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  1. If only I had that option. :angry: I am only around this site ever as without a house price crash I will amost certainly never be able to afford to buy a place of my own, it may be sad but a HPC is my best hope and here I can learn about economics (well ok I can learn a one sided view of Economics). And I dont even live in London (thank God)
  2. What? really? Telegraph readers don't like Gordon Brown!? Unbelievable
  3. OK, call me thick if you want but can someone explain to me exactly what the implications would be of the UK not moving their interest rate higher whilst everyone else in world raises theirs? Ta
  4. Maybe we should change our campaign - "get rid of the bl**dy awful LCD tv's" - has anyone else noticed that is just about all you can by now? - the CRT's are just about gone - how stupid are folks? - when my current TV dies (had it about 10 years) how am I going to replace it with anything decent Did anyone see the report last night on the BBC news about the pensioner showing how much she has to spend. She mentined at one point about £25 going for direct debits but didnt specify for what. Later on we saw her doing her knitting in front of a huge widescreen TV - that must have set her back a bit.
  5. Dont forget the £400 million + wasted on the eyesore that is the Scottish Parliament building (which some Scottish friends of mine take much pleasure in thinking that it was funded mostly from England) it is already reported to be falling down (the money wasted on 90% of the useless cretins that inhabit it just does not bear thinking about)
  6. Stop it! - surely it isnt even worth 10p for a giggle at how silly it is? By buying it you are just encoraging them..... And yes the Scottish Daily Express is exactly the same - last week huge headline and front page decaring how great it was that prices were continuing to go up - I do wonder what is in it for them the editor must have a VI in ramping things
  7. Apart from being in a tower block in a not that desirable part of town, can someone explain why you might not be able to get a mortgage for it? "The property is an excellent investment opportunity situated on the tenth floor of a 1960's multi-storey building, which has been fully renovated. The return on capital, based on a monthly rental income of £400, is over 9%, which is very attractive. No bank will match that! Mortgage finance may not be available, but with the new Royal Infirmary just on the other side of Dalkeith Road, tenants should be available speedily." http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-650...pa_n=3&tr_t=buy - arguments about whether you could rent a dump like that for £400 a month in a city where you can live somewhere nice for not much more are optional.
  8. I miss read that title at first - I thought it was suggesting that there was only a 1 in 20 chance of anyone being able to afford to buy their own home....
  9. My distrust goes back further than that - during the foot and mouth disaster in 2001 at a time when parts of the country were desperate for manpower to simply remove the thousands of (possibly unneccesarly) culled animals lying dead on farms for weeks - Tony refused to allow the army to be used to help as it might have delayed his General Election (if I remember correctly it did in the end once he realised (too late) the disaster one of his departments were creating). They were an incompetent bunch of bafoons then and there bahaviour since has provided further evidence for this statement. The sad thing is that still most of the people I know (half of whom like me have not got a hope in hell of buying even the smallest hovel) still have not twigged what the "miracle economy" is all about - some are even looking forward to having Brown in charge. They believe he has put an end to the "boom and bust" cycle.
  10. Some of them do (or at least did). I got some quotes 3/4 years ago and they all deducted the £35/month I was paying on my single student loan to work out what I could "afford" hence reducing my borrowing and with noo deposit at the time they would onyl give me a mortage for ~£60,000 which even a few years ago meant you were scuppered in the Edinburgh property market (the offers over system being the main problem - properties on at offers only £60,000 were being valued at £70,000 and sold for £80,000 - no deposit - mortage won't cover more then the valuation so no chance)
  11. Yes, I think along with a few others around here (myself included) - if things keep going as they are then yes we truely are shafted - thanks Tony and Gordon you are doing a fantastic job. :angry:
  12. If we paid an apropriate amount for our food in this country then the subsidies would not need to exist - given that many farmers are being forced to provide Tesco's etc products at less than the price it costs to produce it (farm gate price for milk is now actually less than it was 10 years ago - it was about 26ppl now farmers are lucky if they get 20ppl) - then it doesnt take long to work out where the subsidies are actually going - correct straight into the profits of the supermarkets
  13. And therefore suggests to me that houseprices are currently unsustainable? If people were restricted to repayment only mortages (and IO with an apropriate repayment plan for the rest) then prices would not be as high as they are now?
  14. That is not a problem - hopefully lots of people will see the results and it will make them think then do some research and hopefully not buy a ridiculously priced cupboard of a new build flat. The sentiment "prices can only go up" needs dispelled. off to vote now
  15. Get yourself a compost bin/wormery for all the food waste - ok I know you cant compost everything and they are no good for alot of flats but they would help.
  16. lulu

    Possible Btl'er

    Rubbish! - as Krusty would tell you. House prices can only ever go up! if it is "worth" £150k now just think how much it will it be "worth" in a few years time especially if you fit some laminate flooring and kit it out from IKEA....
  17. If I had £100k of savings I would not be wasting my time on this site - HPC or no HPC I would have bought something by now.... -
  18. But she was "borrowing to secure her financial future" - or some other guff on those lines. I think she should have thought through her plans before buying the BTL - no matter how small it is. No sympathy from this corner - if I can resist the temptation to borrow excessive amounts of money then so can everyone else.
  19. Who needs a house if you can just buy views like that! Beautiful - I will have two please
  20. Could the tide finally be turning! "What is worrying me is a report I just saw on BBC news at Ten. Their economics guy was warning that interest rates are going up around the world, and were likely to go up here as well. He had a big graphics thing saying "interest rates up" and "house prices down". - a few more news stories like this and the FTB supply will be stop and maybe a few BTL will consider things a bit more carefully.... heres hoping
  21. I dont get this. How did she get a mortgage whilst having £50,000 worth of debt?! There must have been a few pork pies flying around there, surely? When I applied for a mortgage a few years ago I was asked about all the details about my income and outgoings (including loans) presumably there is a legal requirement for one to be honest about this? I was on a reasonable salary (£18000~) with only a single student loan owed (£35/month repayment) and they would still lend me naff all (and all with a perfect credit rating) the same day the woman I spoke to in the building society said that she thought that prices in Edinburgh were crazy and she thought it was all going to crash back then (in agreement with the concerns I had and expressed to her( she said it was reminicent of the early 90's when she was working in England - shame she was wrong really.... still there is time.
  22. Wow someone who thinks the same as me about the LCD TV's ! - I was starting to think that I was the only person who had noticed that the vast majority (if not all) of them are far inferior to the older CRT TV's. - I can't believe people waste their money on then when the picture quality is so low - "oh but it is flat and takes up less space" is all I ever here - I much prefer a quality picture.
  23. Yes, they would be in season but why sell products from local suppliers when you can fly tasteless rubbish in from abroad!? We (driven by the supermarkets) are consistantly nailing all the UK food producers into the ground, give it a few years they will all be out of business :angry: and we will import everything - thanks Tony and Tescos for your support for British Agriculture - the fruit growers will be the first to go....
  24. Well as a fist time buyer (sic) I am tempted. I am slightly surprised they have planning permission for anything.
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