programme really, one boy with a 2:1 in Media Studies expecting to walk into a great job - he has obviously not yet realised how badly his generation have been stitched up - taking on debt to get degrees which simply are not much use for anything.
  5. Yeah, I am on the side of the darts playing lass with the whole chicken - far better value than buying sodding chicken fillets - so long as you make it last the week and do soup. The moron with the iPhone needs his family to do him a favour and make him pay for his own stuff.
  6. Personally i am surprised good old Fergus is still with us at all. The last pictures I saw of him he was not looking particularly healthy - he may think he is rich but he looked like a few trips to the gym may help him make the most of his wealth....
  7. I agree, what is happening just now is rather depressing. I would hazard a guess that most of our MP's paid no fees for their university degrees and many probably also received a grant (I was on a course with a guy who was very obviously loaded, had attended Harrow or something, yet his parents' accountant fiddled things so he qualified for a full grant - he admitted as much himself). The perverse logic of 50% of people going to University is not only costing our young people more but even worse has devalued degrees to the extent where once you needed a degree to get a job, you now need a PhD or a Masters. Many jobs are now 'graduate only' even though they appear to mostly require skills that can be had without a degree. If I had kids there are few degrees I would suggest they do, only maybe Medicine, Law and some Engineering maybe are really in demand enough to ever guarantee a salary that will enable them to afford to pay of their debts and get set up in life.
  8. Personally, I am amazed it has not been snapped up by a savvy investor. I wonder where Mr Neville has gone wrong? Not enough twigs maybe?
  9. How about I raise you to a 152" http://www.costco.co.uk/view/product/uk_catalog/cos_1,cos_1.1,cos_1.1.1/142976
  10. Surely Ms Allsop made a mistake here. We have been told many many times that young buyers just need to stop being so picky and look for an 'up and coming' area in which to buy their property.
  11. I think that is one of the keys - for both council's and other public sector bodies. Several years ago we were arranging the purchase of some fancy bit of kit for my workplace. The quote came through from the company involved and was returned directly to them and they were told we would not pay the price quoted. Magically within a week or so a new quote arrived for about half of the original quote. Later one of their service technicians mentioned that usually when they dealt with public sector bodies the first quote would have just been accepted without query. As we are funded from commercial income the incentive to actually look at the costs involved was high. Lately however we have encountered a new business wide contract for printing. Rather than buy our own printer at the best price, if/when we need a new printer we have to buy it from a particular lease company at particular terms - we estimate this would at least double our printing costs - obviously someone higher up in the company no longer actually looks at the figures.
  12. There is a part of me who would welcome a collapse and restructure of council services. They should be set up afresh with the dead-wood (at all grades) removed and be set up to run more efficiently. I pay a lot of money in council tax and pretty much just get my bins emptied. The roads are a mess, the street-lighting/furnishings are in state. The council seem to be obsessed with chasing the little-people whether this is creating congestion with frankly bizarre traffic management schemes or hammering people for parking fees (both permits and fines). Until recently I also got a propaganda magazine from them every quarter - thankfully someone seems to have decided to stop that as it was like a red rag to a bull as far as I was concerned.
  13. 'Hot flash from the newsroom.... I would have been impressed if they had pointed this out 16 years ago.
  14. If so called 'poor' (and other) families would be prepared to spend the same amount of money on real food as they do on takeaways and ready-meals then they would find they could live perfectly healthily for the same or less money. I ended up following a stereotypical 'poor' family around a supermarket a few weeks ago (yes, I know they may well have been poor - and i was not really following them, just kept coming across them). They had obviously skipped the fresh fruit and veg section. When they got to the chilled aisle I overheard them complaining that the price of the fake butter substitute they usually buy had gone up 2p from last week. Then in the next aisle I saw them stocking up on those strange microwave burger things (are they even food?) CThere is nothing wrong with UK farming that could not be fixed by a better educated population and a supermarket industry that realised the end result of their driving down of prices (to their suppliers - not the consumers, prices for them always increase...) puts pressure on - if nothing else - animal welfare. They also need to source produces that they know the provenance of - the UK should not import any food that is not produced to at least the same welfare standards as we have in the UK - much European pigmeat for example now breaches EU welfare rules. The same for eggs, the UK is largely compliant with the latest regulations - however the supermarkets and food processors are able to buy in cheaper eggs/pigmeat that is only cheaper as it is produced in substandard conditions.
  15. I am sure your daughter is working as hard as anyone has done in the past - maybe harder I don't know. But there is a strong suggestion that even if the exams are not easier then the levels attained by students are quite simply not as high as they were at he past. When I worked for a University, conversations with long serving staff members were filled with comments regarding how even though all these students are turning up with fantastic results the knowledge and ability (whether this is of concepts/ideas/communication skills or simply down to spelling and grammar) was worse then than it was. Some courses had to offer remedial classes to bring students up to the level that previous first year undergraduates had been able to cope with. Even back when I did by GCSE's (about 20 years ago now....) I could only do a GCSE in 'science' there was no option to select each individually and they were taught as a bit of mis-match of all three but from memory were examined separately. I got a double A* (whatever that means) despite the fact that I could not do physics to save my life. My mark was obviously an amalgamation of the three but suggests I was good at them all which was definitely not the case.
  16. Maybe, but not once your department is expected to submit 'x' number of papers into 'quality' publications which must be of a certain level of research content to be good enough to be considered. That on top of a full working day of lectures/tutorials and babysitting staff-mentoring a group of increasingly whingeing and confrontational students who all 'want their monies worth' -this seems to translate to insisting that they are given passes based on the fees that they have paid regardless of if they know anything or not...
  17. Sunday too - whatever happened to showing sports on a Sunday afternoon.... Surely the BBC can afford to get the rights to some netball/shinty or something to put on in the afternoons? I would rather they show films than what we were treated to this afternoon on BBC1; Bargain Hunt, Homes Under the Hammer, Walk on the Wildside (!WTF is that shite....) Fake Britain then Escape to the Country. It is like all the worst of weekday daytime TV - I guess repeated at the weekend in case the working people feel like they are missing out. Though I just looked and Eastenders and some Athletics have been punted onto BBC2 - -presumably to ensure a maximum viewing for the repeats of the property porn shi*e on the main channel
  18. Good luck with that one... In my experience it is a rare to find any kind of rental that accepts pets of any kind. Your best bet may be to find a private rental. My friend had a cat and once she was able to speak to a LL directly (not via an agent) they did not have a problem with it - on the assumption that any damage would be put right (I think they had to pay a slightly bigger deposit) - several had initially turned her down. It is one area where the rental laws need improved - who is a LL to say that one cannot have a companion animal - provided any damage is made good and it one does not turn the place into a dogs home then there should not be a problem.
  19. He will of course forgo any excess income over and above his basic salary to help the poor and the workers - just like Tony Blair has done.
  20. Like most lefty types I would hazard a guess that if he had been able to get away with never leaving the confines of the M25 then he would have done so (of course with the obligatory trip to an Oxbridge college to study PPE).
  21. That is the frightening thing, these Tories have been shocking but heaven help us if that duckwit Balls gets anywhere near the treasury again.
  22. I do find it odd that all these lefty morons who go on about immigration not being a bad thing seem to conveniently overlook the fact that whilst yes of course it is of the UK's benefit that we have so many immigrant doctors/nurses/dentists etc they never seem to pause to wonder what benefit the country of origin gets. They train these people at high expense only for them to buffer off abroad to countries like the UK who no longer seem to feel the need to train enough of our own.
  23. I would like to know where they get their stocks from. I was in an Asda not long ago and they were collecting for young people in care etc who needed some kind of starter packs for leaving care/prison (whatever, I don't remember). I took one of their lists and they were asking for tea/soup/biscuits etc. People were being fairly generous with various bags of shopping being moved into the collection boxes. However, it did strike me as rather ridiculous as for the same money as people were spending on mini packs of stuff an awful lot more could have been had from economy packs from the Costco right next door. It also struck me as slightly perverse that in all possibility ASDA were also making money out of this scheme (there was nothing to say that they were not but I would hope they would be donating some stock?!)
  24. Presumably that is (and has been for some miles) a 30mph zone? Just how much over the speed limit do you think he would need to be going to end up in that predicament - what a bellend.... I hope the police are taking note and act appropriately. Edit - just watched the news report - a neighbour seems to make a point about the lack of street lights - no doubt that will be claimed as a mitigating factor.
  25. Liberty need to eff off with this challenge. Maybe they should take up the cases of the 'hard working British families' who despite both parents working are living in accommodation with barely enough room for themselves let alone for visitors. A friend of mine lives with her husband and three children in a two bedroom+ boxroom terrace. This is all they can afford and when they get visitors someone (or two) get to sleep on a sofa bed. They are not complaining but it must be galling when they read about people in receipt of benefits complaining that they are no longer entitled to a fully paid up spare room.
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