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  1. He wants us to think he is a Russian agent, BUT really he wears an anorak lives in his mums council flat and works in Mcdoanlds
  2. From your post I cannot fathom if you are pro or anti brexit as the evidence you provided gives both perspectives
  3. That is me I don't care about brexit at all, I voted on education and the NHS
  4. Nah he saved the world http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/3701712/Gordon-Brown-mocked-over-save-the-world-slip-up-in-Commons.html
  5. On the flip side if he had not our economy would have crashed like Argentinas Benefits are being rolled back at a slow rate but we dont want to cause too much suffering
  6. I voted for Diana Abbott she is actually a very decent person i have been at the same venue at her over the years and she is not like what the media say. i likes the torries but education fees put me off PS in real life she is a lot slimmer
  7. The Vote for Euro clearing is tomorrow that is going to have some impact.
  8. You May be right the pound is going down, they might even have to raise interest rates by 0.15%
  9. Hi, Very long time lurker about 10 years on and off I do agree with a lot of the views on here, not all of them, i do think London house prices need to be well 50% cheaper but that is not going to happen. Looking to buy in North London if that is ever going to happen, have a large deposit but house prices have risen so much...
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