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  1. I only work 3 days a week and have chosen to go back into the office 2 days. Going to work from home on a Friday.
  2. Cummings has gained some respect from me for todays revelations. He looks truthful and comfortable, as telling the truth is easy when it destroys your foes. Totally hilarious and shows us what a shower of sh1t we have running the country in 2021.
  3. lol at the "Handcock should have been sacked 10-15 times" quote. What a sniveling f**k Handcock is.
  4. I'm enjoying watching Cummings stick the boot into the cabinet this morning. Pure gold.
  5. They won't build enough houses because A....many human beings like seeing other human being suffer and B.....vested interests want house prices high to control and steal from the 99%.
  6. Yeah the virus was imo released from the lab and then blamed on the wet market chargrilled animals. Why were Chin/US researching strange viruses found in bats from some remote cave in the first place?
  7. Totally agree. Something went down and then up pops the deadly virus and 'emergency' laws.
  8. ****** the "Elites",,,,,,,just like bent Boris said "****** Business".
  9. Wales are trying it out. Listen, most jobs are non jobs that no oe wants to do. Where is the difference between working in a shite job 9-5, 5 days a week, or being in jail where you get shelter and food for nothing?
  10. Yes indeed, the banks created the "mortgaage for poor people" and now they love creating worthless fiat out of thin air to throw at the new build market/old pish falling down market. Fecking hilarious. I might as well create myself £250k to buy a pish shitbox and cut out the middle man leech.
  11. IR's are going to rocket over the next 10 years imo. Most home owners mortgage slaves are going to go bankrupt.
  12. Half the country is currently doing this now. The Tories call it furlough and they keep on extending. UBI for half the country isn't going to work long term so it will have to be UBI for all. The daft BOE can create the fiat out of thin air to keep the serfs consuming and the wheels on the economy............for now.
  13. I see Wales are going to trial UBI. Boris and Co have been trialing UBI since last March and calling it Furlough. UBI is on it's way and it's an easy election win for the Tories. The people want fiat for nothing, which is easy to provide as it's worthless to begin with.
  14. That should have been £9k...........£9 might buy a couple of Hot Wheels and a copy of the Daily Mail.................
  15. I'd rather spend £9 on a second hand Merc........not a pish diesel though. That's for desperate middle class types. Give me a decent V6 or V8 petrol please.
  16. Oh ffs, how is the current vaccine rollout going to cope with 100 fooking strains of this bloody flu? We'll be locking down until 2050 if some idiots have their way.
  17. Looks like the Indian threat is now going to destroy the unlock plans.................I'm trying to looked shocked here but it's very predictable all this. F*ck sake, we'll be locking down for every countries varients.........forever. And how did this Indian varient get into the UK?
  18. Vaccine update. Got a bit of a headache last night but feel fine again this morning. My 48 hours is up at 12.30pm today and I'm still alive, so that's a good sign.
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