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  1. Cant wait for the replys,good to see that you are alive and well Killer Bunny?
  2. It's going to be like Christmas by November.....
  3. Thing is Dellboy,it is going to kick in.,and will be a game changer. Unless you think differently.
  4. Good to read that you are back with a bang, Cash!
  5. Chuckle, chuckle.?not someone on the same page as me? Just to remind ,,AWPR is going to start kicking in soon,cheaper options for 200k buyers.I think that the housebuilders are going to review there trade in values(again). Happy New Year to all............
  6. Whom do you follow.in this mire of lies and C**P.
  7. Kind of makes A/C s interpretation of the market look stupid.I wonder how many folks are holding back until the market picks up.I predicted 6000 by December....got that one completely wrong....
  8. The amount of wine that the university's keep in stock at any given time is fearsome. Would put Lathwaites to shame.. Some hae meat an canny eat sort of thing.
  9. Still reading the thread DIVER DAN!.You are spot on about the prices and conditions of the properties. Wife says I am a saddo. ,
  10. It's all going to be about ROI, I honestly think that aspc is going to be near 6000 by christmas, after that it might be game On!
  11. A lot of property on aspc without furniture Inside! Also ones that have been pulled months ago appearing again , anyone noticed that ?
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