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  1. Yes Cumbria is a very worrying example. On one side there are very desirable houses in beautiful areas which are being bought by the retirement/holiday home crowd for absolute fortunes. On the other there are the rundown economically defunct areas like Maryport/Workington (though there are nice bits in them all) and the like. We are not talking about houses with lakeside views here. We are talking about ex-LA estates which unfortuantly have increasing problems with drugs/unemployment. The problem is that this part of the world is getting increasingly left behind economically (if Sellafield closes there will be literally nothing in the county) and there is not the skilled population to attract big employers to the areas - so why prices are going up so fast is a mystery to me - maybe people speculating from outside the region? - no one that lives there would be able to afford it. I grew up there and out of my peer group at school, only one is still in the County and she works in the courts (so presumably she is very busy just now) there are few options for those who are left.
  2. Well I always knew I was doing something wrong! Those 2/3 takeaway curries I have each year are the main reason I cannot afford a flat - god what a wally I am! - sh*t looking back, I got fish and chips the other week - this frivolous waste of money has to stop. No wonder I can't afford anything - the fact that property prices have more than doubled over the past few years is irrelevant really isnt :angry:
  3. I guess it would depend on what a renter does with their money. If they are renting at a lower price than it costs to buy (as many are now)- and also save money by not having to do maintainance on the property (the landlords obligation) then the pension pot then could build up (assuming they dont pis* the cash against the wall) could be substantial. Remember the total cost of a house with a mortgage is more expensive than that it is bought for ( I dont know how to do the maths but £200,000 paid back over 20 years costs substantinally more than £200000)
  4. No its the East that is sinking the West is going up - rebound from the last ice sheets - Devon will be absolutly fine. London is Fcuked
  5. Correct, because this government seems to be treating farmers with the same contempt as FTB's They seem to think Britain can do without both Yet at the same time our society thinks it acceptable to fly green beans in from Kenya transport apples from New Zealand whilst at the same time complaining about giving farmers grants to maintain the land. The most annoying thing is that most of the food we import is utter crap - the French send us food they wouldnt eat and some of the tasteless rubbish that passes for fruit nowadays is truely dreadful. You go to a French supermarket and it is fulled with mostly top quality local produce (organic is rarely even an option as the French consumer is not half as guilable as the UK one.....) My argument is that we could and should use all available agricultural land for agriculture. Our food is cheaper now that it has ever been but we are paying more in respect to its standard - most imported food - is tasteless rubbish of questionable standard (especially the meat from South America) and worst of the lot transport water - YES WATER hundreds of miles from France (and even Fiji!) FFS
  6. My god I agree with a Daily Mail reader! Wonders will never cease
  7. This is what is wrong, and this is what something needs to be done about. If it wasnt for the BTL cretins I might have had a change to buy my one bedroom flat. And thus had potential to move up the ladder and buy myself a reasonable home in the years to come. This is not going to happen now. All I am hoping for is some decent hikes in IR (+2/3% none of this .25% pish) but I cant see it happening. It is sad that Britain has returned to a society riddled wiht greed.
  8. But I am arguing that it is the bad distribution of who owns the properties in the UK that is the problem. There is no shortage of housing. There is only a shortage of housing available for people to buy. If there were no second/holiday homes then the prices in rural areas would drop (the fact that there are minimal jobs in many of these areas is a side issue) if there were less properties being bought up by BTL people then the prices in towns would also drop. I honestly don't think we have that much spare land in places that people would want to live. I have no issue with building 2/3/4/5 more houses in every village in the land (that would add up to be quite a number I would presume) but the problem would still continue - they would be be bought for investment/retirement/hoilday homes. And as rural communites are dying off, families will be less likely to move to these villages anyway, as local services like schools/hospitals/shops are closing all the time. I grew up in a small hamlet and back when I was a lass (15+ years ago) there were 7/8 kids of school age in the village. Looking back at the same village now, there have been a number of new houses built but none of the owners have children some are retired but all are over 50 and wealthy and not likely to reproduce
  9. But of the 93% which you claim is not currently build on, how much is suitable for building on? I don't know the figures, but you will find that much of the British Isles are mountainous regions/flood plains/moorland/waterways/areas around nuclear power plants/very remote etc. ie not very suitable for housing. There is lots of empty land near Durness should we build a new city there? Don't forget that we need farm land too. We also need to eat. As I said before everyone already has a roof over their head, there is just a problem with the distribution. We need to tax the second home and holiday home owners into selling and for more than a few BTL empires to go belly up and there would not be a problem.
  10. But if there is such a shortage of housing there would be thousands of people sleeping on the streets - the fact is that the homeless rate in this country is minimal. There are more than enough roofs to put over peoples heads, the problem is that they are badly distributed - how many are now holiday cottages, B&B's and second homes? or even worse left empty - in some bits of Edinburgh there are rows upon rows of boarded up flats and acres of empty space waiting to be built on, just a couple of miles from where people pay £100,000 for one bedroom places. I know flats are not ideal for everyone but my point is that there is no shortage of homes for people. It would be a tragic shame if we concrete over much more of our countryside . I think it is interesting to know who wrote such a reply - had it been a Senior Labour MP then it would have been even more important that someone held that sentiment. I have a Labour MP and am still waiting for his stock answer about shared ownership schemes.
  11. Can you give us any clues about which party they belong to?
  12. Good point. Yes we can argue and counter argue over whether there is/will be a drop in prices but it will probably be only in 7/8 years that the picture is clear. But I should correct your point "dont forget every home owner has a vested interest in there not being a hpc" this is untrue. For someone who bought pre 1998 say, a crash would potentially be a positive event (they would be able to afford to "move up the ladder". Also some elderly people may want a crash - My Gran is currently worried about what will happen to her house when she dies - its value is now way above the inheritance tax boundary (which Mr Brown has kindly hardly moved to reflect the price increases (and also changed many of the criteria recently making it harder to avoid - thus making more people pay a tax that previously only hit the wealthy). I don't think people realise that a HPC could actually be benificial to their long term aims (and I am not just talking about FTB's.
  13. It does worry me somewhat that when this all goes tits up there will be people trying to get compensation. Would any of them have any leg to stand on? - how about the misselling of IO mortgages?
  14. Or more likely GB will be getting his grubby little paws on any inheritance that there might be.
  15. A one bed flat in a reasonable part of town would do me!
  16. Sod off! What about the poor FTB trying to save for a deposit!? :angry:
  17. I like how they have said "unexpectedly" hopefully this will fuel uncertaintly amongst the more sensible FTB's and some BTL muppets. The VI's have been telling us for months that prices will at worst stablise - if people start to doubt them than that can only be good news (for those currently priced out)
  18. I agree there is no need to waste acres of green on crappy new houses. There isnt a shortage of housing in this country - the homeless figures are negliable. The issue is with who is buying it all though, what with Second homes and newly springing up BTL empires there is a shortage of properties for the young to buy. Also anyone been in Edinburgh recently and seen hundreds of boarded up flats in the Craigmiller area? - ok I wouldnt want to live there as I value my car tyres but even in Edinburgh where prices are mental there are hundreds of homes lying empty. Where is the shortage?
  19. Well someone should do something about this. if not the lender then the government should do something. The fundamental is that many people in the country are stupid and financial service providers put profit above all else so these people are easy prey Many people are buying on interest only as they cannot afford a repayment one. If they cannot afford the repayment they cannot afford the house (IMHO) and should be told as much. I dont believe many of them realise that they are actually renting off a bank - which is worse than off a landlord as you are responsible for it.
  20. So 200,000 IO mortgages were taken out last year - why is no-one doing anything about it now! Surely the lenders have a responsiblity to do something? - now! The taking out of IO mortages because they are cheaper is idiotic (unless the person is likely to get paid alot more in the future - how many of these people are?) my friend has IO mortgage but also an endowment plan so it costs here just as much per month as the repayment mortgage would.
  21. "This month rail operator First Capital Connect announced that it was doubling fares on some lines as a way to reduce overcrowding on its trains." So no one thought about getting hold of some extra trains then!? God why are so many people such muppets! (though I dont actually care - 90% of London is a dump so long as its inhabitants never realise this and all stay there I will be happy! )
  22. It is unbelievable how many people are utterly convinced by them though. I have well educated and in most other respects sane friends who think that Krusty&Phil and that woman who looks for places in the sun I forget her name are great and they believe everything they say. - only when I was on the phone to one of them a few months ago and it turned out we both had Location Location Location on in the background (I watch it for a laugh sometimes), the one where Phil tries to get a couple expecting a baby soon, to buy what is effectivly a farmers old grain store did she realise that possibly they were talking out of their arses. We just need a few more folk to realise
  23. Yeah, we just need enough to get to a critical mass of sales. Once people get wind of prices dropping substantially it could lead people to try to cash in. Of course many BLT are in it for the long term, but if prices start to fall their sources of tennents will dry up and if rates go up then some will be forced to sell - half of them will no doubt end up wingeing on the BBC about it not being their fault but I will not care and will just laugh at them, as they have been laughing at people like me for the past couple of years!
  24. This woman is brilliant! Best laugh I have had in ages My favourite line this time: "So it comes down to the obvious: selling a buy-to-let property" I wonder if she has stopped to consider that it was more than likely that it was buying the damned thing that has assisted her to be in her current position. Or is she going to continually be blaming the fact that she got pregnant. I just hope she doesnt get away with it though - if I have the sense to not to saddle myself with unsustainable debt then so can everyone else..... but I bet I will be the one that ends up paying for greedy muppets like her.
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