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  1. Hi all, She's not paying any rent. The will is basically her guarantee that she can stay there rent free as long as she likes. She pays the bills and maintenance. Her official line is that she's remortgaging one of her homes and selling another one to a tenant to raise the funds. And interesting point on the valuation thing, I asked that I would get one or two more valuations and she resisted and suggested that I was being difficult. And then two more valuations showed up, quite low... She's fairly well connected in the area and I was wondering weather she got a favour from a co
  2. Hey, thank you. It's pretty appalling. It's just something that I could never do to someone! It would be hard to act like this and not feel very ashamed and self conscious that someone is peering into your soul and seeing that you are really a nasty piece of work...
  3. Thanks guys. We're just not particularly litigious people. But I suppose you are right. It may well be best to just see if the sale completes before this stamp duty holiday ends - because she is very likely to pull out / ask us to foot the tax bill when if it is still outstanding by then. None of you seem to think, in the circumstances, an offer of £430,000 is horrendous on a house that is probably worth nearer to £500,000, so that's good.
  4. Hey everyone, thank you for your replies. I mean the house is my only shot at getting a deposit really, but I could sit it out. I live in London and prices are not running away here and every year's worth of rent is £10,000, but house prices could easily fall by 2% per year which would give a 10K "saving" per year against buying. My brother is slightly better set up than me. So neither of us feels desperate at this minute. And yes it's a good point about calculating the value of the lifelong interest. Personally, we think she really does want the house. She plans to give it to h
  5. Hi all, I have a conundrum with my father's widow ("stepmother", though this is not a term I would use) and the house that now stands to be inherited by me and my brother, but that she has a life interest in. I'd just like to say that I don't agree with inheriting wealth particularly. My parents bought their first home straight out of uni in the 1970s and the mortgage was paid off within a few years and they of course did not have any financial support from their parents to do that. Sadly, long gone are those days. In this case a reasonably substantial inheritance is at stake and either benefi
  6. So a correction to 14k gonna come we thinking? I might consider a chunk of pension on it if so... Might as well 🤷‍♂️
  7. Well, you're a piece of trash aren't you? I did not simply decide to leave. I left under effectively under duress because the landlord was asking me and the other tenant to furnish £600+ per month. Can't you see that "decisions" are not made in a vacuum? And I don't like sinking 3 or 4 pints per evening in the pub and so the coffee shop was pretty much the best option for meeting people, and what is so bad about that anyway? It wasn't really a Friends vibe, to be honest. During lockdown especially, there was no where to go and nothing to do, and the coffee shop is also a mini supermarket
  8. Sadly someone bit. It was filled a week after we left. Elderly next-door neighbour was devastated to have us leave. I no longer live near my local coffee place where I had got to know the owner and a handful of customers. What little community I'd built in London for 3 years was just gone like that.
  9. My flat was one of them! 20% drop. Landlord owned 90+ flats in London. Was renting a 2 bed ex-council flat in Hoxton (refurbed, quiet and great location) for £2000. Three people; living room was converted to a bedroom. Me and my flatmates were hit with pay cuts in March due to covid. I called the agent asked for a temporary 15% reduction for 6 months. Landlord apparently says it's just not possible. One flatmate returned home due to covid and we the 2 remaining asked to stay, while not paying his share of rent, not allowed. We said we'd have to go, because 2 of us couldn't foot the £2000
  10. Uh, weak. Mathematicians can be wrong. Mathematicians can be racist, believe in flat-earth theories and so on.
  11. It's always the same with you. Honestly, drug manufacturers and dealers are not violent because the government makes them so or because a black market has been created as an effect of prohibition. Drug manufacturers and dealers operate in a world outside of the law (a world you seem to advocate). If there was no government basically all business would be operated like drugs businesses work now. Drug dealers don't love drugs or care about drugs, they just want to run a business and make money fast and with relatively less work. Take away the government and housebuilders, clothing makers, c
  12. Hey, thanks. Yeh I'm thinking about it. There are just a couple of things keeping me hanging on for now. My job is (relatively) quite enjoyable and very interesting and intellectually stimulating work and I know I am one of the lucky ones to have that, my colleagues are awesome, and my friendships and relationships, which took years to make, are excellent. Another option is to possibly head to Europe, Germany most likely, but Scotland is beautiful and it has been tempting.
  13. I have approx £70,000 in cash. Living East-central London. A flat which offers a somewhat liveable situation (~68 sq. metres minimum with 2 bedrooms) would currently be about £425,000 at the low end. I need a 50% drop for such a flat to be £212,500 to have a 40% deposit (£85,000) for it. I can save £1000 per month. So I would need 15 months' more time to save up the extra bit. I think my chances are probably low of this ever happening, but I am the market, I am the demand goddamnit. If they would stop throwing money in, interest only btl mortgages (only works if market is basically a Ponz
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