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  1. I agree, there's at least one positive outcome - that area was a dump which now looks very nice.
  2. I have a couple of doubts when it comes to cryptocurrencies 1) the supply is limited but the number of cryptocurrencies isn't 2) they can be regulated at any moment in time in a way which could wipe most of their value 3) (although those into them seem to ignore it) they rely on internet connection and computers, unlike PMs and fiat moneyz.
  3. This is what's wrong with UK's property market, not the BTL's and FTB's but rather no restrictions on nonresidents UK acquiring properties.
  4. Not sure what the problem is here to be honest. Every new development has to have flats/houses going to social housing. Councils rent flats as social housing. Lack of government purpose built social housing doesn't mean social housing doesn't exist, does it.
  5. Elative

    Emergency house seizure law

    I get a seizure reading that some comrades find this to be a good idea.
  6. Elative

    London, the property safe haven

    Isn't it funny how when brexit/leavers won on the basis of alleged "lies" and unfounded promises media and the whole of left side of the scene were screaming outrage and demanding another referendum, yet when labour did the same (i.e. based their campaign on populist ideas that will never materialise and telling people what they want to hear in order to gain votes) it's seen as a victory of human kind.
  7. Elative

    London, the property safe haven

    This was one of the first things communists did in countries they took over after WWII. History likes to repeat itself.

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