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  1. Nah, I will just indulge in the socialist nirvana that is apparently being promised....
  2. Well that is nice, however will I get paid in sterling, euros or a 'scottish' pound? Who will decide what interest rate I will be paying? I am sure the kind folk at nationwide will be very accommodating....
  3. They have no answers to give. I have friends in banking and defence who are seriously concerned for their jobs. My own job too is very reliant on English clients, we have competition in England offering similar services and the tone from our clients is very much that they will leave us. After all why should someone in England chose to deal with a 'foreign' (and pointlessly 'chippy' ) country? The English ans the Welsh will support jobs closer to home. Thanks Alex, I will pass my p45 in your direction.... And I owe about £100k sterling to an English bank, what currency will I be paying that back in? What? No definitive answer? Ducking marvellous....
  4. That is exactly how things seem to work now. I was recently in a furniture shop and looking at wardrobes, I saw one I liked but told the salesman that it seemed expensive for what it was. I was told not to worry as they would be hhappy to do me a credit deal so it was only x amount per month. They ignored the fact that I was pointing out to them that I thought the cost for the piece of crap they were trying to sell was too high in the first place. People are now conditioned to only look at the monthly cost and are blinded to the fact that things are overpriced, and that they are being done. People seem to have no concept of ' value' anymore.
  5. It does all seem rather pointless, the fine is less than the rent charged and they still retain the property. Where's the disincentive here to not behave in such a manner? These slumlords need to be given a taste of their own medicine and be shat on from a great height, at the very least they should be registered and minimum standards enforced.
  6. All rather disturbing. He looks seriously unwell, gasping for breath whilst doing nothing more strenuous than sitting on a chair, and that gut.... .
  7. To revert back to the playground "well they started it" If only a certain G Brown esq. had stuck to his promise 'to keep house prices under control" etc. etc. All that money now going to service payments on high house prices could have been driving a proper economy. Osbourne and the Tories are idiots for continuing this idiocy.
  8. I am a Lidl girl but if I still lived close to a Morrisons I would still use them. They claim to have control over their meat supplies which is important to me so I still go back for that when I can even though the store is no longer very handy. The main supermarkets need to stop taking the piss out of their customers, I occasionally go to Sainsburys and Tesco if I am passing but their prices are a joke when compared to Aldi/Lidl/B&M etc. I can get almost everything I need from Lidl these days, I wish they would do something about their tills but they have what I need at a sensible price, everyone I have encouraged to go there have been surprised about the experience, both in shop size and also prices. Who needs an aisle of baked beans - as you get in Asda - when most folk buy the same brand anyway?
  9. I know so many of these kind of folks. To be fair my parents included - they will vote for the 'blue' ones until the day they die.... So many people I know blindly vote for the 'red' ones and when I listen to their reasons for doing so it is very obvious that they are old-fashioned Labour voters, my issue comes is that they don't seem to have noticed that the current Labour party no longer represents them. I wish people would vote for what they truly believe in and pay attention to what they party they are voting for stand for. The Lab-Tory monopoly has to end but it never will as long as we have people voting for parties that fundamentally no longer exist. I would rather someone voted for a proper socialist party than continue to vote Labour.
  10. It is almost endemic now, I know so many people who are now renting out their 'first' homes rather than selling them, all good socialists the lot of them....
  11. Fits in with the stereotypically 'poor' family who I encountered in Morrisons a couple of months ago. Complaining that the price of their 'Can't believe its not butter' (or equivalent) had gone up in price by however much (i don't remember) the next time I came across them they were stocking up on those Rustlers burger things. If the 'Great British Public' cannot differentiate between 'proper' food and total expensive over processed and expensive shite then we have no hope.
  12. What they make of Blair in 20+yrs time will be interesting. As far as I know the Major government was doing quite ok but were destroyed internally by stupid sleaze stories etc. then we got Tony 'things can only get better' Blair. Looking back I would have much preferred another Major term - and so actually would most Labour votes (though most are too brain dead to admit it... even if they ever realised). Blair was nothing more than a 'crap' Tory under a 'NuLabour' banner
  13. Why not, just let the morons get on with it.... They will either be correct and the price of a loaf of bread be £10,000 (sorry just a quick token estimate of the amount) or they will be totally wrong.....
  14. By the same token I don't think many of the older population quite realise just how expensive housing is compared to when they bought. All they see are low interest rates and perceive that all the young are blowing their money on ipods and mobiles (ok, I admit some of them are but not all - and no different I am sure to the older generation 'wasting' their money on records and flares etc).
  15. It is pensions and housing that are the key. Nothing pisses me off more than a pile of soon to be retirees going on about how they have 'paid in all their lives' and so deserve every freebie that they can get their hands off. They do not seem to appreciate they whilst they have of course paid in all their lives, the money they have had spent on them by the state over their live time nowhere near covers anything that they have had back in services.
  16. The best thing Dave could have done was to let the whole thing collapse the day after the Tories (sorry Coalition) got into power. The blame could have been laid squarely on the Labour party and Gordon Brown. Instead what we are getting now is a competition as who can kick the inevitable down the road to the furthest and not be caught in power when the shit hits the fan. It is sad and pathetic and ruining our country but I suppose other than selling each other houses we have duck all left The Mash had it spot on years ago: http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/society/government-orders-everyone-to-move-house-200808051153
  17. lulu

    Edinbugh Latest

    Well well well, that is quite a turnaround. It was not too long ago that there was nothing in Gorgie for less than £100K
  18. lulu

    Edinbugh Latest

    A friend of mine has just bought in South Queensferry - wouldn't tell me how much they had paid but thought it was a good deal as they are used to London prices....
  19. So what will be next? Nurses, police, fire crew, council workers? Why single out the army? Surely every 'state' employee should be entitled to a loan to help them buy an overpriced house? Shame they cannot just put the money into building shit loads of council houses?
  20. I don't think it would make any difference - I work with so many morons who will vote Labour untill the day they die - despite the fact that the party that they think they are voting for no longer exists. One of them was bemoaning how the Tories have made it so that their daughter cannot afford a new house. No reminder of who presided over 1997-2007 house price rises could ever possibly alter their thinking.
  21. For the UK - water is our future - hydroelectric (there must be some suitable locations?) is a fantastic source of energy. I have also just been reading a biography of someone who repeatedly describes their winter heating being provided from a mill on the local river. Solar has its place too. Even on cool days my greenhouse seems to overheat very quickly, there must be a way to store this energy for future usage?
  22. I would support this on the presumption that I would hope that these institutions would behave better than the current generation of BTL spivs and chancers. They are far less likely to ever want/need to sell. However I think the key to this must be that it should be used as a chance to bring in a new generation of rentals and we pursue the European model of longer term secure tennancies (sp?) and remove the 'get rich quick' aspect that is currently endemic in the property market in the UK.
  23. But most of me just thinks so what? Most of the land is Scotland is not worth a great deal and is not of much use for anything much more than sustaining a few deer and where possible some game shooting. It would be just as (if not more) useless if divided equally amongst the population.
  24. Just any broadband would do for many of them....
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