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  1. Debtors need to be bankrupted as it's the only way they will stop consuming. The games up for western consumer capitalism imo.
  2. How does IR's at 4% help when inflation is 9%. Even a 5 year old can do that sum ffs.
  3. IR's will need to hit 10% to combat this. Funny, I've been watching Sky news all morning and not one word has been mentioned from any of the talking heads about raising IR's.....................how odd.
  4. Flying shit about to collide with large fan.......again.
  5. Breaking news just now. Name unknown so far.
  6. Fiat currencies always end this way as the idiots who run states can't stop printing worthless paper.
  7. Let's see IR's at 10%. Many debtors are right peasants who can't afford a 2% IR, so what we need is at least 10% to flush away the feckless for good.
  8. Just heard that idiot Bailey saying that raising rates would have had 'limited effects' on inflation. We are completely fecked. Inflation is now running at 8% and IR's are currently 1%.
  9. Keeping IR's under 1% for 14 years has effectively destroyed most western economies. Central banks are 100% to blame for where we now are.
  10. Either way, most of the debtor public are bankrupt. Borrowing created out of thin air fiat never made a 'middle class' peasant respectable.
  11. Just like before the second World War, peasants begging to borrow fiat will be looked upon as scum of the earth once again. Only desperate f4cks borrow the worthless fiat that banks create out if thin air.
  12. Retards always swallow sh1te. They always borrow worthless fiat to appear successful and always vote for corrupt ugly looking b4stards. The UK is now a parody of free market capitalism.
  13. Mortgage debtors are the lowest of the low. Scum with no worthless fiat of their own, so they beg the bank to create them some out of thin air and sacrifice decades of their future productive work to pay it all back. Those sad b4statds should be sent to jail as they are the filth of western capitalism. Lower than a snakes balls.
  14. Filthy debtors all need to be shown the error of their ways. IR's at 10% will be the sign.............or £10 loaves of bread and £5 per litre of petrol.
  15. The BOE is full of bald, gammon f4cks. Ugly b4stards in cheap suits are not the animals you want running a bath, let alone an economy.
  16. Agree, I recently bought a 22" Dell LCD monitor from our local CRUK shop for £8. Works a treat.
  17. I don't believe Corbyn wanted to feather his own nest and this is why the leech f4cks in the 'establishment' done a hatchet job on him, which the retarded 'budding capitalist' serfs all swallowed. The thick public in the UK like politicians who 'feather their own nests', because that's what they aspire to themselves. Human animals at their finest.
  18. Yeah true but it only buys them goods and services while it still has perceived 'value'. That time is rapidly drawing to a close thanks to bent central banks and printy.
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