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  1. Can't really see how I've managed to turn Britain into a tin pot country. Maybe you're just annoyed I don't seem to support Labour. My dislike is for Starmer. Not his party although in its present state I do not regard it as worthy of support. This is in no way an endorsement of Johnson. You're welcome to put me in your group, realistically you'd need to know a lot more about me. You don't think Britain is a tin pot country already? On its way there with or without Boris I suggest.
  2. When I posted that I knew you'd be first up. I have, rather had, a lot more time for the Labour party than you'd ever expect. They put up a great performance in 2017 but their last effort was confused and incoherent so I abandoned ship. The last thing I want is any more Blairism. My info is that he'll turn out to be a Blair clone - but with any hint of persona removed - this was my interpretation of the build up I got from local supporters just before Starmer's coronation as leader. Starmer is head of a Labour party that literally hates the working class, just like the US Democrats. A seat becomes vacant and it's out with the lower orders and in with the likes of university lecturers, civil servants, lawyers and any other champagne socialists kicking about Not to say these folk are inherently bad but this is ethnic cleansing. As far as lying goes, politicians rarely do anything else. Johnson is one of the worst we've had, I just detest the alternatives more, Conservative ones included. I voted Corbyn in 2017 and have an almost lifelong loathing for the Conservatives.
  3. Couple of years ago there seemed to me to be lots of tubby folk about. Lately I've noticed fewer. Like most people I've been out and about far less the last couple of years but that doesn't explain it, the proportion seems lower. Unscientific, I admit. I'm going to keep a look out to see whether it's the case. Anyone think they've noticed this too?
  4. It's not true, untrue or 60% true, it's an opinion. But I do accept I have bigged up the significance, unintentionally. If it is "true" we will find out in years to come. Or maybe not if our media are told to keep quiet.
  5. You make fair points. I'm not usually in awe of any experts but would still expect a GP to have more idea than the person in the street. Nor am I saying it's true or untrue, only that I found it of some interest.
  6. It's the duty of executives to minimise risks to corporate profits. As I understand it they would have to try to obtain liability insurance if govs didn't let them off and it would make the product more expensive if they didn't get a waiver. I'm not sure that the arrangement to waive liability claims proves of itself that pharma thinks its own products are dodgy. Whether or not govs are capable of negotiating the best outcome for their citizens I really couldn't say. The 75 years non disclosure thingy was under threat earlier today from a judge in USA, I read.
  7. Yes, i agree. After a few drinks I seem to have got the thrust of your post the wrong way round. No, I wouldn't want to be attending the new permanent vaccine mega nissen huts every few weeks either. The recent constant one sided propaganda led me to believe there was only one possible slant to the message!
  8. If you think that's bad, I landed on Al Jazeera, briefly, and a female presenter was interviewing another lady, an artist I think? Between them they couldn't manage 20 seconds without mentioning Climate Change. It didn't even seem related to what the guest was talking about, or trying to.
  9. Retired as far as I know, yes I'm pretty certain retired. But quite some time ago, not less than a decade.
  10. Told me considers it untried and potentially dangerous. Thinks big problems could show up after several years. Said that if you refuse it they'll give you AZ readily, which is what then happened. Advised me also to request AZ for booster. Moderna wasn't discussed as I don't know sufficient to hold forth on virology or related matters. Is Moderna also MRNA? Whatever that means. I think that was the area that the refusal was directed at. In which case the answer would be no, won't take it. My only contribution was that I'd heard that Pfizer have a poor record on compensation claims, i.e. they are one of the most claimed against companies. Allegedly. As I learnt previously and elsewhere that Doctors are very cagey about giving these sort of opinions I wouldn't be able to say any more than this.
  11. A retired GP here in UK has recently advised me NOT to accept any Pfizer inoculation for COVID. Hardly what I'd call a conspiracist.
  12. Thanks, I think he said none as far as we know. Apologies if I'm wrong. I have no interest in attributing to him other than what he said/meant. I took that to mean none as I'm sure that HMG couldn't wait to announce any deaths. Judging by photos I just saw of vaccination queues around the country I'd think the fear factor is already working its magic.
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