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  1. Well I was going to say a flat in a nice part of Edinburgh but I just checked and prices here are even more depressing than I thought.... it was a nice dream while it lasted
  2. I would buy myself a respectable place to live ~£150 000 should be ample - I have simple tastes. The rest I would put in a good old savings account (should get a reasonable return) until the position on shares/gold and the like becomes clearer, give it a while and I would probably go to the stockmarket - I would avoid BTL as a matter of principle - I know exactly what it is like to be priced out by a*&"holes :angry: - am I dull or what!
  3. I agree to some extent, if you are in a position where your house is paid for and you get a set amount of money per week benefit then you should be able to manage a budget. But the problem here I suspect is a lack of education - I really do think that something needs to be done about the doorstep lenders - an average interest rate of 600% FFS.
  4. What is that quote about if you pay peanuts you get monkeys? Seriously some university salaries are a joke (I work in a Uni -I am not on one of the grades that is affected by the strike though) our department advertised a job for a lecturer a short while ago - the applicant was required to have 5 years professional experience and be a member of all the appropriate UK professional bodies what do you think starting salary was? £18,000 - £25,000 (oh and this was for a lecturer in a "useful" department - no lesbian gender studies here!) They were surprised when the only people to apply were from overseas and were basically looking for work permits. And in the Press the Universitys are suggesting the minimum for a lecturer is £24,000! My ****
  5. WTF is that on about? Who exactly is GB subsidising and why? Is he thick or something? - the whole thing is unsustainable and it is taking homeownership away from thousands who just 10 years ago might have had a chance.
  6. If prices fall? But house prices can only ever go up - surely?
  7. But is also in Edinburgh which is its own little world as far as house prices go - I wont be surprised if they get their £250,000 for it because as everyone at my work says, Scotland isnt like England you know prices have never gone down here (and by inference never will)
  8. Or how about a good smack around the head with something! :angry: This kind of thing infuriates me..... When is someone going to do something about people like her? - I probably won't be going on a holiday this year and have never stayed in a 5* hotel in my life - all so I can save money and maybe look after myself someday, yes maybe even buy a poxy one bedroom flat somewhere (though that is obviously a ridiculous thing to want to do). I dont know WTF I am bothering, I might have well have got knocked up at 15 as at least then i would have my own council house (they are building some lovely new ones in Edinburgh soon) and probably have SkyTV/Broadband in it - none of which I can afford now - heck I could even have started drinking properly claimed I was a depressed alcoholic with a bad back then I would never have had to work again - and I could very well get more in benefits than I currently earn (from what I can calculate)
  9. No, because I was not in a position to buy anything back then, I was too young. If the conditions were the same now as they were then, well no I still wouldnt. I would probably buy myself a one/two bedroom flat in a reasonable part of Edinburgh. Just now i can only afford to move to West Pilton and other suitably horrible areas so I wont do it.
  10. My heart bleeds.... I hope we see plenty more of this in the months to come - no one has ever forced anyone to remortgage to get a BTL no matter how small they are, but in the process they have helped price me out of buying a "small" home for myself - so no sympathy whatsoever from me......
  11. But what about the "Miracle Economy"! If we had done like the Chinese are suggesting - how would all the home owners have been able to MEW themselves all those fancy holidays and buy those 4x4's
  12. I am sure all these arguments are very sensible but they do not change the fact that alot of people (myself included) can afford nothing but a crappy one bedroom flat in some of the worst bits of the country without mortgaging themselves to the hilt - when a one bedroom flat in an ok area is costing £100,000 what are people supposed to do? I recently spoke with a potential FTB friend who was turned down for a mortgage for a one bedroom flat despite the fact her credit history was fine and she earns about £30,000! WTF is going on in this country? - if you have a house you can remortgage and then can buy as many houses as you want on the basis you can get someone else to pay for it - if you have nothing - even a good salary and you cannot even buy one..... :angry:
  13. I would be relieved to be honest, I may or may not loose my job but I have savings to tide me over for a good while if the worst happens - those rejoicing in the "value" of their home going up will get no sympathy from me when it starts dropping. I feel for anyone who loses their job and has a family etc. but I would have no sympathy for any of the BTL brigade (I hope they all loose their own homes in the bankruptcy hearings) or anyone who owns a plasma TV/4x4 - they should have saved the cash - as I have! And I would put the blame directly at the door of Messrs Brown and Blair too - people say the greed of the 80's and Thatcherism was bad but IMHO this is far worse and once the shit starts flying the country will be in an even worse state as it was then. They could have done something to stop things getting to the situation we are now in - enforced lending affordabiliy calcuations would have been helpful as well as stopping tax breaks to BTL and taxing the b'stards would have helped too.
  14. Why the F should the North be drained of all its water just so the over populated South East can all piddle it down the drain? - people should be conserving the supply that they have, a few simple steps by everyone would aleviate the problem. The chances of water shortages in the North are not impossible either remember. We need to be forcing people to use less (meters etc should be compulsory) only when people realise the true cost (through their wallets) will they stop being so wasteful - which most people are.
  15. So you are obviously forgetting those out there (myself included) who have nothing to remortgage so buying anything is almost impossible - let alone a house worth £420,000 hence why this thing is going to go tits up.
  16. More likely to be FTB's looking for a deposit... I keep trying, no luck so far but probably the only way I will be able to afford anything
  17. Yes the economy will go to the s**tter and everyone will blame the Tories as they will be in power at the time. It is Mr Brown and his "miracle economy" that is doing the damage though.
  18. That or he is a complete t***er and I hope they (presuably he) looses his license soon
  19. Of course modern cars are very capable of being driven much faster than the standard speed limit when compared to those of 20+ years ago. It's the muppets that are driving them that scare me, no matter how safe the car there is still a limit to the extremes that the body will survive an accident. This was demonstrated by the neck brace and months of discomfort I got from some t**Er running into the back of me at some traffic lights one day (at probably less that 20mph) it is the human body that is the most vunerable not the vehicles. Having said that I dont want my car to be tracked the human rights lot are sure to get upset at that suggestion - they already are against the id card.
  20. You know, I had a look and thought, well not too bad seems nice enough what is everyone here complaining about...... until I saw the price! £180,000 for a 1 bedroom cupboard I reckon that is at least £100,000 too much - and that is without taking into account any fees - the thing that scares me is that some muppet will buy it! Stamp duty will be due on it too I guess? who the f**k is going to buy it? surely not worth it for a BTL or is it? Is Brighton really that nice?
  21. Sadly I think probably yes, the government are going to be desperate to not let anything too bad happen here no one is going to put interest rates up if it means the whole property market crumbles..... Its these wallies that are being protected and FTB's are getting shafted from every angle (well from what I can gather). I dont have a hugh amount of sympathy with the STR's aparently loosing money but it is criminal what is going on with FTB's just now.
  22. That's it then we are all shafted - unless we move to Hull Lets just all join the party and borrow as much money as possible..... so in my case about £70,000 I dont have anything to remortgage so unlike everyone else I am not even allowed to buy one place
  23. Something makes me think you had probably better start packing. btw what happens to people caught letting out a property which was bought with a standard mortgage rather than a btl one? slap on the wrist/fine? I am just wondering
  24. My theory is that Labour could well play a blinder and throw the next General Election (its started already - do you honestly believe any sane woman would admit to having a two year affair with good old Two Jags) by which point our "Miracle Economy" will have already started to slide. Labour will then spend the next 4 years telling everyone that those nasty Tories are the ones to blame for the economy going to the wall with its accompanying unemployment and calling in of everyones debts..... Its just a shame it is so long till the next election
  25. Has anyone tried the affordability caclulator? The "how much can I afford" section states for a single applicant: "Mortgage providers will lend around three to three and a half times your annual income." But if you go the suggested calculator - it suggests that you can borrow far more Put in £30000 and you can borrow £132,000 to 150,000 (3.5x multiple 105,000) Put in £20000 and you can borrow £80, 000 to 92,000 (3.5x multiple 70,000) These are both far more than a 3.5x multiple - is this not a bit daft?
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