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  1. It's not in the tenancy agreement but they emailed me saying it is a mandatory requirement for check in otherwise they won't handover the keys to me.
  2. Hi, I have recently changed apartments. Both rented. I was wondering if someone can shed some insightful light on the following couple of things please: 1) My new estate agent require a tenancy liability insurance cover? They have also given link to a company they know. The estate agent required a cover of upto £5000 which only this company gives hence I had no other choice but to get cover through them. I thought the security deposit served this purpose? Is this legal to make this a mandatory requirement? 2) Also I have noticed estate agents charging absurd check in and check out fees for literally nothing? They give you keys and take keys back and they charge for this? Again are there some regulations around this? can they charge for this and if so how much, since there must be some limit to this surely? Thanks!
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