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  1. Of course, the real fear mongering is that after Brexit, house prices will ONLY fall by 35% .. We need MORE !
  2. well, Mitsubishi themselves say that if you do that sort of driving you should opt for the diesel model rather than the PHEV.
  3. speaking of EV competition heating up -- Mercedes EQC coming in early 2019 in UK. Financial suicide? Check (though not as bad as a Model X). Tempted to trade in my 2015 outlander PHEV (plus get a huge loan) for one? hell yes !
  4. our local Costco has quite a bit more than 50m2 solar panels on their roof. They get free electricity for the shop (huge aircon units and massive freezer areas and all), and also 10kw units charging all the customer EV vehicles for free. I do wonder if there is a way to find out what capacity they have and how much it all cost ..
  5. There is loads of money "for the right reasons". remember how fast they came up with 1bn for the DUP? only God knows how much the bank bailout total cost was.. but $300m extra for policing? NHS,? local councils? No, No money. Sorry.
  6. People can't buy more mortgages because: negative equity, affordability etc, but the banks still have to make money somehow, hence promote personal loans in the article. Its not about giving advice or helping anyone.
  7. tm_81

    Help to Buy Negative Equity

    It remains to be seen if its "lucky". When it comes to remortgage, even the 125% "for existing customers in negative equity" type loans won't cover her. Taxpayer lost 85k but she lost over 200k on the LTV calculation. Normally it would go to SVR (e.g. extortionate rates) on an already huge loan. Unless of course there is another bailout involved. It will be interesting to see if there is any more "help" involved in this case..
  8. tm_81

    Help to Buy Negative Equity

    but if the new valuation "sticks" wouldn't it still be in negative equity from the other 80%? thats a 300k+ debt still on a property "valued" at 50k. Not sure how the bank will like that at all once its time to remortgage (or even before that) If the bank still thinks the flat is worth the bigger price, then I think we are looking at taxpayer fraud (one price for the taxpayer, another for the private lender...)
  9. at least two of the comments at the bottom mention the price being overvalued by 500k as the reason why its not selling..
  10. brilliant explanation.. But also really sad, because it means that even if HPC happens, UK money creation will still be aimed at asset bubbles so we are still screwed. They will just buy all the remaining houses using made up money and we will all be paying rent to the few landlords (who are there mainly to pay interest to banks.) I wonder if our PM expects this to be the future and that is why she was saying recently that "its not so bad to rent, you are no less of a person etc etc"
  11. OK if you don't believe me that it was the car's fault, here is what the experts say ... "Human driver may have avoided impact: forensic crash analysts" "Self-driving sensors should have detected victim, experts say" https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-22/video-said-to-show-failure-of-uber-s-tech-in-fatal-arizona-crash Maybe driverless cars are the future, but this particular one is not.
  12. This spot has a nice paved walkway leading to a near drop kerb and small "do not cross" sign, which obviously at night is invisible to pedestrians. There is also lack of street lighting at that very spot. If the pedestrian doesn't know the area they might try to walk. Also consider children, animals etc... It is the driver's responsibility to look out for obstacles, in general. without physical barriers, this should have been 30mph limit, so perhaps some of the fault is with the planners.. But, a human driver would have at least slowed down. What happened here is, the LIDAR of the vehicle spotted the obstacle while it was 2-3 lanes to the left, several seconds before the crash, and chose not to slow down to 30mph. The camera then has several fractions of a second in view, during in which the car also didn't slow down. No slowing down at all - 38mph is not survivable but perhaps 30 or 25 or 20 is. So, given the exceptional hardware available, the car in this instance is most certaily at fault. Now, if we were to replace the hardware with a responsible human driver, I think most drivers would have at least slowed down if they can't see that section of road clearly. Only the most reckless of human drivers would be doing 38mph, through a dark spot like that with no physical barriers.
  13. I think the car was at fault in this case. Pedestrians are never really "at fault". The headlight lowering the camera exposure makes it look like the pedestrian jumped at the last second when in fact they were moving a long time before they came into the view of the lights. A responsible human driver would either 1. not be going that fast if visibility is so restricted and / or 2. would have actually seen this a lot earlier than the camera focused on the headlight exposure shows. I think the machine in this case hasn't been trained / programmed enough to look at pavement actors going into roads, which is something human drivers routinely do. Now i'm not saying that the software can't learn from this and adapt, or that they can't fit a proper low light camera and widen the lasers / radar radius and range to detect this before a human would.. But I am saying that this sort of thing does happen to late night cab drivers and other drivers, and they usually don't kill the pedestrians involved..
  14. tm_81

    30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    OK - I've done the calculations.. If inflation target is met for 3 years, the actual increase of cost of living at the end of 3 years is 6.1% If the current rate of 2.6% applies for the 3 years -- its closer to 7% Either way, this is a pay CUT in real terms. As for the amazing 30% for the lower bands - remember, they will probably get less low income support as a result. I wouldn't be surprised if the overall effect is a big 0 with less administrative costs for the job centers. Of course they will dress this up as an amazing deal -- it is certainly not !
  15. tm_81

    30% pay rises for NHS workers.

    Fair enough about the lower ones being 30%... But isn't 6% over 3 years actually WAY below current inflation levels? The percentage inflation figures actually compound yearly, so even if the BOE has hit its target of 2% perfectly... its not going to be 2 + 2 + 2 for the 3 years, it would be higher than 6%... And we all know how well those targets are being met, even on official figures (before we go into cost of essentials etc)

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