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  1. Has Roger ever got anything right? I'm sure I recall derision of his prophecies on the site in the past.
  2. In the 2000s had a dented door and was given a car while under repair. It was a Corsa and I just got in it and went to drive off, thinking this is very clean and tidy considering how old it must be. When I got out back home I then saw it was a brand new plate! It had looked like a time warp in there. It was fair enough as a means of transport but I can't believe anyone bought that new with their own money as a private owner. Recent reliability stats weren't too good when I looked a couple of years ago.
  3. Iirc the 36% was nominal. With the inflation around at the time, end to end of the price depression it was over 60% in parts of SE.
  4. Thanks. I just took a look at the Torygraph's idea of affordable 21 towns. Many of these have been well known as high price locations for decades and it's likely you'd have to wait for something to become available. I knew quite a few on the list, some for over 5 decades. Stockbridge at £562k suggests to me that there is a preponderance of sales of pokey little twee backstreet houses and that a family home at an affordable price would be very rare. Stockbridge I'm certain has never been "cheap". 25 years ago I saw some figures of income per head, something like this:
  5. Absolutely. Much though I love Essex, the region delineated has long been known for its high prices. Last time I was in that area I attempted to call in at Chelmsford on the way back to Sussex. What I encountered can only be described as a motorised hell. This was in 2003, I can't imagine what it's become like since. If the "Pandemic" has caused the "it towns" to rocket in value then it's too late mate.
  6. Surely every country on earth has a royal family, a class system and a feudal system. Of a sort. The difference being it's more obvious in some than others.
  7. Everything. The Home Office should immediately desist, scour all East European cities and bring over here as many rough sleepers as it can find.
  8. OMG. Labour must now hate the working class much more than I thought. They're clearly aiming at reprogramming what they see as the ignorant racist masses and willing to risk seats in the hope of so doing.
  9. The sad thing is that even 20 years ago bookies, at least IMO, were more honestly conducted than most businesses. They got much sneakier since. This smacks to me of the folks who really understood the businesses and the customers having gradually been ousted and replaced by lower level ciphers at the sharp end and by accountants or business degree types at the top. Lass in Hills told me they'd axed the panic alarm to save money even though a young woman could be on her own late at night and there had been a raid only months before. Clean your own shop, we've sacked the cleaners,
  10. I thought the guy was going to win. The excuse was just total made up nonsense in case it worked or the case could be kept going until he died or whatever. Here's a quote from a guy I know who works in betting. "The only people who like Fred are people who've never met him".
  11. I've lived in Crawley, on its edge. And worked there, more than one place. I quite enjoyed it though I wouldn't put down roots. I've had more laughs there than anywhere else I've lived or worked. Can't much disagree with your summary though. Re prices, an estate agent once told me the population don't take much notice of market downturns, "they just plug on, same as they do at Christmas". Lot of police activity one day due to report of someone carrying a gun. Police said they were looking for a scruffy male in his fifties with a large beer belly. Bloke in the warehouse said to m
  12. Total dependency on the state has (almost) been the case for the British economy for decades already. How much % of all activity emanates from HMG spending? Can't recall but it's huge, higher than the old Marxist states. Today it must be more than ever. A lot of Government advertising on TV currently it seems. There's always one on whenever I briefly regain consciousness.
  13. No, it would cut banks out of the deal. They'd then have to do some proper banking like lending for R & D?
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