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  1. I've noticed an increase of supply/listings on Zoopla since the start of January. Quite often they're "Tenants in Situ" :/
  2. Meanwhile.. new Estate planned near Kennington: http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/15657540.Plans_revealed_for_288_home_estate_on_outskirts_of_Oxford/
  3. Morning! Hope you're all well Oxfordians I've actually taken my eye off the property market for a while. Had a spate of viewings for 1-2 Bed flats/terraced places around Abingdon, Bicester & Witney. As these are all places that hit my modest £210-230k price range. Quite often enough, they're maisonettes or cramped spaces - not great for starting a family As for HTB.. I did see a property on Kingsmere estate in Bicester. For a 2 bed Coach house at £290,000. But what struck me about this property is the length of offers they're starting to have to add to sell: Stamp Duty Paid £1,500 towards Legal Fees 5% Gifted Deposit http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-55451099.html?backListLink=%2Fnew-homes-for-sale%2Fproperty-55451099.html I could never afford the monthly on these HTB plots though after you factor in the Equity loan & mortgage. Really hope they don't extend these House priced Prop'ed schemes on 22nd of Nov. Just some ramblings.
  4. A question that might a little too general, Although I must ask: How long on average does a Draft Bill take to be implemented into practice?
  5. Well.. this popped up on my Zoopla feed recently.. please someone tell me this is a typo. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/to-rent/details/40508883?featured=1&utm_content=featured_listing#P0V2mdvSuu0XhcOc.97
  6. I've read somewhere today there was a threat of Help to Buy to end early?
  7. It is indeed on HTB [Help to buy] Scheme, not available for all buyers. @dougless I'm not from Reading but that does look pretty central. A single young professional wanting to live the Reading nightlife?
  8. I felt it was a pretty transparent show. Strongly highlighting the political motives pretty well.
  9. A slightly unrelated topic, but a bit of fun. The new carfax tower flats for students, not very many room (less than 20 I think) http://www.accommodationforstudents.com/studentprivatehalls/lphs.asp?id=3054 £225 per week for 51 week contracts.
  10. Well here it is.. A mini-site has opened and I've been emailed the primarily pricelist for the new Barton Hill flats: http://mosaicsoxford.co.uk/ *Cries quietly in the dark corner of the Lamb & Flag*
  11. Hi there, Good OP. Nice read! I'm from Oxford, renting in Botley currently. I also have been watching Rightmove & Zoopla over the past year, hoping things deflate slightly also. I have also been over-reading every news article for any signs of change, my post soon will show. A couple more things I'd like to add: Housing stock for Students There's currently large scale development on new student flats for Brookes University. I believe there's more choice than ever than when I was a student almost a decade ago. This should relieve housing stock on the centre, if Brookes decide not to intake a greater number of students. Oxford Brookes exceeded this last year on their quota: http://www.oxfordtimes.co.uk/news/14928190.Oxford_Brookes_University_exceeds_quota_for_students_living_in_the_community/ Which sadly helped the BLT Market for lack of supply, as they had too many students! I also believe the landscape of number of International students applying to study at Oxford University & Oxford Brookes is falling. (Links below for stats) https://www.timeshighereducation.com/news/overseas-student-enrolments-uk-universities-fall-again http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/eu-students-numbers-apply-uk-universities-fall-7-per-cent-brexit-latest-news-figures-a7558131.html Proposed Greenbelt developments I think there are 3 main areas of possible development at the moment in Oxford. Near Eynsham Upper Marston/Lower Kidlington Cowley, Grenoble Road. Others possible: http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/15049308.Fears_17_000_homes_could_destroy_Green_Belt___your_say/ Any of which, if actually went ahead - would be a major revealer of housing stock. On current developments, I'm awaiting what the shocking prices will be for the new Barton Hill development near the JR at the end of the summer. My bets are starting at around £275,000 or so! I was tempted to go view the Shoe Boxed house in Kidlington as it seems to be the only one in the Market near-enough a sensible price!
  12. This is only by my judgement only but, I've noticed a few more "Tenant in Situ" Property listings on Rightmove & Zoopla.
  13. Indeed! Thank you for posting this page! I too had forgot all about this! https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=GB-ENG&q=buy to let mortgages Interesting trend of the term "Buy to let Mortgages"
  14. Grew up in Milton Keynes - now in late 20's. It was good for family life. Spacious space for kids & parks. Easy to get around, Good shopping & Family events almost every week. A good selection of schools too. Some very, very nice satellite towns & villages if you prefer to be distant from the city life, such as: Little/Bow Brickhill Woburn Sands Castlethorpe But there's quite a number of Estates you'd wish to avoid in MK, like Coffee-hall, Inner-Bletchley & Lakes Estate.
  15. Didn't Royal Mail just sell their land there the other day? To a House builder for even more flats?
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