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  1. Yes, but tbh that's not new. "They" always seem to come out on top. I've got so used to it that it no longer bothers me. A picture that went round the world.
  2. Britain has needed a bomb up its **** for as long as I can remember. That's about 6 decades. It now has two, potentially. I've got this sinking feeling that very little will have changed after a while except that a lot of folks will be a whole lot worse off.
  3. Fruit farmer on TV today saying he had 30 or so British workers start. "How many have you still got?" "Sadly, none." I don't think a lot of people seeing that will appreciate the scale of the effect of wage arbitrage. A Romanian told the Mrs his net pay back home was the equivalent of £250 for teaching. Here he was working as a carer and was making more than £1k above that. And he was a graduate. If Brits were being paid almost 6 times as much to pick fruit there'd be a lot more enthusiasm for the job. It always amazed me that anyone expected FOM to work.
  4. Excuse me, I just have to tell you this. My late father in law always used to buy 2nd hand cars slightly worse and more cheaply than would have got something decent. An AA report (£60 in those days) would have saved him shedloads of ££. His last effort was an MG Metro, almost twice as old as your Maestro, low mileage in vomit green. When I saw it I thought those front wings look suspiciously clean and sure enough after one winter they'd both bubbled up, badly. It never ran smoothly and I doubt it achieved more than 15 m p h locally. The full horror of this contraption became clear to me when I drove it briefly during his final illness. His wife asked me to have it and, when I declined the offer, to sell it. I told her there wasn't a human alive on the planet who would buy it or if there was it would be immoral to sell it to them. Well maybe "Trigger" from Only Fools and Horses. A guy who dealt in BL spares gave me £115 for it as it had an excellent engine and 5 decent tyres though no other redeeming features. When he arrived to collect he wanted to hear it run but it decided not to start. He took my word for it. After it had gone she said it should have fetched more money despite my clearing the transaction with her in some detail and thoroughly confirming her consent. Women!! The real killer was the terrible build quality although being 10 years out of date didn't help. But compared to yours he did well, an outcome I'd have thought impossible. I won't go into the Wolseley 1500 and Morris 1300 estate which had preceded it except to say he'd learnt nothing from owning them.
  5. Labour is currently a one man show. Disposing of Boris at PMQ is NOT an achievement, I could do it. Sorry Bruce. From what I'm told 1940s Labour did a good or very good job. What since? Wilson not getting sucked into Vietnam and trying to keep the banks under some sort of control. Blair, minimum wage a dog could barely live on but ok in principle and ban on smoking in public. Democracy dictates the need for a decent opposition which we don't have. Starmer's main attribute is that he isn't Corbyn. I loathe the Tories but as per a colleague who says the same but still votes for them, "the alternatives aren't worth the risk".
  6. And the point is? The effort and energy put into this really could be expended somewhere else more worthwhile. Is he going anywhere? No.
  7. I may have posted this a long time ago. A colleague who had no TV after he split with his wife (soaps had something to do with it) received a letter and replied no TV. The correspondence continued and he took to sending his notification on ever larger sheets of paper. In the end he did something like painted the message on a flag which he folded many times into a large package and posted off to them. Postage was a lot cheaper back then, or seemed to be. At this they finally gave up. I expect they later resumed after I left the job a couple of years later but I never saw him again.
  8. I shouldn't complain as I got paid a combination of sick pay and furlough for loafing about in the sunshine for the best part of two months and it all somehow came to 15% more than my usual pay. The £2.5k vs £1.5k are of course on different schemes due to different circumstances, I would doubt the chances of a court deciding to overturn that. Maybe they should, good for a laugh as well as for those involved. Re Sunak, for some reason he doesn't inspire me with any confidence but if I'm proved wrong, so be it. I certainly wouldn't like the job. A friend emailed this morning about HMG discouraging personal savings for about as long as one can recall and now having to pay out as so many have no resources in this crisis. Now they're even considering policies to extend this folly! If Sunak lays down foundations for a rethink on this he gets my undying admiration, believe it if I see it.
  9. I'm maintaining my position that Sunak is ridiculous. Or his advisors. One can say that it was a stern test for somebody who's only been chancellor for ten minutes. I'm unsure whether these City boys are the right material for the post anyway, not that I can claim to know who is.
  10. What else did you expect? So if I stop paying them and say it's the virus, will they check it out and how? And if I stop paying other than virus related will they then evict me, as they really should?
  11. It has already been alleged on HPC that VW are doing it. Sorry I can't recall when or where, someone will know. Post from guy whose wife had a Polo, lease company came to collect, car subsequently vanished from DVLA. Tbh I've suspected it goes on.
  12. A possible outcome, undoubtedly. It says to me that they're going to put up a fight if they can find a way and can raise the resources. There was most of an entire day given over Escape to the Country on one of the junk channels, may have been interspersed with Homes at the Seaside or whatever. 2 or 3 days ago. There has also been an increase imo in shows bigging up the attractions of living in the country and what a great place Britain is. That'll be another £100k to you sir and madam. I still say -15% but not discounting the chance of Boris sinking the entire country in an Argentine style debacle. He and his entourage do have the skills.
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