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  1. I have nothing against getting the feckless off their arses but I suspect we will see a rash of 'disability' claims the moment any of them are expected to turn up to do anyhing. Particularly if the task involves anything that could even remotely be deemed as physical.
  2. I probably agree with you but it is the first thing I have seen for ages that is affordable and I like. I am just a wee bit bitter as the owner has told me that she bought it for BTL several years ago, they are obviously now cashing in. (as is another owner who's property I was looking at recently). I am tempted to leave the offer where it is, there is no guarentee that anyone else who has viewed is in a position to buy. The worst that will happen is that I will miss out and be in an even better position to buy in the coming spring carnage
  3. I am finally tired of waiting and have been seriously looking/viewing places right now in Edinburgh/Midlothian. I am interested in one of the few OO places on offer in Edinburgh right now. I have submitted an offer (over the OO price) but it has been rejected straight away by the seller. The solicitor tells me they are going to set a closing date next week. Whilst the place is not 100% perfect it is close enough (hence the sudden enthusiasm for buying) and I would be happy to live there. The problem is that I am not happy getting into an illusionary bidding war which will only result in the boomer involved getting enough money for another cruise. I am tempted to offer the same again (or do I need to bother? will my initial offer still on the table?). After all I have the money and the mortgage in place and am chain free so they are almost guaranteed a sale. Others may need to sell before they can complete. Does anyone have any suggestions on strategy? (and yes have considered a lower offer )
  4. Oh, come on get with the mantra - EVERYTHING is the fault of Thatcher and those nasty Tories..... (or so the mass media would have you believe)
  5. The property porn mantra of buy now before it is too late has brainwashed so many. The whole thing is being propped up by ever more desperate suckers who are being lured in by the prospect of some illusion of wealth as promised by certain tv programmes. It is all very sad, at the end of the day anyone who bought pre 6/7 years ago will be fine and whilst they may think they lose money if prices fall they will have lost nothing at all.
  6. Not sure I can watch - I dont hate many people but Ed Balls is the most odious man I can think of. My TV was quite expensive and am not sure I can risk the chances of me losing it and throwing things at it.
  7. Indeed, in a world where the 'workers' are getting naff all in the form of pay rises it is obcence that those who can afford Sky TV and sit around on their arses (or enter the Xfactor) get such high increases....
  8. I agree but full of the euphoria of that BBC news report maybe getting through to the masses I was talking to people at work regarding me putting in some cheeky offers on houses I might like the look of - after all I have the deposit and mortgage in place so I am in theory a 'perfect' buyer. II had forgot momentarily that I was was not talking to fellow HPCer's - even so the negativity I encountered shocked me. Offering 10% above asking is apparently fine, 10% below is not - or so I am told. I was greeted with a large amount of negativity about how I 'just could'nt do that' and the sellers were entitled to the asking price of the house.... There was very much an attitude that prices really cannot fall and I would never get away with offering under asking price - and more importantly I was wrong for even thinking such a thing.
  9. 240 hrs of community service is a joke for this level of behaviour. If ever a case were needed for the regulation of BTL and the rights of tenents this is it. For all this mess to have happened under a 'Labour' government is quite shocking. What happened to them representing the 'working class'?!
  10. Yeah it was a bit of a bolt from the blue wasnt it. I even delayed tuning into Strictly to see the news piece. People standing there on a BBC news report saying that people should drop their prices (especially if their houses had been on the market for a year plus!) was soemthing I never thought I would see. Strange how there are alot of price cuts on Propertybee yet some of these places are still not shifting. I am doing some viewings just now and am preparing for some seriously cheeky offers, hopefully these bearish news reports will keep coming and spook some vendors into being more realistic and one will be accepted. After all anyone who bought pre 2005ish (and hasn't MEW'ed all their equity) will be 'losing' nothing so I have no qualms about it. I went to see a house in MidLothian the other day, it has been on the market over a year. The owners are asking about 50K more for it now than they paid in ~2003.
  11. Yep, we just were introduced to a Spanish family being put up in a four bedroom flat in Islington - £2000 a month in housing benefit....
  12. Who needs those? Beer can be delivered to the house and if you were that way inclined you could pour half of it over the carpets, and play music stupidly loud on your home cinema all you would need to do would be to find the neccesary ladies/young men to drool over but even that gets tedious after a while....
  13. On a similar theme, I have been annoying people on the Daily Mail today regarding their article suggesting that older people should leave their homes. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2050800/Over-60s-exempt-stamp-duty-free-occupied-homes.html Given the very strong very negative reaction (Posts from Liz, Carlisle) it is obvious that as these boomers seem to think they are justified with their belief that they 'worked their fingers to the bone' to buy the house they paid £sod all for back in 1970's and therefore now worth as much as they fancy just now - the fact that their own children can no longer afford to buy is obvisously an irrelevance....
  14. Probably about right, I agree with all of the above but also they are now competing with a very similar Tesco equivalent who presumably are taking much of their market. Personally speaking there is something about Argos I quite like. I have some facination regarding how stuff works behind the scenes - but then I am a bit of a saddo sometimes
  15. One of NuLabours biggest mistakes (as far as I am concerned) was not restoring the social housing stock that they were (and are) so critical of Thatcher for selling off. During the 'boom' years they could have built many thousands of council homes and as a result councils could have made money (or at least not lost so much) rather than paying so many billions out to private LL's.
  16. So by that logic nothing is ever overpriced. Bread for example will be £3 a loaf within a few years, by this EA logic the supermarkets should put the price up to £3 now as after all it will get there eventually... What a muppet!
  17. Sounds good to me, assuming that the tenants can leave at 1 or 2 months notice regardless of the length of the tenancy. It is the interests of the tenants, commmunity and also the landlords to increase security. The ridiculous 6 month AST does only the LL's any good.
  18. Exceedingly poor cakes too - unless you like pastry
  19. Oi! please don't insult the real Miss Piggy by comparing that dreadful woman to her.... I am quite the fan of the prospective Mrs Kermit. Not that stupid posh cow who is presumably there to plug her latest cack tv venture.
  20. I am not sure this needs a bump but here it is. I have exactly the same question. I too have seen a place I like but dont really know what the situation is regarding getting the MiP and how this works regarding putting offiers in.
  21. Though I was in the same dealers the other weekend - my wee sister is thinking about buying - so yes another test drive in a washing machine. The depreciation on the 107's is apparently neglible a brand new one can be had for £7500 and a two yr old second hand one around £6500. Mostly I suspect due to the fact the one litre engine never gains enough speed to use any fuel so folk like them, oh and low road tax too. Personally speaking I would expect a miraculous 'recovery' of many thousands of people if this was reinstated http://petrolblog.com/2010/05/20/what-ever-happened-to-the-ac-invacar/
  22. Maybe they should plough it into property after all then - after all one can't go wrong with bricks and mortar.
  23. When I was looking for a new car a few years ago my dad came with me to have a look and a go in them. He felt (as a semi retired farmer with severe age/mobility issues) that the best car for getting into and out of and with the best seat for his dodgy hips/back was the Peugeot 107. It has raised seats and no fancy styling on the door to restrict getting legs in and out. As the seat is quite high/firm/upright he had no problems getting into and out of it. Vehicles that are too high (as you see many 'disabled' driving around in) are quite simply too high for people of reduced mobility to get into and out of. He much preferred the £7000 car he had a quick test drive in than any the top of the range ones - obviously the fact it had a one litre engine and had the accelaration of a stoned tortoise mean that he would never have bought one but when it comes down to the Government (us) funding cars that are suitable for the disabled then they is no reason why they are not given a basic cheap car that will do the job rather than show off to the neighbours.
  24. On a similar theme. I bought a new car under the scrappage scheme. Whilst I was in the dealers parting with my hard earned cash when the salesman was interupted by an 'urgent' call. Turns out that the person on the phone was getting a car under the disabilty scheme and the spec (top of the range of course) of car that was ordered had been delayed for a week, this was the woman for whom the car was for calling to complain. I was buying a moderate range car the disability one was a highend top of the range 'executive' type model. Not only were they getting a free £30K car but they had the cheek to be complaining about it taking a week to deliver. There was many many cars at the the dealership which would have had prices OTR of well less than £10K new but for some reason the government are keeping car salesrooms in business (the salesman even said as much...)
  25. I wish Sadly despite my lack of knowledge I think I know more than most of our elected representives. But I am still failing to understand the implications of say: a) Greece going bust Italy next c) Ireland/Spain/Portugal joining in the party For Mr average on the street, what is it going to mean?
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