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  1. 90% in 9 years equates to 7.4% per year. 1.074 to the power of 9 = 1.90 anyway that was then, this is now. somebody flicked the hyper msg switch a couple of years ago. expect this to be 10-14% from now on.
  2. The man behind him was playing with his pen like it was something else. gravity seems to be severly affecting bernard manning's skin (on the left).
  3. 2 millions usa SubCrime borrowers are in trouble. but average american house prices rose 2% last month. It's exactly the same as here, except our SubCrimers (Self Hurters) are not reported in the media, self hurtification has been spun out by controlled media (it doesn't exist here - even though it's worse than usa sub crime).
  4. The outcome is certain now. they just need a smooth curve.
  5. They've raised £7 million in one hour. world banks create £20 million per minute out of thin air (most of it is still ends up going straight into property).
  6. all the bad debtors will walk away scott free. cash holders will foot the bill as always.
  7. keep worrying and stay worried. otherwise they will take your money. never switch off. non worriers end up broke.
  8. The us graph wouldn't be that different. They were at 10% rates and around 6 times earnings also - so the factor would be around 60 as well. (the graph above is not a comparism to the original graph - just show their rates were high as well back then). http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...(effective).png
  9. so inflation really is falling - 14% last year. 13% this year. (oops - I forgot - 10% of it disappears into a black hole - yeah right) 5 years of this and we'll all be broke.
  10. put a windmill on every street corner. people will whine like hell until they are all cut down, then when you cut down their windmill and their power on their street, then they will give up everything in their life to get it put back up and switched back on.
  11. they're squealing like rats and its only 5.25%. (hpi dinner parties are off for a bit, will hyper msg save them?). they were talking of foreign currency mortgages on a property channel in the week
  12. only central banks can create. (they create spin to make you think otherwise - it looks like it's working perfectly). its the simplest easiest scam ever invented. make it sound incredibly complicated and then blame it on somebody else (i.e high street banks). steal from cash holders - they never complain - they are easy.
  13. government "we need to save the housing market or we will not get re-elected" boe "uhhm, that's going to be tricky, the only way to do it is to print new money like crazy" gov "sounds good, what are the drawbacks" boe "none, in fact, it's so good that we will keep giving you 90% of the money we create as long as we keep 10%" gov "go full steam ahead - print like crazy" boe "no problem, in fact, everybody is doing it, we're all just copying the yanks" it won't save the housing market. most of the money they create ends up being wasted by governments. the more they are given, the more the
  14. can they print their way to a soft landing for most assets, unlikely, but they're going to give it one hell of a shot. The problem with 20% increase per year is that a lot of it ends up in govenment coffers, which is then quickly wasted. When we buy a loaf of bread it cost 50p, when a government buys a loaf of bread it costs £50K. 50p for the bread, the rest goes on expensive civil servants deciding how to control the whole process of buying it etc. That's after they've paid for any wars they fancy. wasting 10-20% a year is going to lead to big trouble later.
  15. the fed is printing like crazy, it's not suprising that their currency is dropping. can everybody else keep up.
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