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  1. I have rented a number of properties over the years and have had a mix of landlords. I would have to say though that the only real gits I have experienced were when I rented off asians - I have done so twice and probably would make a point of not doing so again. They were both the tightest money grabbing set of people I have ever met, my other landlords have been reasonable, a mix of Irish/English/Scottish oh and I think an Italian - fixed stuff when asked, were aproachable and returned deposits with no real complaints. I am still waiting to be taken to court by one set of them (from about 5 years ago) between us we could really figure out why he was going to do that - I think possibly one of us had sat on the sofa once or maybe even used the cooker or even maybe we left an extra fork in the drawer (it really became that petty laughable really) The other has since been ruled unfit to be a landlord by Edinburgh council - that made us all smile.
  2. I agree, almost all media reports for the past few years have been telling us how great it is that property prices have gone up so much. There has never been much serious discussion on the possible negative impact of it not only for FTB's but other buyers who had to stretch too far - I have no sympathy for BTL morons, or the people who buy their second house with a view to letting out their first one. But I do feel for the FTB's (and others) who have been so brainwashed by the VI's into taking out big mortages which they were always going to struggle to pay back - I know they should have the brains to work it out, but people like that dreadful Kirsty woman on that shit program and the banks and the newspapers have given us all the impression that prices will only ever go up and taking out a huge IO mortage is a good idea - there is hardly any counter argument in the media - even from the "unbiased" BBC - they just keep carting out that dreadful Beg woman who is after the sympathy vote claiming that the fact she has 3 homes and a visa bill she cant afford is some how someone elses fault.
  3. That isnt the only factor going around. The last time I went to a building society to ask about mortgages they told me I could borrow ~£77,000 (I forget what the repayments were) the reality of the situation around here is that there is naff all around that I can afford to buy, well apart for a flat in the grottiest end of the city - and to be quite honest, call me miss picky if you want, but I dont want to live there - I prefer living somewhere where there is more than a betting shop an off licence and a Greggs - all of which are boarded up most of the time to stop the locals gaining 24 hr access to facilities). moderate parts of the parts of the city now selling for £100000 for the crappiest one bedroom flat - I dont yet have the £23,000 difference. So to sum up - the repayments are the least of my problems
  4. Quite right, London is an overpriced dump I dont go there unless I really have to - it is a bit of an embarrasment of a Capital city if you ask me. The tube is dreadful, and I dont like the feeling that someone is going to rob me and any opportunity. That and that fact that even when the tube/train is all on time etc it still seems to take bloody ages to get anywhere and everyone is so rude!
  5. Didnt hear it but I can imagine the types. All I keep thinking about of this all being a repeat of the late 80's - this time period has been critisised since as being driven by greed and the yuppie types. Could this be a repeat again? - in 15 years time will will look back in condemnation of these tossers with their huge skills at getting 100,000's of pounds worth of mortgages and thinking they were suddenly rich?
  6. The point is/was that there is an argument that comes up here often, suggesting that many people were idiots for "missing the boat" by not buying 5 years ago. I only bought my sister into this as being an example of how silly the "missed the boat" argument is (not that she wants to buy a flat yet - she is living with my folks) yet there are still patronising gits around here who would argue that those who didnt buy 5 years ago were foolish....
  7. Its this argument that really annoys me! - it was a mistake not to buy 5 years ago!??! Tell my wee sister that - she was 15 at the time, was she supposed to have looked ahead and bought something whilst she was at school? How foolish she was to not buy then eh!? I was unable to buy a flat 5 years ago having just really started a "proper job" as I couldn't keep up with the "offers over" system here in Edinburgh, at a time where flats were selling at £10,000/20,000+ over their valuations. If you can only get a mortage for the valuation and didnt have a very big deposit you had no chance. Now you are talking £100,000 for a one bedroom flat in an ok part of town.
  8. I thought it was David Hasselhoff that brought the Wall down?
  9. This is what will happen. Those nasty Tories will get in then get the blame when it all goes **** over tit - I actually hope they make a point of not winning the next election. Leave Brown and buddies with a sinking ship on their watch (not that it hasn't already rattled off the iceberg and is floundering - the majority of people just have not realised it yet "but this ship can't sink")
  10. Thing is this report says there was a shock drop in prices last month - I know I may have selective memory but I dont remember the BBC reporting it.
  11. a**e I thought it was all ESPC bullcrap but seems like I really am going to have leave Edinburgh next year No way am I going to buy a dump in Gorgie for £100,000+ I cant even escape to Midlothian as everyone else has already got there
  12. Well I am a bit of a Tory and even I hope they loose the next election. The British economy is f**cked and I want NuLab to be in charge when it all hits the fan - to make sure the British people realise that the Miracle Economy is a sham and they have been suckered (up their eye balls) into it.
  13. But if the data had shown prices were going up they wouldn't care about the accuracy/relevency of such data?
  14. What I want to know is why this is not getting reported? :angry: - prices dropping before the rate rise last month?! Scotland must be in shit already -Edinburgh is only propped up by the number of City types buying everything up.
  15. This stuff has been hidden on the BBC for a bit now. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...ml/region12.stm Fife (where Mr Brown probably has a house) was down 5% in the last quarter. East Ayshire and Orkney both down 10% in fact 21 out of 30 areas fell in the last quarter - some have an annual fall too. Though having said that I dont know where this data is from. This page claims that West Dunartonshire fell 5% in the past year - funny the BBC are not reporting it? have they ever reported on an area falling recently?
  16. What a disaster Gordon'e policy of ramping HPI to allow MEW to keep borrowing going to prop up his "buy now, pay later" policies. But I am sure I am the only person amongst my group of friends who even think about the concequences of what NuLab have done to the younger generations. Most of my friends are Guardian readers who are more concerned by foreign policy and whether or not minority groups are being treated fairly - not alot of thought goes into the fact that possibly they are the ones getting well and truely shafted by Tony and Gordon. Most of my friends are even looking forward to Brown being Prime Minister as he has done such a good job on the economy..... The brainwashing has gone deep and Mr Brown will still come out smelling of roses
  17. So that would be a crash then? Or are all our wages going double overnight to give us half a chance?
  18. Now a single person on any wage can buy ****** all..... :angry: This "ladder" thing is crumbling by the day
  19. Yes but dont forget: Prices will never drop - at worst they will stagnate - so better buy quick any way you can! If you believe the above then anyone who does not max out on a IO mortgage is the fool. - just wait for all the compensation claims when they realise that they have been renting the expensive way and the bank get the house for keeps..... :angry:
  20. Yes, but surely a FTB with a family has a few more costs than a 34 yr old with just a partner!
  21. I dont know the circumstances of the aforementioned person who is getting stick from their family. But if they are in anything like my situation then they probably never had a serious choice. Why should the fact that someone didnt buy in the past make it ok that they can't buy now? I couldnt buy a place in 2001 as I was only in temporary employment and had no deposit and every year since, prices have gone up far more than my salary (and deposit) have. Yes ok I could potentially get a huge mortage (5/6x salary at least) or I suppose live in the drug infested areas for just 4x my salary. But what is the point in that when my landlord is subsidising my living standard by charging me £300 a month all in. A mortgage on its own would be at least twice this and not forgetting bills and council tax then I am getting a pretty good deal.
  22. Are you saying that they are thick - possibly even Daily Express readers?
  23. But house prices will never go down and interest rates will not go up any more - I should know all my mates have told me and are utterly convinced by the VI sputum that is around. Scotland especially is immune from any potential down turn as of course "prices didn't go down here last time" They don't seem to worry to much about the potential 5/6/7 x their salary that they might need to buy something they take it as the concept of prices dropping has passed them by.
  24. Good question and one I have thought about before, my only real answer was the following: Maybe a part of is it that some of the people who are choosing to live on their own are recently divorced and either have a larger income as they are older or previously owned a property with their partner and so are able to get a deposit from their previous home.
  25. Dont be silly - the only people allowed to breed in NuLab Britain are NuLab supporters who live on council estates - they are currently paid very handsomly for this task. Many are even so enthusiastic that they start young but as it is the best (and possibly only way) for many to get somewhere to live, it is a very popular option with Sky TV and foreign holidays are optional perks of the job. The rest of the young people/idiots out there, all have to go and work (the fools) and much of their income is taken away and is used for subsidising the lifestyle of those lucky enough to be allowed to afford to have children. If they want their own home they have to pay top price whilst those NuLab supporters have a "right to buy" their homes at a subsidised rate (subsidised by the above idiots). I love Britain.
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