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  1. I hope not but given what happened in the Tomlinson case then police officers are vunerable to accusations from all sides. Think of all the recent protests like the student ones where any contact with the police was reported as being disproportionate. Personally I think they should beat these little shits as muc as they can be bothered but I am sure there is a fine line between what is or isnt appropriate.
  2. Don't worry the Guardian readers and the human rights lot will prevail. All convicted looters will be given new flat and education courses and upgrades to their mobile phones. Any police officer on duty will be severly reprimanded for daring to confront these wee darlings and several will be made public example of. I wish I was joking....
  3. But the tooled up thug will claim his human rights are being infringed and the police will get done. We need to give authority to the police to bring things undercontrol bring the army in too if neccesary. We are going to have to get tough - what else will stop them? As far as I can gather they will only stop when every Carphone Warehouse has been stripped clear....
  4. But things are now different, the Tomlinson case showed this up. The police now cannot be seen to touch anyone in case they are accused of a similar offence. They are at the mercy of CCTV and being sued by anyone they are seen to make contact with. We are now seeing the result of this as the police are restrained with regards what they can do now. Maybe I should qualify this as I believe the police should be given permission to shoot the little sods with tasers from helicopters but then they will get sued for injuries and everything else.
  5. Yep, after the G20 protests and the bloke that died the police will now be too scared to go anywhere near anyone who might sue. It would not surprise me that someone tries to take action against them after damaging their shoulder from having to throw the bricks so hard due to the police standing so far back...
  6. Yes that is correct. Labour were not in power for 13 years, it was all some kind of illusion. Everything is the fault of Thatcher.... Even today talking about the riots in Tottenham we are getting the usual pish regarding everything being the fault of the Tories, I am sorry but Labour had 13 years to help people in deprived areas and they did Duck all for them. Labour care nothing for their core voters other than getting a vote from them, they are too busy serving themselves rather than helping anyone else.
  7. But I serisouly wish they were there right now to be shown up for NuLab's own ****** up. It is all very well for that twit Balls to be sat there saying how things would be so much better if he were in charge but I am sure he would be a damned sight less smug if he were chancellor now.
  8. Yeah the guy must be a pillock. The home reports may be full of crap like CO2 emissions (which I am sure are just made up) but they are invaluable to buyers who may quite apreciate finding out about the standard of the building without needing to pay for their own survey. I was serisouly interested in two properties recently. Both I decided against due to the comments made in the home reports regarding the condition of the houses. If we went back to the 'good' old days I would not have found out about these things until I had paid to get a survey of my own done - and I still would not have bought either but would be seriously out of pocket. I can only assume that McLetchie has a connection to a surveying company? My only problem with the home reports is that they should be reviewed regularly to reflect the drop in prices - all this 'x amount under home report valuation' is wasting everyone's time.
  9. Yep, I know someone who liked to think themselves (and tell everyone about it) how they were such a sucessfull property developer. Much to my entertainment they seem to have come unstuck on their latest property. It has been on the market coming up 8 months now and not had so much as a phone enquiry despite knocking about 80K off the asking price.
  10. No, they are, really... It all comes down to the age old question of security. 6 months (+one month rolling) is the standard and I do not know anyone who has any other arragement, this mythical 12 month contract simply does not exist for the majority. LL's and agents have no desire to restrict themselves to not being able to turf folk out when ever they fancy - one friend and her partner had to move three times in two years as sucessive LL's were cashing in their 'investment'. This is all one thing for single folk like myself but when family/kids and schools are involved then the situation is hopeless. Private tennants should be given the same rights as the council ones - that would concentrate the minds of the 'I will just rent it out' and get rich quick idiots we have been flooded with. A close friend of mine could not sell a flat recently, she looked into renting it out but decided not to. Her reason was that under the AST tennancy she would have to rent it for at least 6 months - a time during which she would not be able to hold viewings to sell the place and the inconvenience this would be.
  11. The CRB checks are a valid point. I used to work at a University (in a research role - no contact with students) and I had to pass a CRB check despite all the students (presumably) being over 18 and I had no direct contact with them.
  12. They should only be allowed to leave only if they can be accomodated elsewhere and offered training/learning that they can deal with and have some enthusiasm for. For many kids they have no interest in the periodic table or drawing a bowl of fruit for an art assessment, but they may have more aptitude and interest if they were encouraged to follow a more practical and more obviously benifical teaching. The discipline of a workplace based training would be good for many and may be beneficial in the long term for their future employment prospects.
  13. There are two issues here - 1, Is this true? 2, To whom is it such good news? I am starting to get the impresion from even 'Express' type readers at my work that the penny is dropping - the reason that their 30 yr old kids are still living at home is because of high house prices preventing them moving into their own places (either rented or buying - this is of course all Thatchers fault, nothing to do with 'no more boom and bust' Brown) but regardless they are not celebrating - they would quite like rid of the 'kids'
  14. But they 'earned' all that equity from their savvy investment. If only the youth of today would stop wasting their money on ipads* and they too could reap the benefits of 10% annual increases in houseprices will bring them.... * to be fair I know plenty of twats who really should cut down on the apple worship but even if they did that house would not be any closer to being affordable.
  15. That kind of confirms my point, cheap and 'does the job' is far more likely to happen than getting something half decent as an OO might (assuming they could afford it) this surely has a negative effect across to board for the half decent stuff that would be desirable? I would prefer an unfurnished place but they are very very rare around here. I think I have only ever seen one in Edinburgh. Not sure why they are so rare. If I was the LL I would prefer not to have the hassle of counting the number of spoons and glasses in a property (I have had run ins with LL who were over zealous on this aspect).
  16. But then there is the other side. I have worked in a University, and anecdotaly the standard of the kids coming in is far lower than it used to be - according to those who have been there a while. On the course I was involved with all had straight A's in the traditional 'proper'subjects but I am told are not being taught them in enough depth compared to what they used to and so catch up classes for the students are more common than they used to be.
  17. I have a theory that the LL phenomena is bad for the sales of furniture white goods etc. If I had been able to buy the current flat I am renting I would of (eventually) invested in a decent bed, got some reasonable carpets (the current ones would not be out of place in an office) I would also spend alot more on furniture and DIY than my LL is ever going to bother with. Multipy this by the many 10's/100's(?) of thousands ofpriced out renters (or even overstretched FTB's) and it must be having a negative impact? Even down to the interior decorating side things. I hardly have any wall pictures for example as am not allowed to 'damage' the walls and they are also a pain in the **** to move. Neither have I invested in any twigs as I do not want to 'add value' tothe place unless I really have to...
  18. This is happening in my family just now. My grandmother was in a care home for a couple of years and the house sat empty (I am not sure why) now two years after she died the house is still sat empty (it has nothing to do with me as my dad was almost written out of the will and the house left to my aunt) it is unfit for letting and is on the market at what I think is a daft price - especially given the money it would need to bring it up to modern standards.
  19. Good point. I met someone at university a few years ago who was adament that humans could not survive without central heating.... (well he thought that until he met me and I pointed out that I was doing not too bad having lived my entire life without it)
  20. No, it is screwed up becase some arses in the Edinburgh council thought that for some reason because lots of other European cities had trams then Edinburgh had to have one too.... Now we are in a position that we are getting a half arsed scheme that goes only half the distance of the proposed initial line whilst at the same time it is alleged that Edinburgh's 'award winning' (I have to agree it is pretty good) bus company which is mostly council owned (and profitable) will need to be sold to pay for the tram. Where the rest of the money will come from has not be disclosed.... Typical council nonsense, involving bad planning, inflated egos, 'unlimited' budget and all done to fulfil the need to be seen to do something. I would much prefer to have councils that you didn't notice as they were simply getting on with their jobs with the minimum fuss and hiderence to the citizens they are supposed to represent.
  21. I think this is quite common, I have twice had cards through the door when I have been in and it is very obvious that they have not attempted to deliver.
  22. It is turning out to be a good distraction to the masses isn't it?
  23. I would like to see the figure for England on its own. Surely Wales and Scotland bring this figure down? It would also be interesting to see the figures to include the percentage of land that it was possible to build on that had been built on, ie there are large parts of the UK that it would not be physically possible to build on.
  24. Which bit of Zoopla are you looking at? Personally speaking I find some of their valuations questionable. Personally speaking you can't beat a bit of Property Bee that should give you an idea of how long stuff is hanging around the market for and any drops (or increases) in prices for what is on the market. Sadly I dont know anything about Dundee/Aberdeen
  25. Are you really saying you would like to return to the days of the black binbags left on the street?! I lived in Marchmont before the days of these big bins and the place was in a state and because of the large turnover of residents no one ever put them out on the correct days. There is one right outside the door to my current block of flats and it does not smell, ok they could possibly put some effort into their appearence but to me it is infinately preferable to rubbish all over the place.
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