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  1. I've noticed an increase of supply/listings on Zoopla since the start of January. Quite often they're "Tenants in Situ" :/
  2. Meanwhile.. new Estate planned near Kennington: http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/15657540.Plans_revealed_for_288_home_estate_on_outskirts_of_Oxford/
  3. Morning! Hope you're all well Oxfordians I've actually taken my eye off the property market for a while. Had a spate of viewings for 1-2 Bed flats/terraced places around Abingdon, Bicester & Witney. As these are all places that hit my modest £210-230k price range. Quite often enough, they're maisonettes or cramped spaces - not great for starting a family As for HTB.. I did see a property on Kingsmere estate in Bicester. For a 2 bed Coach house at £290,000. But what struck me about this property is the length of offers they're starting to have to add to sell: Stamp
  4. A question that might a little too general, Although I must ask: How long on average does a Draft Bill take to be implemented into practice?
  5. Well.. this popped up on my Zoopla feed recently.. please someone tell me this is a typo. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/to-rent/details/40508883?featured=1&utm_content=featured_listing#P0V2mdvSuu0XhcOc.97
  6. I've read somewhere today there was a threat of Help to Buy to end early?
  7. It is indeed on HTB [Help to buy] Scheme, not available for all buyers. @dougless I'm not from Reading but that does look pretty central. A single young professional wanting to live the Reading nightlife?
  8. I felt it was a pretty transparent show. Strongly highlighting the political motives pretty well.
  9. A slightly unrelated topic, but a bit of fun. The new carfax tower flats for students, not very many room (less than 20 I think) http://www.accommodationforstudents.com/studentprivatehalls/lphs.asp?id=3054 £225 per week for 51 week contracts.
  10. Well here it is.. A mini-site has opened and I've been emailed the primarily pricelist for the new Barton Hill flats: http://mosaicsoxford.co.uk/ *Cries quietly in the dark corner of the Lamb & Flag*
  11. Hi there, Good OP. Nice read! I'm from Oxford, renting in Botley currently. I also have been watching Rightmove & Zoopla over the past year, hoping things deflate slightly also. I have also been over-reading every news article for any signs of change, my post soon will show. A couple more things I'd like to add: Housing stock for Students There's currently large scale development on new student flats for Brookes University. I believe there's more choice than ever than when I was a student almost a decade ago. This should relieve housing stock on the centre, if Brookes d
  12. This is only by my judgement only but, I've noticed a few more "Tenant in Situ" Property listings on Rightmove & Zoopla.
  13. Indeed! Thank you for posting this page! I too had forgot all about this! https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&geo=GB-ENG&q=buy to let mortgages Interesting trend of the term "Buy to let Mortgages"
  14. Grew up in Milton Keynes - now in late 20's. It was good for family life. Spacious space for kids & parks. Easy to get around, Good shopping & Family events almost every week. A good selection of schools too. Some very, very nice satellite towns & villages if you prefer to be distant from the city life, such as: Little/Bow Brickhill Woburn Sands Castlethorpe But there's quite a number of Estates you'd wish to avoid in MK, like Coffee-hall, Inner-Bletchley & Lakes Estate.
  15. Didn't Royal Mail just sell their land there the other day? To a House builder for even more flats?
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